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Lack of Fear Shifts Sensationalistic Swine Flu Vaccination Propaganda Campaign into Overdrive

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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 06:23 AM
An interesting article I thought I would share with my fellow ats'ers about this crazy swine flu nonsense... It's already started on ats with a thread about a parent taking his/her child out of school cause the media said a student died from swine flu at her kids school. no confirmation. the media said it so it must be true.... come on please chill... sorry to the article....

As the hype, fearmongering and sensationalistic propaganda push regarding the Swine Flu shifts into overdrive, Government health officials are reportedly mobilizing — having set aside $16 million since populations aren’t fearful enough — to launch a massive Swine Flu vaccination campaign aimed at vaccinating at least half of the country’s population within the next couple of months.

Since the outbreak of the suspiciously manipulated Swine Flu Pandemic of questionable origin, Scientists are rushing to test Swine Flu vaccine, allegedly to make sure it’s safe and effective — despite the fact that the U.S. government has egregiously granted the large Pharmaceutical companies who are raking in billions of dollars for hurriedly manufacturing Swine Flu vaccines impunity if recipients of the vaccines die or become deathly ill. Given the potential for disastrous long-term effects from some of the ingredients in some of the Vaccines, rushing to make sure it’s safe and effective only makes matters worse since it can actually take years before you know how safe and effective they really are.

It was originally reported that the Swine flu came from human, swine and bird flu strains, but now it appears that some Scientists may have traced one strain to a strain that emerged in 1998 in the U.S. — unless there is more than one type Swine Flu strain being spread around. With labs as technologically advanced as they are nowadays, especially the government laboratory in Ft. Detrick, Maryland with its list of ties to several acts of malfeasance, many possibilities abound.

It’s not known how many shots people will need, what the correct dosage should be, and gaining public trust in backing the need for such an extensive vaccination plan has become, for the most part, impossible. Every year health professionals start squawking about oncoming flu seasons, and this year is no different, except that the Swine Flu numbers and information is being manipulated to allow the World Health Organization (WHO), shrouded in secrecy, to artifically inflate numbers to create an overblown pandemic.

Some of the major networks, including NBC — and their subsidiary MSNBC — have medical ‘professionals’ such as Dr. Nancy Snyderman pushing for people to line up and get their tainted Swine Flu vaccinations that Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and member of the Bilderberg Group, gave Pharmaceuticals impunity for. More information on the planned Depopulation of the world envisioned by corrupted politicians and billionaires can be found in this speech that was recently given by David Rockefeller regarding world depopulation.

Swine Flu Outbreak has Been far Less Deadly than Normal Flu

Snyderman is pushing for vaccinations despite the fact that the Swine Flu outbreak has been far less deadly than the normal flu. Snyderman has been joined by President Obama’s White House in using prominent media, blogs and social networking to push their propaganda and make millions receive extremely questionable vaccines. Federal authorities are planning to initiate a nationwide campaign to persuade Americans to get the Swine Flu vaccines, despite the fact that half of the Health workers polled by the British Medical Journal are reportedly rejecting the Swine Flu vaccines because of the additives being used and the potential side effects they’ll induce.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) continues insisting that the Swine Flu vaccines ’should be safe.’ If they’re so safe, why did HHS Secretary Sebelius give the manufacturers of the vaccines complete immunization and impunity from any reported side effects and deaths? The propaganda being pushed by the government is full of holes and lies.

Heavily populated areas, with a lot of children, teenagers, pregnant women, young and middle-aged adults are being targeted by the Government’s propaganda program. Corporate media has begun admitting that the Swine Flu appears to be no more dangerous than the typical seasonal flu while pushing for vaccinations because the new virus — that, again, was manufactured in a U.S. laboratory — is likely to infect many more people because most have no immunity against it according to health officials. Every year health officials push for flu vaccinations and every year health officials inflate numbers to instill fear and push their propaganda which, so far, has repeatedly proven to be false and misleading. The only difference this year is that pharmaceutical companies are raking in billions of dollars, free of responsibility or blame for reactions and deaths caused by their hurriedly manufactured, improperly tested vaccines.

Vaccines using adjuvants — to boost effectiveness or to create more doses — have been used in Europe. Supposedly the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t authorized their use in the United States, but as history has repeatedly proven, especially during the past eight and a half years, supervision and inspections of these products will be limited or non-existent. Just because the use of adjuvants is not ‘authorized’ in the U.S. does not mean that vaccines containing adjuvants will not be shipped or used in the U.S. Until the ingredients of these vaccines is made public — if it’s ever made public — U.S. recipients of the vaccines will have no clue as to what they’re being injected with. Some of the vaccines are also being produced with Squalene and various derivatives of Mercury which have proven deadly in the past.

As of yet, the Swine Flu vaccine injections are not mandatory in the U.S., unlike some other countries. However, the groundwork for instituting Marshall law and making vaccinations mandatory is in place. Some states such as Massachusetts are going a little overboard though. Allowing the WHO to circumvent procedures and manipulate the numbers in order to create a false Swine Flu pandemic only makes matters worse.

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