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The Devil's Chair

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posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 10:54 AM

Chula Vista to pay inmate $85,000 over police brutality lawsuit


Felix Espino Jr. claimed in his federal lawsuit that at least 10 Chula Vista police officers repeatedly beat him and used pepper spray and a Taser on him to the point that he was in a coma for three days.

Miesfeld said the city settled with Espino earlier this month, rather than go to trial, because of budget constraints and because the 10 to 15 officers involved in Espino's arrest would have had to testify in court.

“Our officers did exactly what was right,” Miesfeld said. “This was a horrible incident by Mr. Espino. This trial would have taken several weeks and it would have been extremely disruptive to the operation of the Police Department.”

While hogtied, Espino was hit 13 times with a Taser on the neck, arms, back, legs, chest and genitals. He was pepper sprayed three times in the face, the lawsuit says.

According to police reports, law enforcement officers put Espino in “maximum restraint” because he was extremely noncompliant, a danger to himself and others, violent and on drugs.

“Once we removed Espino from the maximum restraint chair, we attempted to place him on the gurney,” Cruz wrote in his report. “At which point he became aggressive again and began to kick and push using his entire body weight. I again removed my advance air taser and placed it to his genitals as per department (policy) due to the non-compliance in order for us to gain compliance and stop him from hurting himself.”

Ok...I'm not even going to go IN TO how wrong I think it is for a police department to say it's their POLICY TO APPLY TAZERS TO GENITALS. Grrr. But I think that's w hole 'nother thread.

I found this story and it led me to the title of the thread. The original article mentions a 'maximum restraint chair.' Having never been in one before, the term was something new to me.

The use of this chair, seems to be necessary, to a certain extent, to 'prevent inmates from hurting themselves, or others' but as with 'tools' used by law enforcement, they get abused.

Below are a few different article that focus on the use of these chairs.

The Devil's Chair

The restraint chair - How many more deaths?

Report Faults Jails for Restraint Chair Use

Officers' goal: To use least force possible

Restraint Chair at Auction (ended)

Inmates have died in these chairs. It seems as though these articles also speak volumes about the rise in incarceration in our prison system of those with mental illness.

Apparently, you might get lucky and even be able to find a good used one for sale. Could be a much safer alternative when it comes time to 'gain compliance' from your children, or wife.

Yay cops!!

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 12:01 PM
Consider this: He wasn't even a terrorist.

Policy = genital tazering.

Do we have a problem here? I guess the 15 officers don't mind at all.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 05:16 PM
These people are children, little boys looking for love, lost in the dark. They must simply follow orders, like a binary computer. They have no concept of the self. They are nonages. Therefore, they have no problem executing orders on another, as they can see no other. Or they, having no self, have no self respect, and they sadistically carry out actions on another in a transmutation of their own intangible "self-loathing." How do we go about solving this mental virus? When interacting with this type, we cannot be a mirror to their mindless expectations. Throw their minds out of their loops of ignorance. This is a way I think we can shine a light on their lost little selves, possibly forcing them to actually conduct a reexamination of their behavior.

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posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 05:30 PM
Star, and flag to the OP. I cannot believe this kind of crap goes on in the States..... WTF is wrong with People? I was reading in disbelief at the officer talking like he just as usual did his job by tasing some dude's nuts..........that's what he did, and We get to read how he thought it was normal?¿??? WTF.

The devils chair? Maybe that should be a prerec. for the police before joining

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 05:33 PM
reply to post by orwellianunenlightenment

You suggest 'throwing their minds out of their loops'

Would you explain how this is accomplished please ?

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 05:59 PM
reply to post by sanchoearlyjones

How long has this homosexual sadism being going on, we wonder ?

Decades ?

Hundreds of years ?

(excluding tasers of course .. they're just the 'latest' in a long list of torture)

Thing is, thanks to internet, these crimes are becoming public knowledge

Before internet (and of course, since internet) people always glanced sideways at those drawn to jobs in the prison systems .. and in child-dentention facilities .. even to those who manage aged-care homes.

