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Time Traveler named: Future

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posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 12:42 PM
A: Future, but is it not true, for any form of time travel to be possible, the time machine of whatever was being sent back and forth would have to be turned on at or before this time, or else it would be a paradox, since you cant go back in the past if there is nothing to recieve you or your "photons". So where is this time machine like thing that is activated as we speak?

FG: No, it isn't. The 'machine' sent back in time to send information back to the present is the stream of entangled photons/electrons. As one half of each entangled pair is kept in the present they can be monitored, and changes to their properties are the form that returned communication takes.

A: When does this war begin?

FG: 2016, by our history books. The riots really exploded into a 'war' when the CNPA candidate lost to Jim Maynard, a gay atheist. A couple of you jokers have threatened to contact right wing television personalities and get the war started sooner. But then I doubt they were serious.

A: What is life like for the outsiders?

FG: Well if you'd asked me when I was younger I would have told you that they live like cavemen. But I saw things in New Jerusalem that expanded my horizons a bit. They're more clever than I gave them credit for. Any technology they have is either stolen from derailed PRTs or recovered from grown-over remains of suburbs, so it isn't as though they manufacture anything original, but neither do they live in huts beneath the jungle canopy and hunt with spears and rocks, as I was taught growing up. Most seem to survive the conditions outside by living in colonized mines, or abandoned missile silos, that sort of thing. They seem to set up camp wherever they can get out of the heat.

A: you can't name five or ten major events of the last hundred years?
even the dumbest people of our time could identify the major events of the 20th century

FG: I never said that! You asked me "what is going to happen where and exactly when". That's a huge question, and very different from "Name a few notable historical events" which of course I'd be glad to.

~The formation of the CNPA
~The chridom civil war
~The postwar cleanup period
~The commercialization of coldsleep
~The passage of the GBI bill
~The construction of autolabor compounds
~The mass migration into cohabs

A: OP, when was the ability to send messages to a past date discovered?

FG: Sometime after ARPANET was switched on, I imagine. Although I doubt they told the public about it.

A: can you draw up a vague timeline of major events from our time to yours? then if people ask stuff you have already explained, we can just post the pic

also do it in the terminator font.

FG: I can't send pictures. It takes forever to send text as it is. I can only tag pictures already hosted somewhere in the period I'm posting to and reference them.

A: What happens to Australia?
Does our Navy stay awesome?

FG: You nearly enter naval war with China, actually. Australia is the testbed for some of the first experimental autolabor compounds, a collaborative project that involves Google, Kiva, and ABB-Yaskawa. Automated labor scared China as Australia was flooding the international market with high quality consumer electronics at prices it couldn't compete with. The deleterious effects on China's economy eventually led to a standoff between the Chinese navy and UN peacekeeping forces off the northern coast of Australia. The UN oversaw the construction of cutting edge purpose built habs and autolabor facilities in China, the idea being that they could study the designs and produce their own. War was averted and the standard of living for the average Chinese citizen skyrocketed over the next few decades.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 12:44 PM
A; Well seeing that it took you about two minutes to reply to this post:
I'm calling BS

FG: I don't grasp your meaning. It's going to take me some time to reply as I have to review everyone's questions and answer them as briefly as possible so that I don't miss anyone's, which I usually still do. We're still only human in 2104, bro.

A: When did THIS happen?

FG: ARPANET was switched on sometime in the late 1960s I believe.

A: Is 9/11 ever revealed to be an inside job, or are the conspiracy theories dis-proven?

FG: The twin towers attacks? 2001? I learned they were carried out by Muslim extremists. Not so different from outsiders.

A: Are there any movies from our era that are considered classics that people still enjoy?

What about music, anything from our time you guys listen to?

New genres of music/movies?

FG: 1. I could probably turn up a few on the legacy film store. None come to mind, though.

2. Original rock is inspired by rock from the oughts on through the late 30s.

3. New genres include viewpoint, empathetic, original rock, opera, spectral and some people like singularian hymns. All of it's recorded and played back in synchro.

Sorry I can't always get to everyone's questions. Try not to be greedy and ask a ton of questions in one post as it makes me more likely to skim over it.

A: How come no others claim to be from your time period on the internet? how come this isn't something you're telling our generation how to do, so we too can do these things?

when the so called "future events" do not happen, nobody will remember this to think "THAT GUYS A PHONY"

it just so happens there's no way to prove you are from the future too.

