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Foreign Troops; Private Police For Company, Not Country; Think It Can't Happpen?

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posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 11:47 AM

I found this video today, and I didn't find it in ATS, but I'm sure it's somewhere. I am also sure there are other comprehensive threads like this, but I don't see anything wrong with presenting it again. We all are subjected daily to the lies by the poli-ticks in government, and their MSM psychological warfare.

Here goes; first off is the very concise well documented Youtube video dealing with foreign troops deployed in the USA. It was apparently released last December. I should back up a little. Ashnomadonte who is I believe military police, was brave enough to post an email from a security contracting buddy last night. The email was from Dyncorp basically wanting security contractors to be on stand by for work in the Western US; apparently they are feeling a disaster will occur there, and Middle East type security contractors will be needed. Between the email, and the Youtube video I went on the hunt for more evidence of IMHO tyranny at it's greatest.

I quickly found a few other threads on ATS that are to the point, and dealing with the same general ramping up towards an event...... I found reports of Chinese troops stationed in the USA, lists of FEMA camps, and of late We've all heard of the 400,000 troops the Pentagon is asking for on US soil.

There is a basic major issue here. No one in government is psychic, they've never felt the need for this kind of thing before, so why now? Why are they doing this?

Ask me, and I'll say they are doing it for the eventual roundup, and complete conversion of the USA into a totalitarian oppressive military dictatorship. I don't believe the Pentagon ever wanted 400,000 US troops, but are using that as a guise to institute private security contractors, and foreign troops....Ya'know the ole' boys who have no oath to defend "We The People".
This was an email sent to a buddy of the author. The buddy is a security contractor. The email is a on call/stand by job position for the Western US in case of disaster. from ashnomadonte who is in the US Military; I "believe" military police...
Chinese troops stationed in Texas. From
List of concentration camps in the USA. From
Pentagon asking for 400,000 troops to be deployed in the USA. From



posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 11:51 AM
Secret Service Says All Protesting is illegal during G20 summit in Pittsburgh Sept 24-27!

Rights, what rights?

You have to fight for them!

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 12:05 PM
Fine, if they want all the protesters to stay home, all protesters should stay home.

Of course I am going to my bank on that day, withdraw all my funds and close my account.....

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 12:31 PM
This started to happen during the First Iraqi War (Gulf War). When Iraqi finally annexed Kuwait in 1990 as the United Nations told them they could do in 1967, the Multinational Corporations in Kuwait cried foul. Because of this, the U.S. passed a Law allowing Multinational Corporations the Sovereign Right to levy Private Armies to defend their assets. Ever since then, over 20 million private troops have been employed by Multinational Corporations worldwide.

We used to joke back in the 1990's that if the Department of Justice were to seek to break up another corporation, such as they did with Ma Bell (AT&T), that if the corporation were rich enough they could defend their assets against a Sovereign Nation by levying a bigger army. Now, 20 years later, it's not so much a joke anymore.

War is Big Business, and the dividing of spoils by Multinational Corporations has never been so evident as in the Second Iraqi War where many Multinational Corporations claimed the spoils of War from Iraq while the Interim Government could do nothing to stop it. Hundreds of Billions were made by a small handful of Multinational Corporations with large enough private forces to hold those assets in a hostile nation.

That doesn't even include the Mercenaries hired by the U.S. Government to fight in Iraq (you do understand that the U.S. Government classifies as a Multinational Corporation, right?). The DoD has kept very hush-hush over the exact number of Mercenary Forces employed by the U.S. Military, but their budget for such was $6,000,000.00 a month for Mercenary Forces, putting the total figure somewhere between 7,000 - 14,000 estimated Mercenary Forces used by the U.S. Military in Iraq alone.

I remember when Mercenaries were scorned, but the fact is it is cheaper to hire Argentinian or Chinese Mercenaries for hire to fight a war than it is to use your own soldiers. Besides, these Mercenary Troops do not have to be tallied into the "Official" Death Toll, which helps a Nation push it's agenda to the Public. Now days, it is more than acceptable for a Nation or a Corporation to resort to Mercenaries for Hire.

40,000 Mercenary Troops don't come cheap though. You're talking about $24,000,000.00 a month for that kind of Military Force. However, they are expendable, pre-trained, and come pre-equipped, and don't count as "Military Personnel". You can use Mercenaries to jump through a lot of legal loopholes that prevent the use of U.S. Military for domestic purposes on native soil.

George Bush, Sr. opened a Pandora's Box when he passed that law allowing Multinational Corporations the Sovereign Right to levy Troops. The Mercenary trade has been booming ever since, and it looks like the sky is the limit for growth. It is highly unlikely that we'll see that Pandora's Box closed anytime soon.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 02:06 PM
reply to post by warrenb

Hi warrenb,

I had to post on the run, and just got back in. I watched Your videos, and am now fired up beyond belief. My fingers are punching the keyboard with fire.

Free Speech Zones, and Free Speech Permits??? Bring the house down, withdrawal all Your monies from these parasites banks. Do it stop spending money in their oppressive system.

I cannot believe the different police need that job so badly they will turn on their own respective Peoples. The NWO is in it's final days, they have a slight moment of perceived victory, but make no mistake they are done, and anyone who is a minion under them will be held accountable. I know there are many of us who will not forgive, and forget; there will be justice; complete justice in the end.

I'd urge any quasi NWO policy enforcers should You read this stop, and desist; the Elite care nothing for You!!!

reply to post by crimvelvet

I think everyone should pull their monies out of this system. It is a cancer, and must be stopped!!!

Frat... I'm getting to Your comment now.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by fraterormus

Wow, I read through everything You said, and Your a 100% correct. I think the overall degradation of society into allowing it goes back way further, but Your correct about all.

The intermingling of troops as UN Peace Keepers, or Police has been wide spread for a long time as well. Korea, and Vietnam amongst others.

The mercenary bit was only a matter of evolving once the PTB had degraded Our thinking ability, Our values, and Our fricken reason I capitalize People, We, You, etc is to show People they aren't just cannon fodder like the damn govt. tells us We all are.

We all are Human Beings; no one can take that from us. We all need to learn to be mad as hell, and learn to say no, I'm not going to take int anymore!!!

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 02:16 PM
Private police forces have existed in the US for a very long time now, ever hear of the various transit and railroad police departments? The Long Island Railroad Police Department was created in 1863 and was eventually absorbed into the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Department in 1996 when the LIRR was merged into the MTA. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is a for profit company with NO government oversight.

Other notable private police forces in NY:

- Seagate Police Department (private community in Brooklyn)
- Co-op City Police Department (private housing project in the Bronx)
- Starret City Police Department (private housing project)
- Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor Police Department
- Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department
- Roosevelt Island Department of Public Safety
- Palisades Interstate Parkway Police Department
- the Long Island State Parks and Parkways Commission Police Department (* merged into the NY State Police and NY State Park Police in the early 1990s)

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posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 02:19 PM
This is an excellent video and says the same exact story I have heard from other sources.

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