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also a violent dream

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posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 01:59 AM
Hi, I just woke up from a weird dream. One like I never had before. Involving cultists, and murder, and stuff.
Here goes my best attempt at remembering the details:

I was at home OBE. My sisters were sewing shut my little brothers buttcheeks in order for him to (not follow his evenly routine, going to toilet) and be eaten by Rottweilers as some kind of satanic-ritual. I talked to him, and showed him how he could free himself using a nailscissor.
Next: No longer OBE, I was at home, and just going about stuff (dream gets blurry, but the important stuff follows) I know my sisters are convening with the devil. I speak freely, speak my mind, in support of freedom of religion, and against violence (did not bring up the buttcheeks).
Next I somehow know My sisters are trying to kill me. I sneak over to my mother in a quiet moment, an confide to her my fears, wanting to talk to the village priest afterwards. Weird: She hides in the form of a hammer so I can carry her around to show her. (she beleives in the true goodness of people, and needed proof)
Next: I carry her (the hammer) back to the safe corner, so she can revert back to herself, but then I notice through the window: my sisters are coming. They are wielding big sledgehammers. I tell my mother to hide. I fear for her life. As I am beaten to death I only feel betrayal, overpowered by fear for the safety of my mother. (She has sacrificed everything for the futures of her children. I don't know a nicer person in the world. She is a devout catholic, and only wants peace and love)
Hearing a deep male voice saying something along the lines of "He is a true beleiver of the teachings of Jesus Christ. He has spread the will of the lord, in defiance of our master! Kill him!" I died then.
Next: I am dead. I am travelling OBE to another world. Not heaven. I am in what seems to be a parallell universe of my home. There is no racism in this world. No war. Peace rules, and we have a really big house, with a pool and a waterfall. Not all of my sisters are present, and some look different. They had a different father in this world. I am OBE, but they can see me. I can tell my story, and am relieved by that. Peace spreads through me. The dream ends.

What is strange to me, is that though I have stated often in the past, that I am a big fan of Jesus, I mean that in no religious sense. I respect him as a person (if he existed), and I honor his way of life. I don't beleive in him. I do beleive his way is the right way. And I definitely don't accept him as my own personal saviour. That's everyones own job in my oppinion. (everyone's a saviour)
My personal religious beleifs come closest do Discordianism. Religious Self-Determination in it's truest form. And you gotta be able to laugh about your own (and others') religion.

Anyways, this is roughly the dream I just had.
I felt compelled to write it down (a first), and share it with you.

Please tell me of the impressions you get..

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