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Prepare For Battle Peacefully Now!

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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 06:29 PM
The Battlefield is our current reality and the Battle is for our Mind. They propagate fear because they are afraid! As well they should be! And soon they will reap what they have sown. Believe it and Know this to Be So!

However! Rather than be fearful and provide them with energy they can use.

Take 5 minutes or more Daily, and envision a mirror reflecting back to them, the energies they are directing toward us. Do this as needed for energetic protection everyday!

Then while breathing normally.

See yourself where you are, in a sea of of pink energy that extends from the surface of the earth to the dark border of space, see this energy flowing through your entire body, see all dark energy being washed out of and removed from your body forever.

To Win! Do this with every spare moment daily, envision their plans falling apart, see them fleeing from angry mobs, see them crawling down the holes they have created, like the immature selfish cowards they are.

You Can do this on an individual basis, or you Can direct this toward every new, bill, law or mandate they introduce. For inanimate objects, picture yourself safely inside of a pink bubble that nothing can penetrate or touch you in any way, and then see the object outside of your safe bubble catch fire and be reduced to ashes by the flames.

But to cause the most damage to their plans, while helping everyone and everything. Envision them encompassed by a Loving Pink Energetic Field that is so Dense, that none of their negative energetic machinations can escape from it, picture them surrounded by their own dark energies within that outer pink bubble, Tormenting themselves as they are surrounded by an energetic Hell of their own creation until they are forced to acknowledge the error of their selfish behavioral ways.

Continue to see them surrounded on the outside by the dense pink energetic field that contains all of the dark energy coming from within themselves from being able to make contact with anything other than their own body.

Whenever you see one of them, read about or hear their name picture them imprisoned as in this description!

And then Envision the Earth Enveloped by a Beautiful Soft Pink Energy That Is Saturating Everything with Pure Love!

Thank You for Lending me your imagination and Taking the time to make our Earthly Home a Better Place!

And So It Is!


Please translate and propagate this to as many other forums as possible.

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 07:00 PM
Well, although I have to wholeheartedly agree that not feeding into the fear and therefore giving them power is a good idea, and am all for mentally preparing and entrenching oneself in the future battleground, I'm not sure I'm all for soft pink bubbles and light.

However, your positivity is refreshing amongst all the doom and gloom here on ATS. For that, I have to give praise and props.

I once knew a very accomplished ceremonial magician. He was perhaps the wisest man I have ever personally met (and I've met the Deepak Chopra and the Dali Lama, so that's saying a lot). When I first met him he recently had a friend run off with his wife, his yacht, and all of his life savings. Immediately after that, he had been hit by a car in a case of attempted vehicular homicide and became paralyzed from the waist down. Still, he was upbeat and full of optimism. When I asked him how he coped with the betrayal of his friend and his wife, he smiled and said that he wished them both well and did a ritual to help them find their divine purpose in life. When I asked him how he coped with the car accident and becoming paralyzed, he said that he merely needed to realize that nothing was taken away from him but instead a door of new opportunities had opened to him, and as such had nothing but thanks for the man who had tried to kill him.

At the time it boggled me how he could so passively accept the things that befell him and be so forgiving of those who had sought to do him wrong. It took me many years to understand that when you find true freedom, freedom of the spirit and mind, that nothing that befalls you in life can take that freedom away. You learn to accept the things that you cannot change, for they do not truly affect you any longer. When you find peace and freedom within, neither is disrupted by the world of causation, and you are able to see it with clarity as trivial and temporal. It is not coming from a place of weakness, but from unshakable strength and power.

So, if one must visualize soft pink bubbles to get there, then do as you will! In the end, the result is the same and it is the best place for any of us to be.

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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 07:48 PM
reply to post by fraterormus

Thank you, And you referenced the key in your reply, create the causation consciously. The nice soft tones to this message in no way detract from it's power and possibilities if enough people see them, however they are adjusted for palatability and non secular non karmic creativity . If you know that thoughts create, then you can comprehend the enormity of what sites like this continually contribute to causation, to be honest it is energetically draining and all of the energy flows to what we collectively don't want. Then the truth is at the energetic level we are all one, so it does none of us any good to bring harm to any other on any level. Being able to remain in this state, is of course what we are all evolving to, but we don't all get it, until We All Get It! Hence the futility of alternatives to the truth of our existence. Just trying to bring a little Balance if possible. Thanks so much for meaningful repartee.



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