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Financial Collapse summary - confirmed & suspected events.

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posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 08:13 AM

Originally posted by warrenb
It's a wonder that this news hasn't crashed the market.


The market did tank somewhat yesterday, a couple of days after that story has been getting tons of attention.

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 08:17 AM
Very nice information in this thread.

The nice fact is many of these predictions / scenarios if true play out in the next few weeks so time will tell.


posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 08:31 AM
Yeah, look... we ALL know that the markets will crash, wealth will be consolidated to a few people etc... BUT, let's look at the bright side - and the part that these stupid idiots running the show still haven't figured out. Once money becomes meaningless, people will once again be truly free. Yes, you heard me right - once money becomes meaningless then people will be once again truly free!!! The average person will once again turn to a bartering type system where necessities or skills will be traded for other necessities and skills. Society will not have to rely on the debt-slave system that keeps all of us in cubicles slaving away for our corporate masters.

Here is where "their" plan falls short. They have this belief that once the financial system folds people will forever indebted to them and will have to do whatever they say in order to a.) keep their homes and b.) receive food. Sure, some of fools will continue to try and work within the "System" but the vast majority will simply say, "Forget it!" and do what they need to do in order to survive. Community cooperatives will evolve and eveything will become much more localized. Once people shun their funny money for the new system, they become, dare I say, irrelivent!

Sure, the tide is turning and there will be much pain and suffering - probably a few wars - both civil and foreign. Things will be very difficult for awhile as we wade through the growing pains of transition. BUT... as any good doctor will tell you, you have to suffer for the cure. Folks, the "CURE" is on its way!!!

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 08:38 AM
very nice thread, flag for you. i like the summary of events so people can get a bigger picture view of things...

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 09:09 AM
I just heard on the radio this morning an ad for a local "economic experts" conference.

It was peppered with statements like, "Now that the recession is over..."

Then it advertised one of the main guests, a CEO of a local bank, also talking about getting back to normal now that the recession is over and we are in recovery... Yeah her bank has a D- rating and I'm sure is hanging onto enough toxic, upside down, foreclosed real estate property that if they ever put it on the market their bank will be bankrupt overnight.

People are drawn like moths to a flame looking for positive news and are very selective as to what they information they consume. All of the data points to us just about to go over the cliff while the Goebelesque PR machine of the "Federal" Reserve and the "elected administration" tell the sheep that everything is ok... and they believe it.

I am reminded of a person who raises rabbits for meat. The best way to slaughter a meat rabbit is to pick it up and gently caress it, scratch it between the ears, coo in its ear, rub noses... calm it as much as possible... then grab its head and snap its neck like a twig before it knows what is happening...

I think we are at the coo in ear or rubbing noses stage of the Depression.

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 09:14 AM
reply to post by Ex_MislTech

Excellent and thankyou!! Interesting how anyone could stand against this list that represents the truth (a great truth) of the times we now find our humanity exsisting in......."its not pretty". What will (we) "birthers" be called and label now. Pathetic for those who can not see the deception and lies "a great evil" that is now past the planning and implementation stage and has entered the actualization process of total control (which will never happen completely). Luck has very little to do with where this planet of humanity now is nor will be (more intense and noticealbe) just within a few weeks. This swine flue vax is (by the way) already mandatory. Google France and this vax and you will discover that the documents exsist in this country and is a carbon copy for all members of WHO (World Health Org).

Simply to much information now exsist that reveals the "not so benevolent" powers that will soon change reality as we currently (not all but still many) continue to "survive" and manged our biology and hopes in.

Gods' speed and love to open the eyes and hearts of those still caught in this massive deception which is and has been exposing its nature (evil) but will soon become all to real. Flame away if you must.

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 09:24 AM
reply to post by kozmo

I've got sugar, booze, and coffee when you all run out....

I did not have much left, so I bought "stuff". Boats, cars and equipment.

I don't care what money, what barter, etc, certain things will have a value.

Certain other things will gain value.

You can play with paper all day long, but I guess that is what got us into this fine mess..........

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 09:29 AM
reply to post by merkaba93

This is easy. Go watch Obamanation movie by Alex Jones.

Most everything he stated as well as Gerald Celente is coming to fruitation.

They are suckering everyone's money back in before the hard crash yet to come. You can see it coming just over the horizon. It will be somewhere between Oct 21st and Oct 23rd. Just in time for Winter to hit along with a ramp up of the flu.

