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(MSWC)From the Files of Onemious Graham

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posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 04:12 PM
From the Files of Onemious Graham
October 10, 2009
End of the Old Earth
Beginning of the New Earth

I am Onemious; Onemious Graham; a historian; a reporter of history. Everything I write in my report is true yet has not happened yet; a least not in your time. You may say I am a prophet in the end when the things I report come to pass.
I will not be as cryptic as Nostradamus please read the recorded events as this is what happened; on this date in time; October 10, 2009.
I was awakened that morning by a dream; a dream so vivid I could have recreated the scene in a movie studio. I often had dreams of future events many times. I dreamt of 911; 200 days before it occurred. My parents thought I was some sort of crazy genius they did not know what do with me.
I was not born with the name Onemious but it was appointed to me later. The day seemed different I could smell sulfur in the air yet it was unusually cold for October. I had to wear a coat the day of the event. I was only 15 and as most 15 years olds are; I was totally obsessed with girls. I was outside looking for Tina; the cute neighbor girl from next door.
I saw an unusual shaped cloud; it was so low to the ground that if I was directly underneath it; I could have touched it. Suddenly I had a flash from my dream; it was of a whole area laid to waste within seconds.
I was within this area yet it would affect the whole world. I lived in Wyoming at the time not far from Yellowstone National Park. Nothing had been going on in that area and had not been for months.
The ground suddenly shook beneath my feet but the trembling stopped suddenly. I knew that I had time; time to warn others and to leave. I went in to tell my parents of my premonitions they laughed at me. My mom knew I was worried so she offered to take me to the mall which was 15 miles away on the opposite side of town.
“Can I invite; Tina? I asked; praying she would say yes.
“Of course you can.” She smiled at me kissing me on the head.
Since Tina lived next door it did not take much time to get her to come with me. She was more than happy because her parents were not home. My mom loaded up my baby sister; Abbie in the car and my dad was sitting in the driver’s seat waiting.
While my parents did laugh at me they knew that my premonitions sometimes came true. I had my survival bag as always; along with a laptop just in case I was right.
As we drove the tremors started again and Tina moved closer to me. “Can we go to the mall in Colorado?” I squeaked hoping they would be ok with the long drive.
My dad smirked but agreed; it had been months since we had been there.
3 hours later; we arrived at the mall. This huge mall was 3 stories and all concrete. It had an emergency tornado/disaster shelter located on the lower level. As we got out; I saw a thin black fog following us and sky appeared red.
“Let’s stay on the lower level.” My dad suggested.
As soon as we were in thunder roared and chunks of hail started falling the size of volleyballs. We rushed into towards the emergency shelter. Then the power went out. I felt around into my bag for flashlight.
“Thank goodness for your premonitions.” My mom sighed as we picked up the pace.
People were running around screaming;” what’s going on and I can’t see a thing.”
Suddenly a security mall officer came to escort us to the shelter area. It was quite strange because the fog started coming into the lower level of the mall; it smelled like sulfur and outside I could see through the glass doors the sky was fire red. It glowed like a volcano in the sky.
The mall securities lead us to a windowless hallway; past signs that read no customers beyond this point. Soon we were at a steel door; he unlocked it and we went in. There were concrete stairs that lead down into a huge concrete area that had folding tables and chairs.
There was a TV and a huge stockpile of bottled water in a corner. I could not help thinking how weird this seemed but went down to find a seat anyways.
The backup generator must have been on because a few red lights glowed around the area of the room. He switched on the TV yet it was black. I had a radio so I took it out. I turned it on and flipped through the channels getting mainly static.
Finally a found one channel that I picked up. Tina held onto to me so tight I felt like my arm was going numb. There was a crackle and a voice. A very panicky male voice said: “Explosions are going off all over the city and in southern Wyoming as well. Scientists speculate that it came from Yellowstone.” I gasped and Tina only held onto me tighter. Her perfect blonde hair was frazzled and her face was gleaming with sweat.
