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Ravenna Arsenal reworking fence

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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 09:26 PM
I live in Ohio and was listening to a local radio program where a caller stated that a friend of his told him he was to be contracted to tear down the existing fence around the Ravenna Arsenal and redo it so the top barb wire points inwards to keep detainees inside. Anyone in the area know anything about this? It's a bit of a drive for me to get out there but I'm planning a trip out there to check it out on my next day off.

Found this...

Ravenna Arsenal Ohio National Guard Barracks ($2,000,000)

The project will create housing for Soldiers when they are at the Ravenna Training and Logistics Site (RTLS) for training, filling a need critical to the mission of the Training Site.

But I haven't found anything else really mentioning the Ravenna Arsenal, I'm wondering where these types of jobs would be listed?

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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 09:55 PM
I had relatives that worked there during WWII. They had one hell of a mess to clean up after it closed. The place is huge. It has been in the hands of the National Guard for quite sometime now. Since at least 2001 I think.

I live in NE Ohio and I have not heard of anything. I have relatives in Garettsville, I'll check with them.

Here is a little of what I could find.

The site now accommodates combat units of the Ohio Army National Guard and other reserve components from a few surrounding states for training exercises conducted on weekends.

Retired Lt. Col. Tom Tadsen, who is co-chairman of the site's Restoration Advisory Board, said in the last few years training has increased from 10,000 man hours to over 100,000 per year.

"This is a high-security facility for classified training," he said. "Being a restricted area, it's a perfect site for training."

One of the areas we got to see close-up was the new Mark 10 grenade firing range in the center of the property. It exists on what was once the Winklepeck Burning Grounds, a 200-acre parcel where ammunition components and chemicals were disposed of.

The range is the only one of its kind in the nation. It has three firing lanes measuring 1,500 meters long. A fourth lane will be added when cleanup of a contaminated area is completed.

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