FG: You probably talk to ETP posters all the time. How would you know? Often they don't admit to it because they wind up being bombarded with questions and angry skeptics.

A: So what happens to the muslim extremists of the world I would think that would be the biggest clash in the future is a clash between these 'outsiders' who seem to be composed of right wing extremists and christian fundamentalists and muslim extremists

FG: The middle east has been reduced to a handful of UN built habs in which the remaining Jews and Arabs live. It's no longer possible to live outside of a hab that close to the equator so those who refused to move into the habs either migrated north or died.

A: So you're saying that the government can already send messages back in time? Do they use MILNET did ARPANET just kick off their research?

FG: No, I'm saying they almost certainly receives messages from the future. Not necessarily from anyone who would admit it, but given the limited size of ARPANET it couldn't have been difficult to figure out that something unusual was going on when the number of users on it was many times the number of computers that it connected.

A: explain spectral and singularian hymns please

FG: Spectral music can be pretty varied but all of it is designed for use with an impressor. Before impressors were affordable, the genre was built around what was already known about how music could have psychosomatic influence

You can hear popular Singularian hymns in any Singularian church, typically about the imminent singularity and the gentle wisdom of Kurzweil. I find Singularians mildly creepy myself, mostly because of their compulsive self-modification with hard prosthetics rather than the organic replacements a normal person would prefer.

A: So who primarily contacts our government or the government of the past? Is it the US government of the future? Corporations? Evil geniuses who want to change the past?

FG: I don't know

A: What caused global warming now that greenhouse gases have been debunked as relevant?

FG: Debunked? I learned about greenhouse gases and their contribution to global climate change back in formative. Do you mean to say that you think they have nothing to do with it? Did you go to some kind of religious school?

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 12:45 PM
A: OP what is the best movie of the 21st century?
it's Watchmen, isn't it?

FG: Voliva's Ambition. According to critics anyway. After having to watch it for class assignments so many times I'm pretty sick of it. The last good filmapp I saw was Stephano's Room.

A: How can we stop the CNPA from being founded? What signs will indicate it's foundation?

FG: Well, there are a couple ways you could go about it. The historical consensus is that the formation of the CNPA resulted from the frustration and disaffection of America's religiopolitical right following three elections lost to candidates that represented everything they opposed; feminism, liberalism, nonwhite races and atheism. Obama has already been elected, but if you can somehow prevent the passage of the bill that lowers the minimum age for presidential eligibility, Chelsea won't be able to run. Alternatively you could involve Jim Maynard in some kind of career destroying scandal that would prevent him from running in 2016.

The CNPA emerges as a political party following a series of popular nationwide rallies organized as a joint effort between the Christian Battlecry youth organization and Joel's Army, a similar religious youth movement. The identifying uniform that their members wear consists of a red button up shirt, black slacks, a black faux leather sabre belt, a short black tie, surplus police boots, and a black cross with a gold trim sewn onto their left breast pocket.

A: >gentle wisdom of Kurzweil
>implying that hack of an SF writer could be described in any sense as ''wise''

FG: I didn't. That's the sort of thing their hymns are about. I'm not a singularian, and I've already said that I don't care for them.

A: is all of this conspiracy theory BS true, or are people just that stupid?

FG: Could you be more specific? I don't know much about which specific conspiracy theories were predominant in '09 beyond what I've seen some of you mention.

A: PROTIP: if you want to work on world building, don't start an ASK ME ANYTHING thread, because it'll spoil the illusion when they ask about the future of something you don't know anything about, and you're forced to either make things up or ignore every impossible-to-answer question.
Also, mentioning things like "THE GOLDSBERG-HEISMAN EFFECT" or "THE A.T.Q. EFFORT" is amateurish stuff that makes your character sound like a moron who doesn't realize that people won't understand acronyms for things that don't exist yet.

FG: I don't know how to respond to this. You're talking to me as though I'm making this up. I'm not. The reason I can't answer literally every question is because I'm not omniscient. Simply being born later than you doesn't give me perfect knowledge of history.

A: Except you'd need an amendment, not a bill, to lower the age to run for President. You're too good to mess up on small fry stuff like that Futurebro.

