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The Battle of the Powers - Can we figure it out?

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posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 03:43 AM
OK this is not an Obama-Bashing thread. This is not a thread for bashing anyone. There are enough of those already.

Now, this has been eating at me for some time, to be honest. The political circus we are witnessing is absolutely astonishing on so many levels. We The People are being bombarded from ALL SIDES. The tax payers are feeling an immense squeeze as well, with no indication of an end.

With that said, everything going on in the world today is an absolute HAY-DAY for us, the ones that choose to THINK and figure things out. There are many of us at ATS that fit this description..... So please, will you help?

All that said, I am seeing things I have never seen before. No, not invisible friends.

I am seeing corporate and political powers fighting each other. Perhaps I am even seeing corporate powers fighting the political ones. I don't know, and honestly admit this is why I am asking for help.

Every day I see Glenn Beck, viciously attacking the Obama administration. I see "Conservative types" working We The People into a frenzy at these town hall meetings.
On the other end of the spectrum, I see the Obama administration and this government calling AMERICAN CITIZENS many demeaning names; Ring Wing Extremists, Tin Foil Hatters, Nazi's!?

This might be where it all gets hazy. On one side, we have a government that I always assumed to be in power because they play into the interests of the Federal Reserve, to accomplish their every wish. But at the same time, these "ring wingers" intent on disrupting everything Obama does, is being directed from orders from the Federal Reserve. Watching Glen Beck, who is under orders of Rupert Murdoch, it is clear that FOX is very concerned about Obama upsetting the "status quo".

How would Obama have possibly been elected as president, if he had been a radical opponent of the Federal Reserve?

See where this is not adding up for me?

Rupert Murdoch's network is grossly infatuated with making the people furious over everything Obama says and does.

Perhaps Obama is true opposition to the Federal Reserve, and he is setting up a system that might free us from it. At the same time, he is setting up a system that will protect him when the Black Ops figure out that he is trying to abolish the Fed and attempt to dispose of him -- Like Kennedy.
But that would mean he defied ALL ODDS, and won an election that he was not intended to.

Now, the only other option I can come up with, is that Obama IS backing the Federal Reserve..... And so is Rupert Murdoch, and Glen Beck. All this, while the other news channels rally people into supporting Obama in every way.
Following me, so far?

So in this scenario, Obama is intentionally doing things that will be easy for the Right to rally half of this country against. While half willingly follows this Administration. In this case, both of the powers are working together to get the whole country into a frenzy so we battle each other -- Accomplishing their goals for population control (or martial law, Orwellian reality, etc).

So, will someone tell me I am crazy, or throw some more information my way? Any response is appreciated. I am open minded. Hopefully anyone reading this far, is open minded as well.

posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 05:28 AM

Originally posted by LeeannaHolland
How would Obama have possibly been elected as president, if he had been a radical opponent of the Federal Reserve?

That was a very well articulated post. I will try to be as articulate though it is pretty late...

Ever since the Bush/Kerry race, both of which are confirmed members of Skull and Bones, I have come to the realization that much of the so-called "opposition" we have been led to believe exists between these people is nothing more than a show to keep the nation divided. Meanwhile, these people are all engaging, socializing, networking and yes even partying with one another. Bush and Kerry both won that election. Obama was appointed and we were being prepared for it nearly two years in advance.

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