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 09:33 AM
reply to post by kozmo

Your comment was and is very good and very appropriate. You said "the 'Cure' is on its way". "Even at the door" if you understand this then you maybe are knowledgeable (to a degree) about the outcome. The word "survival" is not relevant. The words "a new reality" is and represents a (reality of truth and peace) where love can grow. The power that has and will insure this massive change represents the truth and hopes of those that simply can see and believe. "Who so ever"

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 09:41 AM

Originally posted by Genfinity
Oh sure, you can hoard food, water, and ammo. But happens when you run out of food, water, and ammo?

Then what?

I have to end this post now because I keep drifting off thread, deleting it, and trying again. I give up.

Think reusable methods like:

Heirlooms seeds, and how to let plants "go to seed"

Snare wire, Bug out bags, SAS survival handbook, root cellars,
think grid down, think fuel supplies cut, think long term camping
style survival.

Read about the Great Depression.

Be ready to Get Out of Dodge if need be.

3 feet down it remains the same temp year round.

In hot areas ppl will die of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

I think the grid will go down due to sabotage, and due to poor
management by the suits in charge.

We already have seen large black outs near the east and west coast.

We are being setup to fail.

You can filter your own water and use SODIS solar disinfection.

A lot of what ppl see as weeds are edible and have vitamins like
dandelions, and lamb's quarter.

Start with the predator animals in your hunting, that way the population
of the animals they eat goes up.

To have more rabbits, reduce their predators, namely coyotes and

Make wind powered water pumps, move to mechanical methods
instead of electrical.

We did it before, we can do it again til ppl get a belly full and kick
the crooked bastards out of wall street and DC.

Right now most of the ppl are not angry enough to do anything,
thus why my plans are to bug out.

Ppl still buy the left - right paradigm, and until they see they are
being played off against each other instead of the pirates, then
its pretty much hopeless.

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posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 09:44 AM
everything that takes place in the markets and the economics of it cannot be fit into a box. it is not that simple. the world will not come to an end. if there is a severe bump in the economic road, there will be a recovery.

you know why?

because as long as humans are willing to work, there will always be an economy. there will always be money. most are not that bright, the few that are, are the ones who call the shots. the not so bright ones might not like it, but it doesnt matter, because most will continue on, just like they always have, and always will.

for the most part, the human race is a simple one.

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 09:48 AM

Originally posted by j2000
reply to post by merkaba93

They are suckering everyone's money back in before the hard crash yet to come. You can see it coming just over the horizon. It will be somewhere between Oct 21st and Oct 23rd. Just in time for Winter to hit along with a ramp up of the flu.

Yeah the one two combination punch, it works very well.

Some also call it the double whammy.

I think they may have other things lined up to make it a triple or quadruple.

My plans still stand as before.

When it is time, I will be bugging out.

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 09:56 AM
And by the way, BOA is not going to shutdown 600 locations.

"A bank spokesman, James Mahoney, rejected a published report that the bank plans to shed 10 percent of its branches, a move that would cost thousands of jobs. But he said cuts would come as more consumers bank online or by phone."

The reason they will shrink the network of their banks over the next 5 years is be cause consumers don't use the physical banks as much as they used to. Most do their transactions online. And a large percentage of the workforce is paid via direct deposit.

Do you guys want the economy to collapse? If so, why? Are you currently not succeeding and thriving in this economic system? If not, why? When the going gets tough, the tough get going. There are millions of Americans that are currently thriving in this economic system. You could be one of them, but instead of figuring out how to thrive, you just complain and hope that the system fails, because you just cant seem to fit into it.

Sure, there is corruption in the markets. But there has always been corruption, and there will always be corruption, because it is a product of man. Man is flawed, and so are the systems he creates. Stop bitching about it, and go out there and get a better job, or better your education level people. Doom and gloom is so out of style!

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 10:40 AM

Originally posted by InOurNature
Someone have any analyse how this will inflect the rest of the world?

Well we saw what happened last year when it crashed.

We saw what happened in 5 sucker's rallies til 1933 at the bottom.

The only difference being that we now import 80% of our oil,
and we sent most of our manufacturing overseas.

The US dollar is the world reserve currency, so it will impact most
nations, and the US is a trade partner and will affect most nations
based on percentage of trade.

The less known effect is that France may be affected by this, and
contract from it, and thus anyone that does business with France
will feel it indirectly.

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 10:56 AM
reply to post by dimensionaljumper

millions of Americans are thriving? SO WHAT? America is a country of over 300 million people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The bottomline is the rich have gotten A WHOLE LOT richer and the middle class has been decimated. That is the reason why people want to see the whole system collapse. I'm a middle class American and right now it wouldn't matter either way if we recovered or the system collapsed for me personally, I'd still be in the same boat. College is still WAY TOO expensive, we pay WAY TOO much in taxes, we are losing our freedoms left and right. The system "collapsing" isn't just about economics. It's about power, control, and freedom. You have to tear things down in order to build them better sometimes. Many of us want the "system" to collapse because it is an utter failure and is ridiculously corrupt.