FG: When you make those sorts of mistakes, does it prove that you're not really from 2009? Or rather, that you are an ordinary person who makes mistakes?

A: These autolabor camps or whatever they are, have they basically eliminated the need for currency? Are you in Star Trek-esque future where currency of any form no longer exists?

FG: Currency still exists, mainly as a means of restraining consumption so that it never overwhelms production capacity. But that currency is paid out in the form of a monthly stipend whether you work or not. Everyone's entitled to their share of robot productivity thanks to the GBI bill.

A: how long have you been posting for?
from our perspective, you have been posting for over a year, but is it possible you have made all of those posts in a single evening of your time?

FG: The opposite actually, I've been posting here on and off since '93. That's 11 years. I hadn't even graduated yet when I started.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 12:46 PM
reply to post by TheOneElectric

To be honest any guy with the name "Future" in his name, is just asking for trouble! Especially if he actually writes something about being in / from the future!

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 12:46 PM
A: you havn't explained the GBI bill yet. someone asked earlier. if you dont want to explain it, stop referencing to it

FG: I am being questioned by many people at once. When I don't get to yours it isn't because I'm ignoring you, it's because it got lost in the deluge. I'll answer it now.

The Guaranteed Basic Income bill entitles every legal resident of a state to dividends on the industrial exploitation of the resources of their state. It was patterned after the Alaskan Permanent Fund, which was written into law well before you were born. It's basically just the affirmation that every citizen owns some proportional quantity of the natural resources of their state. When most American industry had been automated, everyone was finally able to live entirely off the productivity of those machines.

A: okay, here is my advice to aid you in effectively answering questions from us in the past.
-just copy and paste encyclopedia articles about "significant events of the twenty-first century" or what have you instead of only answering questions you know the answers to off of the top of your head, we won't be heart-broken by the lack of a personal touch.
-don't use acronyms which have no meaning to us or make passing references to events as if we have detailed knowledge of them, you moron, do I need to spell this out? I thought we were supposed to be smarter in the future.

FG: Oh sure, I'll just log onto habnet and....oh right! I'm a soldier! I live in an aerostat currently set down in the middle of the wilderness! How exactly do I get on habnet when the nearest hab is hundreds of miles away? The only towers out here (including the one I'm leeching off of right now) carry ETP and solarnet only, and most of that traffic is military.

A: Describe an event from late 2009
dude it's 3 in the morning, I want to go to sleep so hurry up and answer.

FG: I can't. No access to habnet. Feel free to conclude that I am a fraud. Hopefully that determination won't destroy the thread and everyone else will still be able to enjoy it.

A: futureguy: how much time has elapsed for you since last night's update? What percent of monthly income does an ETP session cost?

FG: 5 days. We're just out of New Hampshire and the next spot we set down will be....close to Boston, actually. Hadn't given that any thought until now. I dunno how I feel about it.

A: I can send text back, but not pictures, because pictures are a super speshul kind of ones and zeroes and yeah basically I put no effort into my world building.

FG: Take it up with ETP. No pictures allowed. I don't know why. I could try to sneak some through as binary strings or something but it'd probably get picked up by the parser as they're used to tactics like that.

A: Futureguy how wide are Siane's hips

FG: Last time I saw her? About 80 centimeters I'd guess. I mean, she is pregnant.

A: If you can get on 2009 4chan, why couldn't you log onto a mid-21st century online encyclopedia?

FG: I could. I'd have to end this session, wait for a new one to become available in that period, reserve that session, wait for it to begin, look up the info, end the session, and so on. Unless you have premium service you can only have one session open at a time and it must all take place over a contiguous stretch of somewhere between 2 and 24 hours.

A: see here's the thing buddy, you told us above that you have access to a 'luxury service' ETP that lets your internet GO BACK IN TIME. And now you're gonna tell me you don't have access to a simple future encyclopedia, or sometype of future text that you could cut and paste to prove that this isn't just BS?

FG: Then don't believe me. But also, try not to spoil my threads.



FG: It's a limitation of the service, not of the "computers" that make use of it.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 12:48 PM
A: Hey listen, Futureguy, I know you're not an expert on 2009 history but you must have google or a comparative type of search engine that you could search and FIND an event that happened in 2009. C'mon tell us something that happens tomorrow or in a week or else you're full of it.