Suddenly there was a loud thump on the door; my heart jumped. The officer stood still then went towards it. He opened it when a frazzled man jumped into the room. His face was bright red and his hair was standing on its end. “It’s the end of the world. “ He stated; nothing is left.”
The radio crackled again with the male voice shouting; the fog is coming into the station; it is coming in. Then suddenly silence and the airwave went dead.
I rushed over to the man. “What exactly is going on out there?”
“A fog; dark and thin; black that smells likes sulfur and burning asphalt. There were screams behind me as the fog envelopes them and then they are silenced.” The man sat down on the floor crying.
I got out my cell phone and tried to place a call yet it was silent. I smelled sulfur and charcoal; as if someone had been barbequing spoiled eggs. I suddenly knew we were cut off from the world.
I felt very tired so I sat down. My body felt heavy and I fell asleep. When I awoke I was alone in the mall corridor. The security officer came over to me.” Son what are you doing sleeping here in the mall.”
I passed out.” I said standing to my feet.”Is it over?”
“Is what over?”
“The storm; the fog... my voice trialed off.
“Son it’s a beautiful day. No storms all day.”
I rushed down the corridor to the nearest door and saw it was sunny no signs of explosions or burning.
Suddenly I remembered; this date; it had happened before. This was the day I meet Tina at the mall in Colorado. I was in the past. I went over to a store and asked the clerk what date it was. October 7, 2007 was the quick reply; suddenly all went black.
“Onemious.” A man in a coat looked down on me.
I was in a bed.
Onemious? I questioned that’s not my name. I looked around me to see I was in an all white room with a computer monitor on the wall. What year is it?
“Getting lost in history again; Onemious?”
“Yes you Dr Onemious Graham are the best historian of all time.”
I shook my head; how old was I? Was I dreaming? What happened to my life in Wyoming? Was I still in Wyoming or Colorado?
Another man came over; “I have seen it happen before where a historian gets so lost in an event that he forgets who is. Quiet sad really.”
“What happened October 10, 2009 I asked?” I looked at both Drs.
“It was your report; Onemious; you got too wrapped up. Yellowstone went off. At least that is the believed theory.” The older Dr shrugged.
He turned on the computer monitor and put in a small round chip. The chip went in and up came a shot of Yellowstone National Park; just as I remembered it in childhood.
“What year is that from?” I sat up straighter in the bed.
“2009, October 11, 2009.”
Nothing was touched, burned or scarred; there was no sign of explosions, lava flows, animals grazed on green grass, trees stood tall and proud.
“Everything was laid to waste for miles but nothing touched in the immediate area. Millions of people died and then billions. Everything changed that day of October 10, 2009. The climate changed; oxygen richer,the people that lived now live longer but have strange long term effects. Of course you should know this; Onemious; you were there. Some believe it was an underground nuclear bomb planted in Colorado. Those are of course just what the conspiracy theorists say and religious zealot.” The older man took out the chip; inserting another one.
Then the screen flipped to the same area but everything was improved. Trees were tallers, flowers brighter and animals ran wild. “And what year is that?”
“That is Yellowstone today.”
“Well maybe it decided to wait before it erupted;”
“That would be impossible; Yellowstone is considered an extinct volcano now; there is no magma under the surface.” I looked at the Dr who went back to his chair.
“Onemious; you must retire soon; your mind is slipping. Please type up your reports and take a vacation.” With that he got up and closed the door.
I found a remote and pushed a button and up came a browser. A light blinked and a voice said what date do you want to connect to and what site?
“September 2, 2009 above top secret.”
I knew I had to file my report yet not a report for the present but one for the past.
The computer voice said leaving October 8, 2036, North American Union site; population 100,000, new earth site connecting... population 500,000 reconnecting to September 2, 2009 United States of America population 300 million, old earth population 6.5 billion….
End Report

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