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Discuss River Phoenix untold things

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posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 02:03 PM
When you have known River Phoenix, you can't forget him...
Since I first heard of him, I think of him to be one of the most symbolic example of human being, and a excellent performer in movies.

I would like to discuss and clear some of these things:


" I have twenty personalities on top of the ten I already have. So now I have thirty people in my head! "

- Is it real that River was focusing so much in his character for a movie that he would behave like the character for several days after the movie?

- I didn't really understand which relationship he had with his father...He had a will and his father wasn't included...I know he used top admire his father...

- I had the idea of his parents as kinda distracted people, all talking no action, I mean, c'mon, where were his parents when he was using drugs? He always stayed with his brother and sisters

- Is it real that he was in love with Keanu Reeves or he was playing his character in real life like he was used to do?

What would have been his future? Environment defense? Politics? ( Wow, he would be a super-president! )Singer?

Give your opinion with manners, please. I just want to have more information about a person I admire.


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