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EDITORIAL: False reports about guns

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posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 09:25 PM
MSM actually giving the facts in the proper context!?
No the media is trying to inflame the people. Misrepresenting facts to outrage people is becoming more and more common. On the plus side more and more people are starting to notice.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 09:45 PM
Liberal anti gun media, is doing their best to collectively give law abiding gun owners a massive national wedgie...until they finally retaliate.

I agree that we have a huge problem with killings and gun related violence in the USA. However, if the legal system would fully prosecute the offenders, and up hold all the laws on the books that apply to gun violence, then perhaps the problems would lessen.

The answer isn't isn't disarming the nation, making it defenseless against tyranny and rampant political thuggery. Which is exactly what will happen, if you cannot defend yourself against it.

Isn't it interesting that every Israeli Jewish household is issued a firearm, and then trained how to use it. Yet, no Palestinian can own a gun. All they are allowed are sticks and stones. And they wonder why there is no peace in Jerusalem.

"First they came and took all the guns away. I didn't worry, cause I didn't own a gun.
Then they came for me, and I didn't have any way to defend myself, and was taken away."

There will never be a world without murders or killings. Humans are mean nasty bastards, and will stab a sharpened stick into your heart, if they really want to kill gun needed. Kumbaya Utopia will never exist.

The one weapon that has proven itself to have the greatest defensive ability for the average citizen, is the fire arm. A slingshot just doesn't cut it!

There is going to be an all assault against the legal USA gun owner. Believe it, and get ready for it.

The wetting and crapping their pants, cry baby anti gun liberals want to impose their idiotic thinking on everyone else. They wouldn't defend themselves or their loved ones, even if you were killing them. They are pacifistic wimps. They deserve the horrible fate they make for themselves.

As for the rest of us, we practice our aim and accuracy with deadly results!
Don't screw with us!

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 09:57 PM
reply to post by projectvxn

I am all for a revolution, bloody or not. But it has to be a popular revolt, one that all Americans will see. So long as this false paradigm is allowed to continue to infest our way of thinking, I'm afraid the only thing that will happen is civil war.

And I will stop that from happening if I can.

I made some suggestion on how to do something constructive on two other ATS threads ATS-1 and ATS-2

Protest will not work. The mass media was subverted by 1970. There was false reporting on the Kent state riot (my boy friend was there) and the riot at my school made national headlines but never occurred.

We need a common ground (the Fed) and the realization we have a common enemy (the Fed) and there is something we CAN do - Throw the whole Congress out and install a third Party.

I realize everyone will scream at the next suggestion but listen to my reasons first.
I have decided to support the Libertarian party.

#1 They know about the Fed and hate it - that is the BIGGY

#2 They are a registered party in most states

#3 They honor the Constitution - you know freedom to protest, freedom of speech.

#4 Yes they are pro Capitalism BUT they hate Corporatism the unholy mating of government and multinational Corporations we have now. they are for SMALL business.

#5 They want us OUT of foreign wars, OUT of the World Trade Organization & NAFTA

$6 They are well aware you can not yank our social services programs out from under people so they are much more likely to put in a system to actually help people get off the dole instead of keeping them on it.

If left wingers would not go ballistic at the mention of the name, and thought about it. I think a reasonable platform that appeals to everyone could be worked out. And of all the parties I can not see the Libertarians getting in bed with the FED. The democrats and republicans are definitely in bed with the Fed, the Green Party was probably STARTED by the Fed bankers to attract the young politically active types who want to "protest the establishment", so that leaves the Libertarians.

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