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Bandits in Burqas Strike in Britain

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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 07:41 AM
The British burkha bandit strikes again. The first robbery was in July and British bobbies are now hunting the burqa-clad bandits. Burkha clad women give us this creepy feeling, that they may be hiding something, and we dont know who these women are and that they are not concealing bombs or weapons. These bandits are taking advantage of the Islam religion, and they should respect the religious practises of the religion, but if safety of the people is involved then there should be some other alternative.

British police say they're on the trail of a burqa-clad bandit, or bandits, who robbed three different locations in the past two months.

Police said last week that three armed men, one wearing a full-body veil, stole tens of thousands of dollars' worth of watches from a jewelers in Banbury, 80 miles northwest of London.

The Aug. 24 theft theft follows two incidents in which an assailant wearing a black burqa robbed travel agents in the English towns of Dunstable and Luton, both about 45 miles away.


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