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An Exercise that will help you Find your Inner "Third Eye"

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posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 03:52 AM
To go even further, download and read Awakening the Third Eye Third Edition from this page:

Here's page 1 and the table of contents

Awakening the Third Eye
Third Edition

Samuel Sagan, M.D.

Copyright © Samuel Sagan 1992, 1997, 2007.
Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of review or research
as permitted under the Copyright Act, no part of this book
maybe be reproduced by any process without written permission.
Clairvision is a registered trademark of Clairvision School Ltd.

Table of Contents

A systematic method

Chapter 1 – Principles and Method of the Work
1.1 Do not force, do not concentrate, just be aware
1.2 No creative visualisation, no imagination, just awareness
1.3 Trust your experience
1.4 Don't analyse during an experience
1.5 Psychic protection
1.6 Practise, practise, practise...
1.7 Why delay?
1.8 Play with the techniques
1.9 Remain relative

Chapter 2 – The Mysteries of the Larynx
2.1 Throat friction
2.2 Purposes and effects of the throat friction
2.3 The mysteries of the larynx
2.4 Humming sound and the magic of bees

Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye
3.1 What is the third eye?
3.2 First opening
3.3 Various experiences
3.4 Experiential references
3.5 If you are not feeling any vibration at all
3.6 More about the third eye
3.7 Third eye meditation
3.8 More humming/buzzing
3.9 How to organize your practice
3.10 The mysteries of the space

Chapter 4 – Channel Release: Let It Flow!
4.1 Channel release
4.2 Connected shaking
4.3 Connected rubbing
4.4 Vibration = etheric
4.5 General advice concerning the work on the meridians
4.6 Shou jue yin, ‘Heart Constrictor Meridian’
4.7 Shou shao yin, ‘Heart Meridian’
4.8 Shou tai yin, ‘Lung Meridian’
4.9 More details on the paths of the meridians
4.10 The different levels of perception of energy circulations
4.11 Practice
4.12 Releasing negative energies

Chapter 5 – Seeing
5.1 The path of the seers
5.2 Concerning the practices of eye contact
5.3 Reconnection with the space
5.4 Eye contact with focus in the eye and ‘seeingness’
5.5 To end any practice of eye contact
5.6 To blink or not to blink
5.7 A few common experiences while practising eye contact
5.8 What to do with your experiences
5.9 Watching the graspings of the mind
5.10 Grasping is the nature of the mind
5.11 Which state of perception is the altered one?
5.12 Atlantean climax
5.13 Eye contact, full technique: the triple process of vision,
including the vision of the heart

Chapter 6 – Channel Release 2
6.1 The work on the etheric body
6.2 Zu shao yang, ‘Gallbladder’ Meridian
6.3 The full technique of channel release on a meridian
6.4 Variation without rubbing
6.5 The sound of the vibration
6.6 Zu tai yang, ‘Urinary Bladder’ Meridian
6.7 The cosmos in your hands
6.8 Gestures of energy
6.9 The energy between your hands
6.10 Cosmic antenna
6.11 Ribcage practice
6.12 Zu yang ming, ‘Stomach’ Meridian
6.13 Jnāna-mudrā and the energy in the lungs

Chapter 7 – Seeing (2)
7.1 The use of darkness
7.2 Use more candles and oil lamps, less electricity
7.3 In quest of the ultimate wall rendering
7.4 The white shawl
7.5 The basic technique for seeing an aura
7.6 Where exactly should you look while doing eye contact?
7.7 Channel release from time to time
7.8 Working on auras
7.9 Aura testing
7.10 Vata, pitta, kapha
7.11 Trans-verbal communication
7.12 More about seeingness
7.13 Intermezzo: which eye are you?
7.14 The yes/yes technique


posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 03:53 AM
Chapter 8 – Practices on the Etheric Body
8.1 The etheric layer as a whole
8.2 The life ether
8.3 Exploring different qualities of the etheric
8.4 Exploring the limits
8.5 Exploring the circulations of the etheric
8.6 The etheric vibration outside your body
8.7 Vibration meals
8.8 The vibration in your bath
8.9 Etheric excretion at the end of a bath
8.10 Loo practice
8.11 Releasing into the earth
8.12 Tree hugging
8.13 Crying
8.14 Sucking the citrus
8.15 Yawning
8.16 The right side of the ring
8.17 A note about wrist watches

Chapter 9 – Awareness
9.1 Centredness through vigilance in the eye
9.2 Inner alchemy
9.3 Permanence in the eye
9.4 The harvest of permanence
9.5 Practice
9.6 Practice
9.7 Practice
9.8 Test
9.9 Intermezzo: changes in vision
9.10 The eye-heart awareness
9.11 When to start?

