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Stepping Over The Line

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posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 11:57 AM
The usual becomes mundane. What can we do about it ? The things that used to
turn us on now become fewer and far between. Maybe it's the stimulation. Maybe
our senses need more stimuli to achieve those feelings of "being alive". What am I
talking about ? I'm talking about "experiencing" life again, as we used to. Maybe we
have to carry it to another level . . . to "get it back". Maybe we have to step over
the line once in awhile . . to "feel" what we need to feel.

Stepping over the line . . once in awhile . . should be mandatory for all of us.

We've become "de-sensitized". It takes more to turn us on nowadays.

We need to experience "SENSATIONS" again. It'd be good for our heads, our heart.

So I ask you, with a little imagination and fantasy, what would you do to step-over-
the-line ? I'm going to give one example of stepping-over-the-line (SOTL) and then
I'd like you to give me some of your wild ideas.

Example : I go into a spa for some R&R. I rest and swim and relax.

Now, I Step-Over-The-Line (SOTL)- I go into a spa . . and order "Wake-Up-Call".
I'm put through an aerobic work-out, put into a sauna to sweat like hell, removed
to a bathroom where I'm quickly ducked in a tub of icewater, and then I'm taken to
a warm, perfumed jacuzzi where I sit and let the waterjets ease my tension.
Now that, that SOTL, will re-create some sensations for me.

How about you ?

posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 12:46 PM
Whoa people ! Whoa there ! One at a time ! Don't overload this thread !

Anyhoo . .how about . . dancing ? Or eating ? Or dressing ? Or hiking ?

Here's one on eating, or dining to be precise. Instead of going out to
dinner, where you're pretty sure you know what you're going to get . . .
how about stepping-over-the-line and . . Set up a special night with
your significant other, reserve it in fact. Flip a coin to see who's going to
cook and who's going to "set-up". (Maybe one can make a salad, one can
make the main entree', and compromise on a dessert ). Make sure you
have the place to yourself. Make sure you have a required dress code and
stick to it. (Try wearing masks that cover the eyes only.)
Set the table and decorate as agreed. A little candlelight and some back-
ground music. A good bottle of wine.
Eat slowly. Kiss after every second bite. Ah . . . SOTL !


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