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The Stargate Series

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posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 09:06 PM
Is anyone here a fan of the Stargate series? Its a really great show once you get in to it. A few years ago I thought the show seemed kind of fruity, but its actually really well written and entertaining. Its cool because its modern military finding and using technology thats way beyond their grasp. On top of that, their "projectile weapons" kick a lot of ass, because all the aliens built defenses for high tech lasers and not low tech projectiles. The most advanced race in the galaxy (The Asgard) , occasionally needs the help of the Tau'ri (earth humans), because their enemies don't have defenses for such primitive weaponry.

The series consists of 3 separate shows: SG1, Atlantis and Universe. The new "Stargate Universe" premieres on October 2nd.

The 1st series SG1, revolves around a team of special forces soldiers and civilians who visit other worlds through the stargate. They are in search of new technology to help them fight an alien species called the Goa'uld, who enslave planets and pretend to be gods. They are the same gods of ancient Egypt. Ra was a Goa'uld.

Its good, because the show doesn't take itself too seriously. There are lots of funny moments, as well as awesome space battles.

The 2nd series is Stargate Atlantis, which takes place in a different galaxy all together. An "off world" earth team takes over a city called Atlantis, which was abandoned by a race called the Ancients. Its similar to SG1, but with more space battles and a race of bad aliens that harvest humans for food.

Its a good show too, but I still prefer SG1. Too many annoying characters.

I don't know much about the new one. It has something to do with an SG team that dials a gate address and ends up on an ancient ship that they cant leave.

So, check it out. Its good stuff if you're in to space wars, explosions, guns and aliens. If you have the SyFy channel, both SG1 and Atlantis are on everyday. You can also find every episode online.

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