Chapter 10 – A Few Experiences on the Way
10.1 Tingling in various body parts
10.2 Let things come and go
10.3 If a meditation experience becomes too intense...
10.4 Feeling vibration higher up than between the eyebrows
10.5 Feeling heat
10.6 The breath stops
10.7 The pressure in the eye becomes uncomfortable
10.8 Controlling headaches
10.9 Other possible causes of headaches
10.10 Dizziness
10.11 Getting fed-up or emotional
10.12 Hearing sounds
10.13 When there is no energy, the energy is somewhere else!
10.14 After sattva: tamas. To fight tamas: rajas.

Chapter 11 – The Art of Tuning In
11.1 Tuning in
11.2 Drinking colours
11.3 Flowers, plants and elemental beings
11.4 Fighting mental rigidity
11.5 Trees
11.6 Practice
11.7 Sexually-related feelings
11.8 You are what you eat
11.9 A few suggestions on how to communicate with angels
Chapter 12 – Ley Lines, Earth Lines and Energy Wells
12.1 The first reflex whenever you hear cancer
12.2 Commonly observed facts about the lines
12.3 Ley lines and earth lines
12.4 What are these lines?
12.5 Energy wells
12.6 Lines and spiritual practice
12.7 Dowsing the lines: the gear
12.8 Learning the eye-belly attitude for dowsing
12.9 Dowsing technique
12.10 Dowsing the lines: do's and don'ts
12.11 The belly signal
12.12 Feeling the lines without rods
12.13 Seeing the lines
12.14 The aura of the dowser
12.15 Diagnosing geopathic stress
12.16 Finding energy wells
12.17 Can one neutralise noxious earth lines?
12.18 A geography of enlightenment

Chapter 13 – Night Practice 1: Theoretical Aspects
13.1 Critical times
13.2 Initiatory death and the mystery of the threshold
13.3 Sleep and subtle bodies
13.4 Angels and the chiselling of the organs of clairvoyance
13.5 Night practice and the etheric body
13.6 Night practice and awareness in the eye (1)
13.7 Third eye flaring – a possible experience
13.8 Night practice and awareness in the eye (2)
13.9 Allow enough normal sleep

Chapter 14 – Night Practice 2: Instructions for the
14.1 If you are reading the instructions for friends
14.2 If you do not have much time

Chapter 15 – Night Practice 3: The Whys and Hows of
the Technique
15.1 Preparation
15.2 Phase 1: exhaling
15.3 Phase 2a: circulating in the body parts
15.4 Phase 2b: awareness and seeingness of the organs
15.5 Phase 3: awareness of the breath and countdowns
15.6 Phase 3c: vibration in the nose while inhaling
15.7 Phase 4
15.8 Phase 5: recalling the images of the day
15.9 Phase 6: spontaneous images
15.10 Experiences during night practice
15.11 Taking the night at both ends
15.12 Morning sharing
15.13 A symbol used as a bridge
15.14 Keep recalling your dreams across the buffer zone
15.15 Use the memory of the third eye
15.16 If you can never remember anything
15.17 Variation for acupuncturists

Chapter 16 – Complementary Techniques
16.1 Neti
16.2 The use of rhythms
16.3 Fasting for openings
16.4 Proper management of sexual energies
16.5 Vaccinations
16.6 Telephone
16.7 Moxas on bai hui (Governor 20)
16.8 Pony tail
16.9 Blind walking


posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 03:53 AM
Chapter 17 – Protection
Protection level 1: Reinforcing the structure
17.1 Simple things first
17.2 Get enough sleep and rest
17.3 The right diet
17.4 The right physical exercise
17.5 Be happy!
17.6 Alcohol and spiritual work – a dangerous mixture
Protection level 2: Correct management of energies
17.7 Choose your colours
17.8 Find your spot
17.9 How to purify a room
17.10 Work in harmony with the Moon cycle
17.11 Frequent use of running water
17.12 Releasing energies into the elements

Chapter 18 – Protection: Sealing the Aura (1)
18.1 The fight or flight reaction
18.2 Sealing the aura: why and when
18.3 Opening and closing the aura, introductory practice
18.4 Protection through being in the eye
18.5 The will centre
18.6 Practice
18.7 Eye-belly awareness
18.8 Walking from the belly
18.9 Stimulating the fire

Chapter 19 – Baby Work
19.1 The aura of a pregnant woman
19.2 The aura of a newborn baby
19.3 Babies are very aware in their eye
19.4 Watching baby fall asleep
19.5 Your baby as a meditation teacher
19.6 A few words to the travellers
19.7 How long does it last?
19.8 The fabulous babies

