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Dissidia: Final Fantasy PSP

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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 08:21 AM
Reunite with a cast of familiar characters and enter a realm torn between two deities, Cosmos and Chaos.

If you are a fan of the series, however, you're probably curious about the story that confines the heroes of Square Enix's famous role-playing game series to a single universe. Heroes and villains from Final Fantasies I-X roam this world, where the gods Chaos and Cosmos have provided the balance that supports reality. When Chaos gains an upper hand, 10 brave warriors clash with 10 nefarious rivals in the hopes of saving the world as they know it. This is your opportunity to revisit old rivals on the battlefield--and to experience some unlikely possibilities. Cloud versus Sephiroth and Tidus versus Jecht are natural choices; but have you considered the idea of pitting Squall against Golbez, or Bartz against Ultimecia? Dissidia's story modes are crammed with such improbable scenarios, though the tale they tell is a disappointing mess of shallow cliches and awkward voice acting, stripping each character to the barest essentials. You'll follow each hero as he or she take parallel journeys, which involve finding Cosmos-curing crystals while occasionally stopping to hear Firion reminisce about roses and Squall grumble about, well, everything. The aftermath of this search is told through an additional story mode called Shade Impulse, in which you can choose your own playable hero in each chapter. And once you complete this story, Dissidia gifts you with even more chapters, more playable characters (it's best to discover who they are on your own), and much more. It isn't an involving tale, but there's a lot of it, and the more you play, the more the game gives you.

Is anyone into Final Fantasy and are they going to buy it on Psp?

Here is the Review: -

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posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 12:41 AM
I've had it for a year in Japanese. I'd have to say that it's fun to play.

But balance issue is a story of its' own.
Cloud absolutely sucks despite his high damage. It won't seem that way until you reach lv. 99.

Ex Death and Tidus are pretty much God tier.
As awesome as it is, there won't be a competitive field... which lowers a games' potential replay value. It's just far too unbalanced.

Was it worth it? Sure made me feel that buying a PSP was worth it.
After a while... it looses it's glory when you realize that some characters are just THAT much better.

And while it does have a story, its definitely not something to die for. Its good, just not good enough. It's quite straight forward but meh.. it's a fighting game.

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