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Anti-Evil market update because its a conspiracy

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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 07:20 PM
ok, if you look at XLF 15min. chart you see 3small lower highs right before the ole heave ho~ ,,, ok, now set your Slow Schocastic to 10,3,3. ok, now you see how the tops of the wave sort of equal the tops in the charts and similar towards the bottoms... ok, now look at the daily - chart and schocastics and repeat with the weekly... do you see where we are right now...>? uh huh~ thats right we have weekly applying pressure on daily and daily applying pressure on the 15min chart.
so lets see how far we go down. not much conviction and volitility did not spike to much.. so it could be just a retrace for another bull jaunt or it could be the real thing ... a few days before a major crash in the banking stocks... take a look and lets talk about this... cuz, this really sucks - if its fixing to happen like NOW

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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 08:16 PM
reply to post by Anti-Evil

what i see is almost a tea cup figure. i highly doubt that a huge run will happen, but i have been wrong lately, and so i have gotten out of the market.

curious to hear where you are going with this

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 08:59 AM
good morning all,
the big boys say its time to buy Natural Gas ... UNG is on the bottom, 15min. daily and the Weekly Schocastics.
hum, has anyone said its time for Natural Gas... ah, yea - bloomberg at 5:15AM EST.
too bad most Americans were asleep. more ways than one. Anywho - this thread is about XLF... the banking stocks.
lets take a look see...
well, we see a little dead cat bounce nothing to write home to momma about. lets look e at the Dollar.... its on support - so it might run higher...
lets take a look e at everyone else called EEM.... yea, they going up...
hummm ... well nothing else to report... the banks may just retrace back down or not... its sort of Unchanged. as well as the markets. I'll do a lunch and a after hours post... now remember, I said it was a conspiracy. and all we have to do is follow it and I will point out the highlights so you can discover the conspiracy as well.

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 12:31 PM
mid day update:
XLF is still flat lined...
UNG has came down a bit, still looking for a entry point, maybe today tomarrow is looking more likely now.
so me thinks today will be a do nothing day, given the action and low volume.
the problem with people and the markets is Patients, the market always does what its suppose to do -- just not when its suppose to do it...

Market Close Update:
today was a pretty much dead. but on the brighter note, XLF will probably pop on the open and a drop before 12noon. and should close - it should close, close to the bottom tomarrow. so keep your eye on the schocastics its your best indicator of market direction... and they are pointed straight down and the stocks are somewhat holding there own against the pressure thats building up to the down side... so a morning real close like less than a week will be another major down draft... stay tuned to the market conspiracy as it unfolds.... (they said they didnt see it coming.... Yea Right) this thread will put that notion in the pile of crap where it belongs.

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posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 09:06 AM
good morning all,
Well XLF said - hold on a minute, it came back up and is testing the 50 day moving average on the 15 min chart before continuing its decline.
it looks like the plunger team is at work this morning.

UNG put in a bottom and put in a buy signal is what its looking like still a little early but I'm in at $9.20 cents.

its a conspiracy - did you know it was time to buy Natural Gas... No, why
because they want you to buy it after it has went up 50 - 60 or 70% when I will say -- please take mine... please...

10:28 .. XLF is so weak it could muster enough get up and go to hold till lunch... the markets maybe worse off than I previously suggested. I recommend moving to commodity based portfolio.

16:13 .. XLF seemed perky going into the close, if you want to call .13cents perky that is... (it all depends on how many shares you playing with) anyway. I dont see a follow on for tomarrow morning.
overall the market is extremly tired, and sorely in need of a down turn.
however, if the ball starts rolling, it may not stop and they know this.

UNG closed at $9.07 cents slightly lower than my entry price of $9.20,
now thats 13cents. however, i have several things working for me.
1. seasonal demand should be picking up (called Fundamentals, never trust a word that starts with FU)
2. the Schocastics are bottoming off a downtrend and forming a base to rally off of. (it bounced up and down off of the bottom schocastic all day.
3. Support and Resistance - UNG is hovering above support at $8.87 and stay with the trade until it crosses this line... bail out if support fails. that would mean we will form a new base at next support at $7.5 area.,

* as you can see, I have not mentioned one word about Price to Book or any other that other garbage they proclaim is how the market works. it doesnt and its meant to confuse you.

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posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 05:19 PM
Friday Sept. 04

XLF rose .16 cents. after hours .2 cent decline.
lets call it Flat.. boring day..
declining volume and the price moves up, me dont think so...
we could move slightly up on Monday, monday - tuesday big decline possible the way the chart looks... *look at other stocks that have topped and you will see the same pattern and likely out come... peace...

also, UNG pulled off the bottom and closed $9.54
now put a stop market sell order at $8.86. you will have about 34cents exposer per stock, as of the close. just hold for it for 60 days or so. when the daily and weekly schocastics are both at the top together is a good time to get out as they come back down and schocastic hit 67. get out.
or day trade it using higher lows on the chart and schocastic. example morning it shoot up knocking you out say a few cents from the morning spike. then you watch the 15 min. to retrace back to the bottom and cross and if the schocastic cross is higher the the last time. buy in again... and go for the next spike and walk it all the way up... if you do this. you could get caught... and cant get back in.. so, I dont recommend day trading unless you got more money than brains. and if thats the case let me borrow a million or two...

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posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 05:22 PM
We already have a market update thread here:

Please add your comments to the ongoing discussion.

Thank you

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