Chapter 20 – Protection: Sealing the Aura (2)
20.1 Where are you speaking from?
20.2 Speaking from different levels
20.3 What if you have to display authority?
20.4 The eye-belly power
20.5 Inhaling/exhaling
20.6 Closing the aura through deep exhalation
20.7 Drawing energy in and out
20.8 Exhaling when facing a crowd
20.9 The same protection using normal breathing
20.10 Sealing the aura
20.11 Practice
20.12 What if nothing works?
20.13 Permanent awareness in the will centre
20.14 Continual abdominal breathing
20.15 Stambhāsana
20.16 Practice

Chapter 21 – There Is No Real Protection But the Power
of Truth
21.1 Power of Truth

Chapter 22 – Glimpses of What Comes Next
22.1 ISIS, the Clairvision techniques of regression
22.2 The vision of thought forms
22.3 The transformation of thinking
22.4 The quest for the Grail

Appendix 1: Paths of the Meridians
Gallbladder, Urinary Bladder, and Stomach Meridians

posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 08:20 AM
I gave this a try lastnight, but unfortunately didn't get much out of it.

Doing as suggested, there was no light to focus on, when pressure to the eye/eye lids was stopped, i was able to focus on a small square full of a rainbow of colours, but this is something i've always been aware of.

When i shut my eyes, my center of focus is a perfect square, very small, with a mixture of moving colours in it, but like i briefly mentioned, i've always been able to see that, so didn't take much notice.

Perhaps, like meditation, i need to concentrate more.

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 04:32 AM
reply to post by borrowedname

I'm very impressed with the pdf-book you provided, it has many exercises that can be effective if practiced/tapped into. The key if anything for people is finding an exercise simplified that they can be relaxed with and continue doing on a regular basis. Everyone differing on exercise/level and experience, the ultimate goal is making that connection with your higher consciousness/self. Thanks for sharing and I hope others will take the time to download and read it.

Best Wishes!

posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 11:55 AM
Just want to review information here.

I am seeing the light just by closing my eyes, shutting out the input, sight gives to the brain. I can do this while ie. driving my car (it only takes a second or two), so I am able to go into this state while thinking and performing actions in 3D.

When I drive, I use this to avoid potential disasters.

When I saw (in 2005) what was headed our way, I had a hard time accepting what I saw as being reality. The routine exercises I have done since 1980, have given me confidence in that what I saw heading in our direction is to not be taken lightly.

Good exercise for any one wanting a bit of in-sight.

posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 12:52 AM
reply to post by win 52
hi! what was that you saw? and how did you? ..if you don't mind..=)

posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 01:35 AM
Thanks. I'll give this a try. I felt once in my life that I could connect but haven't since. We'll see. Thanks, again.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 12:19 PM

Originally posted by eathis
edit to add; i've learnt to relax my eyelids without the muscles spasming

Could you please tell us how you did that? My eyes/eyelids just will NOT relax.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 12:49 PM
I'm so sceptical of this. I used to do this in high school when I was bored. My fascination with this started after doing more than my share of acid. I'm just curious why anyone would want to see in the 3rd eye?

For me, after experimenting with OBE, ego death and such I realized that nothing good ever seemed to come from this. I came to a point that I can see through my 3rd eye at will even now as I type this. I just wish I never learned how.

It has not enlightened me nor helped cure any sort of sickness.

It's always seemed to me that people are trying to access what your brain is (for a very good reason) not letting in. For example, would you really care to see all the radio signals being shot around? They are all around you but your brain doesn't let you see them. There is a good reason for that.

Now all you 3rd eyers out there, what good can come of it? Please don't tell me higher level of consciousness. I believe it's a lower level of consciousness. Hell even Dr Sagan in his book tells us to learn of babies! Should we also suck our thumbs and fall down stairs?

Just my thoughts

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 02:02 PM
reply to post by Kargun

I don't know. Sometimes it scares me more than anything and other times I want in, I want to explore the unknown, open creativity, discover something new. I seem to titter back and forth on this fence.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 02:12 PM
reply to post by katnes

I think the web site pole shift 2011 gives a pretty good interpretation of what we can expect.

There was also full E/T disclosure taking place as those events began to un-fold.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 02:14 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Wonderful. Thank you for this thread, I will do this today. I notice you mentioned the spot between your eyes (eyebrows?) and said that while this was not the third eye....