For the millions of Americans that are thriving as you put it there are tens of millions of more middle class Americans that are struggling, scraping by, have to worry obsessively about their retirement etc. And let's not even talk about all the poor people in this country. You are either very clueless, misinformed, or live in a complete bubble my friend.

So mr. high and mighty successful how much money do you make a year? Do own your own home? Did you graduate from college debt free? Are you debt free? Did you do it all on your own? Will you have plenty of money to retire on and put your kids through college? Do you make enough to support your wife so that she doesn't have to work and can raise decent children like generations before did? Your attitude is hilarious. You're probably some idealistic teenage coffee barista working at Starbucks or worse a 20 something day trader looking to make it "BIG".

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posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 11:13 AM
reply to post by Ex_MislTech

Firstly, I have got to say that this is an excellent thread. S & F for you!

The one thing that stood out to me the most and is perhaps the most terrifying thing I read in your post is the following:

In its current issue, HSL reports rumors that "Some U.S. embassies worldwide are being advised to purchase massive amounts of local currencies; enough to last them a year. Some embassies are being sent enormous amounts of U.S. cash to purchase currencies from those governments, quietly. But not pound sterling. Inside the State Dept., there is a sense of sadness and foreboding that 'something' is about to happen ... within 180 days, but could be 120-150 days."

They are being told to buy the local currency!!!! What that tells me is that TPTB know that the dollar will completely collapse, and in order to continue to do business for one year, the embassies have to keep one year's worth of local currency to survive as no one will be accepting dollars. That really has to make you think.

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 11:29 AM

Originally posted by j2000
reply to post by kozmo

I've got sugar, booze, and coffee when you all run out....

I did not have much left, so I bought "stuff". Boats, cars and equipment.

I don't care what money, what barter, etc, certain things will have a value.

Certain other things will gain value.

You can play with paper all day long, but I guess that is what got us into this fine mess..........

I also am stocking up on commodity's. I don't have a ton of money atm so I buy inexpensive things whenever I can like bottles of vodka/whiskey, cans of coffee, cans of rolling tobacco (much cheaper then cartons of Marlboro's), vitamins, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, dried herbs/seasonings, salt.

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 11:37 AM
reply to post by Zosynspiracy

The middle class has not been decimated. What is your definition of "middle class"? A lot of Americans are struggling because they had children that they cant afford, and bought houses and cars that they could not afford. People with measly educations and measly incomes wanted to live the lives that only the true middle class could afford, but the banks handed out credit to them anyways which caused the "credit bubble". This was a mistake, one that is now having to correct itself. But it will correct itself.

I have no sympathy for people who bitch and complain. Your life is what you make of it. For those who cannot afford college, there are two options, scholarships or student loans. If you dont feel like graduating from college with student loan debt, then kick ass in high school and qualify for scholarships.

And about the personal questions, I dont owe you an explanation. But to appease your curiosity. I am in my late 20's. I make 6 figures. I own my own home. I graduated from college with debt that I paid off within 4 years.
The only debt I have is my mortgage. I don't use credit cards, because if I dont have the cash to buy it, then I dont buy it. I did it all on my own. No handouts here. I dont have a wife, because unlike most of mainstreet Americans, I dont need a wife and kids to feel complete. My attitude is not hilarious. My attitude is one of no bull crap. No excuses. No complaining. No mindlessness. I dont accept no for an answer. I see what I want, and I make it happen. I do not fear. And i dont put my trust in a god to give me strength. I find my own strength in myself. Always have, and always will.

Good day sir.

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 11:45 AM
reply to post by Zosynspiracy

You are the clueless worker drone my friend.

For all the predictions (see time monks, Celente Peter Schiff ) and and doomsday headlines time marches on. Nothing has changed. We get up and go to work, buy our eggs and bread, pay our bills (late) and pay our car loans and lay our heads on our pillows at night a little more tired and frustrated but like little robots we do it everyday. Nothing has changed. We are cowards and afraid to upset the status quo. We are marginalized and lose faith in the system but we are the system like it or not. So keep pounding your chest my friend but when you look in the mirror everyday, ask your self this "What will I do to change the status quo today.

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 11:50 AM
Good thread, EMT. Have passed the info on to several of my friends.

A lot of people are beginning to wake up and have started storing supplies for the foreseeable shortages. The problem I see with this strategy is that there is enough legislation and bills currently in place that will allow TPTB to come into your home without warrants or notice and seize any and everything they deem to be of use to them.

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