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The computer retail conspiracy. (my theory).

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posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 08:46 AM

Which? is a leading consumer magazine in the UK, and I tend to beleive what they say for most of the time.

This article says it all.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 07:13 PM
I just want to commiserate and give another kick to PC World.

They've got huge shops but if you actually want to buy a computer they don't have the one you want in stock. It's always at another branch.

I walked into one of their branches once with a friend and my dog - they looked at us like we were Bonnie and Clyde and said we couldn't bring the dog in.

Then another time when I did actually manage to buy something there the girl on the till acted as if she hated me. Wouldn't even look at me and did everything she could to not acknowledge my presence.

And the sales staff are really snotty - if you say you want to buy a computer they look at you in disbelief. Well, what do they think you go in there for? And they make it quite plain that they don't like dealing with the likes of you - regardless of the fact that it is your custom that is keeping them in a job.

I hope all your troubles are resolved now and thanks for giving me the chance to rant with you
Oh, and don't get me started on Dixons.........

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 07:45 PM
reply to post by The Chez

Wow, I'm glad I do my own PC repair lol.

Cannot boot from disk usually means the OS files or boot sector got corrupted. If it's just the boot sector then you can fix this with a simple command if you have a Windows disk or just reinstall the OS. However, most retail outlets don't give you the stupid OS disk anymore or even a restore disk. Because they're evil and it's a conspiracy.

Your case sounds like it may be another rare problem that I see sometimes and most people would never even think about this.

The reason your boot sect got corrupted is because the HD went bad. Also, telling is that your graphics card AND your HD went bad AND they replaced the graphics card. This gives me a lot of info.

You might have a power problem. Most retail computers come with very cheap low power, power supplies. Typically these power supplies are already border line defective the day you get the computer.

However, most retail computers also have cheap onboard graphics (no actual card, built into the mother board) and so it's fine because these cheap onboard graphics don't use any power.

When you said they replaced the graphics card and not the motherboard that would lead me to believe you have an actual graphics CARD. Not built in. This could be your problem. The actual cards that you can remove and swap use CRAP LOADS of power.

As an example. This computer I'm on came with about a 250 power supply. I put the graphics card in myself. However, the graphics card requires about 500 to 550 watts of power to feed it. This is what most people don't know. When you put a graphics card in, you gotta upgrade your power supply. So I had to also put in a 600 watt PSU along with the graphics card I put in. Just to be sure.

Some retail outlets though will just sell a computer with an upgraded card in it and advertise it as having an awesome video card, but it still comes with the same old cheap PSU that isn't putting out enough power.

What this will do is strain the PSU and basically surge everything in the computer over and over. The HD, and graphics card are operating underpowered and eventually they'll just stop working. Or sometimes, just sometimes, the PSU will go up in a fiery ball of sparks. Which is awesome for about 10 minutes until you realize what you've done.

If you have a defective PSU that isn't putting out enough power what you would expect to see is multiple HD, graphics card, MOBO, and RAM failures over and over and over. No matter how many times you replace them they seem to go bad gain. But it's really the PSU

Then again, I can't be sure without looking at it. It may very well have just been a defective graphics card and a defective HD. After all, the bigger hard drives go bad a lot more.

But when both go bad at the same time it's usually a sign.

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