My question is about that spot, and others, I call them toggle spots, or psi switches. I notice there are several areas that seemed to be psi related. The slight tender buldge just ahead of your ears, the soft spots in the temple, the are between the eyebrows, along the hairline, and many places in the right hemisphere. And there is even a "wrinkling" that takes place.

Do these other spots interplay with your third eye? Does activation, or further deepening an already activated third eye further more activations? Are there any further excercises that would help activate someone's gifts more fully?

Thanks again for this terrific thread.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 02:29 PM
reply to post by SeeingBlue

It depends on what you are looking for.

If you are using this in your daily walk, it can save you endless years of frustration. The bottom line is that your walk is pre-determined. Using this ability to see where you are walking, you can also see where the various paths lead. This will help you stay on your learning curve. You will find that no matter which path you take, you will end up at the same place, merely closer to your destination. The journey on some of those paths are not as plesant as the journey on other paths. This will show up in how you look and feel at various stages in your life.

It is all about what you learn during your short time on this planet. The goal is to make the best out of the situations you deal with.

Choices make up who you are, and life here is all about choices.

This is not some trip on '___'. '___' is a completely different experience. This does not take control of you like that. You control this ability.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 02:52 PM
reply to post by win 52

I just said my curiousity started with '___' use. I then tried about every type of drug to further my experience. I got into meditation very deeply. I abandoned all drug use while still trying to "reach a higher level" You name it, i've tried it. Sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, mountain meditation while on a month fast.

After experiencing prolonged ego death and being outside of time I realized that this was not a higher state. It was a state of mental retardation. I seemed to have shut of very important parts of my functioning brain.

I understand now that this might seem fun to someone who is young and wants to experiment but from my own experiences I wish I could un learn all I have seen and felt.

Also what the OP is teaching you is how to make a Phosphene. Fun for fooling around but I don't see how this opens his 3rd eye. Once you have opened your 3rd eye I can maybe see this working but before that, not a chance.

P.S. I've never been able to close my 3rd eye. Not truely. It's always there like a nagging headace.

[edit on 3-12-2009 by Kargun]

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 03:06 PM
reply to post by Kargun

Thanks for that.

I guess I may only be peeking out vrs. open wide.

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 09:32 AM

Originally posted by Allyson
This is one technique that worked in an amazing way...

Just in case nobody thanked you for your post yet, thank you! I'm going to try this visualization soon
All the weird unique ones I think up don't really make all that much sense..

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 04:37 PM

Originally posted by win 52
Just want to review information here.

I am seeing the light just by closing my eyes, shutting out the input, sight gives to the brain. I can do this while ie. driving my car (it only takes a second or two), so I am able to go into this state while thinking and performing actions in 3D.

When I drive, I use this to avoid potential disasters.

When I saw (in 2005) what was headed our way, I had a hard time accepting what I saw as being reality. The routine exercises I have done since 1980, have given me confidence in that what I saw heading in our direction is to not be taken lightly.

Good exercise for any one wanting a bit of in-sight.

Yes, this is similar to me. I've tried with eyes open and a blankie, but no matter how I do its best with a blinder and eyes closed. And what is in the center, its like a splattering of fine dots in a mist, today. And it is moving, spinning. I had no idea if this was the right way. Should I make any adjustments. Also, to what purpose does this lead, is there something that happens next, or do I simply hold that for 20 minutes.

I'm a little confused by this.

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 08:38 PM
I used to do this while i was a child too, the dots and colours amazed me, though i also saw lightning bolts which i loved the most to do, i'd do what you said only untill the lightning bolts started to appear then i'd open my eyes and see the flashes of lightning around the room when i quickly move my eyes around... i never thought about focusing on a certain point like you say to do, i think i will try this in a little while when i go to bed.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 02:24 PM
I scanned through this thread yesterday and didn't think much of it, and thought that I should give it a try someday.

Last night I had an intense dream that incorporated this technique. I was in a void, and began the exercises as you stated. The universe came into focus, then a single bright point that soon began to spiral in a type of repeating fractal pattern. From there I zoomed into it and found myself seeing a tear in space time and I navigated into this tear and at that moment is where my dream became ultra vivid.

I suddenly woke up in about 5 different bodies. It really is hard to explain. I woke up in the real world, but at the same time I was in my body in parallel universes or other realities. I was so disoriented and it felt like I was being pushed out of those bodies and ultimately I slammed back into my body here, in this reality. When I did get back into my body I found myself partially awake but laying down, but my vision had shifted 90 degrees to the left, and it slowly shifted back, while I was lying on my bed.

Any ideas? I posted here because it was the first thing I thought of when I awoke this morning, that it was this thread that somehow caused the dream or astral or interdimensional experience.

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