Example: I don't know about what happened in 1909 but a simple google search turns up:

September 1, 1909 (Wednesday) Baguio City was incorporated. At an elevation of 5,100 ft. (1,500m), the city's cool temperatures made it the "Summer Capital of the Philippines". The American Governor-General resided there during Manila's hottest months.

That's a simple verifiable fact

FG: I can't remember anything notable in 2009 off the top of my head, okay? I gave a lot of very specific information in past threads, if you're so fixated on whether or not I'm actually from the future that you can't just enjoy the thread, ask someone who has them archived to share it with you and look it up.

A: (asks about an intimate moment with FG’s wife)

FG: That'd be during my vacation on Island 8, where we met. I wrote pretty descriptive stuff about it in the journal I was keeping at the time. Against my better judgement I shared much of it with you guys, although that was ages ago. Siane did get a look at it and didn't stop teasing me for ages, but to the best of my knowledge she doesn't know that anyone else besides her has read it. I'd rather she not find out.

A: FutureGuy, new to the thread.

Is it possible for you to talk to yourself in a thread from two different points in time? FutureGuy Young and FutureGuy Just A Bit Older?

FG: No, They don't let you reserve new sessions that overlap your old ones.

A: FutureGUY: I asked this earlier, and would really appreciate if you answer these questions. They are very big worries/fascinations of mine.

What happens in regards to nuclear warfare between 2009 and your time?

What is the latest someone has contacted your time using similar technology? What did they say? Anything about impending disasters?

FG: During the chridom civil war, a nuclear silo is captured and there's an attempted ICBM strike on Israel. It's shot down by our own defensive network in the boost phase.

A: Futureguy! Please tell me what advancements are going to take place in the field of neuroscience. Scientists are already saying that in 40 years we could be implanting memories.

FG: I suppose you'd probably be amazed by impressors, or by pilots.

Impressors and pilots are both types of EEG derived headsets that both monitor and manipulate brain activity electromagnetically. Some filmapps, some kinds of music, most traditional art and plenty of game apps use impressors to mess with your emotional state or forcibly suspend your disbelief so you think that you're somewhere else and that the game is happening to you, that sort of thing.

A pilot is a fitness aid, it's worn on the head and neck and it manipulates the motor control centers of your brain. You pass out, and it takes your body through the motions of a thorough workout lasting several hours. When you wake up you hurt all over, but after a few months you're in pretty much perfect shape. After that you can just go on tabs to avoid gaining the weight back and eat whatever you like. I understand that dieting was a bigger deal before tabs though.

A: futureguy: why did you choose to communicate with 2009 rather than 2008, 1999, 2048, 2090?

FG: I started posting to just before the election of Barack Obama. As I recall I was met with a great deal of hostility when I mentioned that he'd win. It's weird how quickly people turn against you when they catch the slightest scent of political disagreement. Anyways the election was of historical importance as it set off a string of proto-CNPA riots at political meetings nationwide, and I wanted to find out how people were reacting as it happened.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 12:49 PM
A: how about the beginning of major economic collapse?

FG: Sure. During the postwar cleanup (2017) the economy was in terrible shape, and the GBI legislation was opposed on those grounds. It placed an additional tax burden on American corporations that the remaining political right argued would make them uncompetitive internationally. It did, too. It was nearly repealed until autolabor saved it. GBI didn't really work without autolabor.

Living in them is one of the few things that the average person can't afford. It's mostly hab management types. Beautiful weather, clean air and traditional city streets where collectors drive their vintage manual autos. I've only visited (field trips) but I don't know anyone who wouldn't pick up and move there if they could afford to.

A: you still didn't explain your debunking

FG: I'm not limited to thise page and I never suggested I was. I'm limited to posting within a single, contiguous 8 hour stretch.

Don't mistake your misunderstandings for debunkings.

A: You know, I think I remember you mentioning in a previous thread that the rapid warming effect is showing signs of ending. Is that true or is it completely permanent?

FG: It'll take centuries for the atmopshere to heal, but yeah, the good word is that the RWE has begun to plateau.

A: proto-CNPA riots at political meetings nationwide

Are these called town halls in our time?

FG: I don't know. Sounds about right. A town hall is like a local political forum, right?

A: What of Antarctica? Does it finally get colonized? Under UN Jurisdiction?