How many paedophiles were discovered to be entrenched within boy-scout organisations, for example ? And in the clergy. And in the education industry. And in child-care facilities.

Then you look at those who seek work in the prison systems.

Same thing

people gravitate, if they can, to areas which satisfy their lusts .. be that lust for power or sexual lust for children, etc. Old people knew this, all through the years

The recent explosion of exposes re: police brutality might cause people to believe that the 'system' is falling apart and leading towards world's-end scenarios

Truth is though (very sadly) that there have always been sadists in the system.

For example, during WW2, UK authorities advised parents to let their children be taken to safety until the war's end. They also emptied orphanages, over alleged 'concern' for the children.

The children were basically 'exported' like cattle, to Australia. Some were placed with foster-parents. Many others however were placed in 'church homes'. The children were forced to actually BUILD the homes, under adult supervision: they crushed and cut rock, carried and slaved.

A number (estimates vary) of the children were sexually, physically, mentally and emotionally abused by clergy and nuns. Many were killed. Others killed themselves. Most carried the wounds for life.

The children were told by the authorities who'd virtually kidnapped them, that their parents had 'died in the war in the UK'

The parents were told their children 'had died' from various diseases.

Close to 60 years later, completely by accident to begin with, some of the children (now elderly) learned via genealogy forums (and other means) that they had siblings and other family alive.

That's when the truth came out. The kidnapped children realised that their parents had NOT died in the war. From their surviving siblings in the UK, they learned their parents had loved them and grieved them to the end. Most of the kidnapped children's parents had died by this time.

The Australian government recently 'apologised' to those children. Sorry .. apologies are worthless. Ever tried to stem a cut with an 'apology' ?

The children (now elderly) speak of the tiny little girl .. an angel they say .. helpless, sweet, defenceless .. who was continually raped by a giant of a man who held complete and utter power over those tiny, sad, stolen children. The little girl developed dark circles under her eyes, jumped at shadows, cried, cringed, cowered. Then she just disappeared.

Beneath the foundations and gardens of those 'church homes' which those poor little kids built, are the skeletons of TINY little kids used by those 'oh so righteous and proper' church home adminstrators to sate their foul lusts.

Was it sheer 'coincidence' or 'accident' that so many vile paedophiles chose careers which would give them unlimited power over little kids ?

Same now with sadists in the prison systems and law-enforcement generally.

They're given a uniform and a variety of weapons. And they're given power over the rest in society.

Then they're turned loose to live their fantasies.

You know what destroyed my faith in 'justice' ? It's the fact that the vast majority of those who spent their lives feeding on others pain and misery, usually die surrounded by family and friends. They're 'respected'. They have nurses waiting on them hand and foot and relieving their pain. They are buried with military, church and law-enforcement 'honour' .. guys just like them, in uniforms, firing guns and canons in the air and other slugs delivering obituaries. Their wives and families receive pensions. They live a good life, right to the end.

Compare their lives with those of their victims. Then show me the 'justice'.

Tell you something else .. I will never do anything to impede anyone who takes justice personally to these sadists. In fact, I'll assist them in any way I can.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 06:10 PM
reply to post by St Vaast

Here You go. Due to so many People out there speaking the truth such as Kspigpen, the elite have been wanting the Internet shut down, slowed down, and out of the Peoples reach for some time. They don't want us learning about the devil's chair, or anything resembling the truth. Watch the vid. They hate the Internet.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 06:19 PM
reply to post by orwellianunenlightenment

Exactly, and glad you said that. These Muslim clerics begin teaching children to hate and kill at a very early age, and the children, much like any other child in any other country, do what is expected of them. America has no right, legal or otherwise, to torture anyone whatsoever, and I don't care what Cheney says about it. Of course, when we look back in history and the many crimes of Christianity, it is a wonder that these two religions survived a civilized world with intelligent people. Transparency? I see no transparency. Obama, what are you going to do about this? I am certain the members in here could give you some really good advice, probably a lot better advice than you get from your advisers. Let's begin with giving Cheney and Rumsfeld some of their own medicine, and broadcast the event on Muslim TV stations.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 06:19 PM
reply to post by sanchoearlyjones

Good find, Sancho

Of course they hate the internet. They spent so much time, effort, lies, bribes, threats and money (ours, in truth) gaining a monopoly of the mass media

and by good fortune or perhaps (we might hope) Divine Intervention

... along came the internet.

