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Debate: The Media Can Not Be Trusted to Tell the Truth

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posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 02:35 PM
Whilst doing some research for something completely different I was led to this web site named and it presented the video shown in the same link.

As you will see and hear, this video was recorded on various mediums in relation to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

I am yet to see the entire video as it is 1 hour and 40 mins long but what I have seen is very interesting... Just the title opens up a can of worms as I'm sure that there are many here who would have so much to say in regards to a debate such as this.

Some of you will be sitting there seething at what some say in the debate, others will agree.
There are always those who are for or against and this is a prime example of such.

On the page of the video you will be able to choose to watch parts of the video or the full amount in one go. The way this site has brokenm the vid down and posted in sections is a breakthrough that many other sites don't offer.

When it comes to the debates results, I could not help but laugh when the presenter starts by saying .. "Strewth"!!

We all have our opinion of the media and we discuss it here many many times yet it is refreshing to see something like this discussed by those in related fields and voted upon by a live audience.

I'll let you be the judge

As for my own opinion, we are fed certain amounts of truth, certain amounts of sensational items to get us brewed up, other bits to desensitise us, others to make us feel emotions to remind us we are Human. It is obviously a game the media plays and I would not be at all surprised if basic and complex psychology is used in the presentation of media items.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 03:15 PM
I was able to watch the debate as I never post my comments without reading or hearing the entire thread or article. It was very interesting and I think your last paragraph says it all pretty well, the media uses visual aids and psycological tatics to keep our interest while reporting a topic of an issue but then spinning it with ther commentary and opinions.

The truth is the MSM can not be trusted and hasn't been for quite some time, it's best to unsubscribe to your cable or satalite and you'll find that you will see the world differently. You will be more knowledgable, do more research to confirm what is being reported and read better debates concerning a topic that will leave you more informed to state your points of view more concise.

The video is long and the host is boring but it was fun to watch...


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