FG: Russian, actually. I suppose they knew nobody would make good on their threats to intervene.

A: Hey Futureguy, I used to be in Boy Scouts when I was a kid, is that still around? Or has that ended since you can't camp outside anymore?

FG: Formative ed students often go on field trips, hiking through approved stretches of jungle. They always take coldsuits and breathers though.

A: Does this Bill Gates plan work or fail
(if you cant read the article down to space/time errors heres the tl;dr version)
Bill gates with someone else plan on lining ships up in the ocean to pump cool water up and warm water down, in return weakening hurricanes.

FG: That sounds exactly like some of the geoengineering that resulted in the RWE. If it's up for a vote, do your part to prevent it. It's beyond my comprehension that nobody pointed out how retarded that program was before the damage had already been done.

A: Is there a lot of open-air cities in northern Canada due to RWE?

FG: Yup. Ontario's one of the bigger, ritzier ones. That's where I visited when I was little.

A: What is the average life expectancy for an American in your time?

FG: Well over 100, although supposedly with all of the best treatments and tabs that could be nearly tripled.

A: What is a coldsuit like?

FG: Comfy. The standard issue habsec one is nicer than any I've worn before but there isn't that much of a feature gap, it's mainly the materials.

A decent coldsuit is usually white, made of a fabric that looks a bit quilted due to the crisscrossing coolant tubes sewn into it. The entire thing is liquid cooled/heated (yes, they can keep you warm as well. I've only ever used one that way on lunarhab though) and the one I've got now pretty much washes you wear it. Seriously. It secretes cleaning agent and water in small amounts, microfibers rub it into your skin and then it sucks up all of the dirty water/cleanser and "sweats" it out through the soles.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 12:50 PM
A: I have a palm treo that I can access wikipedia on while I'm doing something else on my computer. Futureguy is debunked because there is no way that he has so much technology that video games can stream into your mind and you can post to the past but his terminal locks him into one time-span and makes it impossible to tab out. If he was a legit futureguy he'd have to have some other way to access information from his current era, even if it's as old-fashioned as calling a friend on the phone and asking them to look something up for him. The fact that he's going on and on about drastic social political events but makes no effort to post anything concrete immediately debunks him.

FG: Habnet. Hab-Net. It's an intranet, genius. There isn't exactly enormous demand for net access outside, for reasons that should be obvious. How often do you leave the hab? I mean, you can get habnet in most vacation aeriums of course but you can't get it in the middle of the wilderness. The only towers out here carry ETP/Solarnet because the military uses both. What they need ETP for I don't know, but solarnet is how they keep in touch with the orbitals and lunarhab/marshab.

A: is there a viable alternative to condoms yet?

FG: Get a dime. That way you get the benefit of fertility regulation tabs but you don't have to remember to take them. It's a little disc shaped implant that goes under your skin and administers set dosages on a schedule that you put into it from your cell.

A: You presuppose the use of satelites and he's frequently said that atmospheric conditions have drastically changed, possibly making it impossible to "phone a friend"

And obviously he can't multitask THROUGH the mechanism by which he posts here, because it works very slowly and because it is limited in its ability to ping because IT'S USING QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT TO COMMUNICATE WITH US IN THE FIRST PLACE.

FG: I don't know how much the atmosphere has to do with it. The explanation I got when I asked Eric about it a year ago is that it's all the stuff on the roofs of habs (solar stirling dishes, traditional panels on older habs, wind turbines, etc) plus the interference from the MRC field.

A: Uh.... Oryx and Crake anyone?

Either Margaret Atwood was correct, or OP is well read.

FG: Not familiar. I've also been told that books like Player Piano, Brave New World and The World Inside describe the same kinds of things.

FG: (in regards to another user’s sketch of the time machine)
Okay, this finished loading and it's blowing my mind. All you're really missing are the helical waveguide and the plasma wakefield accelerator.

A: Give us lottery numbers.

FG: How? Suppose I lived in Montreal, Canada in October of 1946. Could you give me winning lotto numbers if I asked for them?

A: Futureguy, you should really write a book. Like seriously.

FG: Yeah, I was thinking of going back to writing once my tour of duty is over. Maybe a children's book or something.

