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Landless: The Plight of South Africa's Informal Settlements

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posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 04:20 PM
I wanted to share this documentary with you all. It was made by one of my good friends who went to South Africa last year. It really puts a spotlight on the issues still going on in South Africa.

Here's the description:

Though it has been over a decade since South Africa has become a free and democratic country, human rights violations still occur. Forced evictions of informal settlements, reminiscent of those that occurred during the apartheid regime, have uprooted people from their homes and displaced them in distant locations. Alfred 'General' Moyo is one of these evicted persons who have become a part of the Landless People's Movement in an effort to resist the unlawful and unconstitutional removal of settlements in the Johannesburg area by the provincial government.

The video will be up on this website until October 15th, as part of the Online New England Film Festival.

It's only 16 minutes and worth the watch.


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