LOL. Have you heard the Murdochs (they're well paid front-men) screeching and WHINING lately ? Hey, Murdochs ... deal with it

The only way 'they' have found to 'deal with' the internet is by placing tools in forums, in blogs, in chat, etc.

But the tools aren't that effective. They have limited range. And they have too much opposition

Their 'next best' retaliation against the freedom that is internet, is to use their tools (online and political, etc.) to spread 'warnings' about online surveillance and 'tracking of ISPs', 'internet controls', 'giant repositories in which every single thing you say will be kept and possibly used to send you FEMA camps '

Stuff them !

they're going DOWN. One by one and in groups. They're going DOWN

And stinking homosexually-inclined thugs in cops' uniforms who get to TORTURE citizens at their leisure, in private, hidden away .. getting erections by tasering testicles .... THEY are going down, too.

Because internet is spawning vigilantes. And they're not interested in taking prisoners.

Cops and other scum .. listen up: you do the crime, you'll pay the price. Your days are numbered. Your faces are known. You've earned what's coming. Your uniform (paid by those you torture) is NO protection.

You have squandered our respect and our patience

And to good cops .. get out of the way and don't even try to protect the scum amongst you. Or you'll be judged as being part of the problem

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 06:24 PM
reply to post by autowrench

Re: Rumsfeld and Cheyney et all: ..... BEAUTIFUL

I was saying years ago that Rumsfeld, Cheyney and Bushes One and Two should be driven around the country on a flat-bed truck .. all over the land

so that people could be provided the opportunity to express how they really felt .. via rotten vegetables, flame-throwers, knives, bullets, you name it

After all --- the PEOPLE PAID for those slugs

the people OWN those bastards

Now, I think the flat-bed truck method of justice needs updating to include ALL those stinking thugs in uniform

and this time, it's the PEOPLE who should be equipped with those tasers for which the PEOPLE are paying

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 07:36 PM
reply to post by St Vaast

I do not think there is a specific way. It is more of an intuitive, stream-of-consciousness process. I am not saying that they should not be punished, by any means. I am just saying that I can kind of understand their mindsets. My father was/is this type of insecure butthole. Maybe just be hyper-aware in our dealings with this type, showing love and respect, but also conveying some keen understanding of this type's underlying mechanisms. I know that I am being very general, very vague. It is just that there is no specific way in dealing with this type of person. I suppose that be realizing our very own judgments, our very own projections, our very own destructive proclivities, that we then have enough insight to deal with this type of person in a productive manner. I have defused gangsters and rogue cops in my time. It is all about having a keen awareness of their insecurities, not exploiting them, but shining a light on them in an empathetic way, acknowledging that we ourselves are not without fault, that we are not being judgmental, but that we are aware of how the control mechanisms play out. I am sorry again that I cannot be more specific. It occurs in the moment. When we understand the underpinnings of something, we can deal with it in an intuitive mode, but it does take courage and humility, simultaneously.

Edit, Cliff's Notes: Recognize the psychological/spiritual/mental underpinnings. Separate these concepts from the body carrying out the actions. Be aware of our very own destructive tendencies, the tendencies that can manifest when we sit on a tiny, non-holistic perspective. Boldly acknowledge that we are aware of the underpinnings of their actions, but that we do not judge. Empathetically explain that we see another way. This type thrives off of domination/submission rituals. We must be aware that if we expect this type of person to act this way, they are far more likely to oblige our fantasies. We must also be aware that when they start their wanton domination, they are expecting us to carry out our roles in defense of theirs. Simply do not follow the script. It confuses them. Maybe even lovingly smile, it will confuse the hell out of them! I also wanted to add that if this type can sense any judgment on our part, any sense of use placing ourselves above them, they will pounce! Remember, we must not play their us vs them game.

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