FG: I do know the first proper hab opens in 2013 in New York. I had an ETP session for 6 hours in 2005 yesterday and I found the announcement, there were plenty of articles about it. There's also one undergoing conversion in Montreal and another in China, although I don't know if you'd see anything about those in the news by the end of 2009. The last time I looked this stuff up for you guys I found on in Edmonton, a mall that was being converted to multizone during 2010, you could keep an eye out for that.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 12:51 PM
A: I don't understand why FutureGuy would mention this Jim Maynard as a near-future President; in addition to the fact that he is radically gay, something that the majority of the country-including the black community-is simply not ready for, he is basically a nobody.

In addition, his blog seems to have been inactive for the better part of three years, and his 2006 run for Congress as a write-in candidate went nowhere. Try to find a substantive trace of him online; I'd like to see it to find out more about him, since his ascendancy would be as lulzworthy as it is unlikely.

This Jim Maynard, the darkest of dark horse candidates if there ever was one, has little to no political future. He has seven years to rise from a nobody to a President-elect; I'm not sure that such an astronomical rise has ever occurred in modern political history.

FG: You know, that's the same idea you guys had back when I first mentioned his name. I hope you realize that you'll never meet me and your future will probably be unrecognizable next to what I've described if you convince Maynard not to run.

A: who were the leaders of the large uprisings/outsiders?

who are the outsiders the decendants of?

i want to know if i have any effect on the future so, lets see...
name some names of important war heroes/villians/presidents/engineers/actors/etc from your past, my future.

also- anything i should invest in?

FG: I answered this earlier in the thread, and some time ago I swore off trying to answer personal questions for people because they'd give really common names or expect to be wealthy dictators or find out they had died during the war and get mad, that sort of thing. It just derails these threads to the point where everyone's only interested in finding out about their own lives.

A: How old do people live to be in the cohabs?

FG: When they're ready and have enough saved up, they're put into cold sleep. Siane's parents are in cold sleep, and my own are getting up on that age.

A: Have there been any "extremist groups" that call themselves Dessians?

FG: Not to my knowledge.

A: Are you totally oblivious to political history? Surely you'd realize that Reagan was the Governor of California before he ran for President. And Obama did not come out of nowhere, skin color regardless. He had a perfect political pedigree; his race and touching story of overcoming adversity was icing on the cake.

You're trying to tell me that the American public would vote on someone without any actual experience, or even an internet presence or any published works, just for the hell of it? It seems beyond unlikely.

FG: Jim Maynard was a congressman for nearly 5 years prior to his presidential campaign. If you poke around and it turns out he's doing something else, odds are one of you got to him. No skin off my nose.

A: For what purposes are they placed into Cold sleep? Seriously, are they in search for immortality in the future? Why send themselves further?

FG: Fear of death, I suppose. The afterlife isn't something most sincerely believe in although it varies slightly from hab to hab. The closest thing left to religion in the 2009 sense would be the Church of the Singularity.

A: Have any colonies been built on other planets?
How is the space program doing in general?

FG: There are two lunarhabs, soon to be three. I lived in the original lunarhab while the second one was going up, actually. There's one Marshab and another in the works.

Nearly anything not on Earth is owned by Virgin Bigelow. The own all of the ferries except one, and they own all of the orbiters that carry people to the orbital island resorts. There are two space elevators, one of which I have ridden. That's all I can think of to say. I went into greater detail in past threads, I really wish someone had held onto them.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 12:52 PM
A: >I went into greater detail in past threads, I really wish >someone had held onto them.
>I forgot the previous BS i typed.

FG: Fine, Just to make you happy.

Ferries are a sort of large scale interplanetary transport that is designed to be safe, with huge surplus supplies of air, water, food and so on in capsules bolted to external hardpoints along the superstructure. The crew compartments are closer to the front for added protection from radiation. The rear portion is taken up by the pulsed nuclear drive, which consists of a charge magazine that holds something like 800 shaped nuclear charges and a massive pusher plate that allows the vessel to ride the successive blastwaves.

An orbiter is a compact single stage ground to orbit spaceplane. It's costlier than taking the lift but it's also faster and more comfortable. I've ridden one of these as well, and prefer it to the lift.

The islands are orbital resorts built by Virgin Bigelow. I met Siane while I was on vacation at Island 8. They're usually spherical or cylindrical and typically contain all the same amenities as a hab, plus a simulated beachfront or forest set against a transparent section to give a panoramic view of the Earth, which would appear to hang overhead.

Lunarhab was pretty typical except of course that it was 90% lunarans and none of them were wearing the body braces that you normally see them wearing on Earth. I lived there briefly while working for Virgin Bigelow but had to leave due to legal/social circumstances that were out of my control.

Anything else?

A: This seems like kind of an infallible escape hatch. Not having followed your threads before, I don't know what year your earliest contact was, but Maynard seemed to have disappeared from the internet (excluding social networking sites) shortly after his unsuccessful Congressional "run" in 2006. Unless he was secretly planning some grand entrance to the political scene that angry 4channers were somehow able to derail, something doesn't add up.

FG: One man's sensible explanation is another man's sneaky escape mechanism. Depends on whether or not you go into it supposing he's a liar, and determined to expose him as one.

A: futureguy, how does it make you feel that i (along with others im sure) will do everything in our powers now to help the redshirts (lolredcoats) and stop you from being born, thus createing a paradox and melting the universe itself?

FG: Same thing I say to all the others who like the sound of jackbooted theocracy. "Say hi to my grandpa just before he shoots you."

A: body braces?

im going to guess because of bone degeneration?

what of artificial gravity?

also, why are you not non existent yet if i plan on foiling the future?

FG: Any changes you make will never catch up to the present, as they propagate at the same speed at which time passes "as measured by entropic decay". That's the line from the ETP providers. It seems like I explain this ten times in every thread.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 12:53 PM
A: "According to E. Merton Coulter in The South During Reconstruction, the red shirt was first used in Mississippi in 1875 by "southern brigadiers" opposed to black Republicans. The Red Shirts were active in disrupting Republican rallies, intimidating and assassinating black leaders, and suppressing black voters at the polls.
The first use of a red shirt in South Carolina was in Charleston on August 25, 1876, during a torchlight parade by Democrats. They were mocking the waving of the bloody shirt by Senator Oliver Morton in the Senate to bolster support for Reconstruction policies of the South. The idea spread and those accused of the Hamburg Massacre wore red shirts as they marched to their arraignment in Aiken on September 5. Martin Gary, the organizer of the Democratic campaign in 1876 and Hampton's right-hand man, mandated that supporters were to wear red shirts at all rallies and functions.
Donning a red shirt became a source of pride and continued resistance for the white Democrats of South Carolina. The women wove red flannel shirts and other garments of red; it became fashionable for women to wear red ribbons in their hair or about their waists. For young men, to wear a red shirt was to come of age and compensate for their inability to contribute to the Southern cause of the Civil War.[3]"

FG: A lot of that looks familiar. There was a ton of civil war stuff in Voliva's Ambition.

A: What sports or physical activities are popular in cohab region. (I assume popularity still varies from region to region) Also I Remember you mentioning other life forms (lunarians?) did we adopt any sports from them?

FG: On our honeymoon Siane and I went to the Lunar Gardens. It's an inflatable aerium near the original lunarhab. They had flight frames similar to the ones on Island 8. I did rent a pair of them on Island 8 when Siane and I had just started dating. They're these metal frames you can stand on and hold onto with compressed air tanks above your head and pivoting, downward facing nozzles. Due to the low gravity, with a bit of practice you can use them to fly about. There are also lightweight ornithopter style wings but you have to be pretty fit to stay in the air for a reasonable duration with those.

A: Something you did post really caught my eye. You mentioned Ron Mallet. Dr, Ronald Mallet is a physics professor who wrote a book about his experience his son coming to him from the future and telling him about time travel. You also mentioned heim field generator/plasma wakfield accelerator/and toroidal field which to some might add some credibility to your story.

Tell us about the Large Hadron Collider's true purpose surely such a huge endevor is not overlooked in future history. In particular LHC's Alice experiment.

FG: The LHC is considered to be a failure as it never reaches the output levels it was designed for due to mistakes that were made during its construction. The silver lining is that some of its results later corroborate suggested applications of Heim theory, although they weren't determined to be significant in that regard at the time of their discovery.

FG: Oh ****, something's going on outside. I'm getting beeped by Adonis, and I think I heard gunshots. brb

End of his posts from yesterday. Mods, please don't kill me if I missed any swear words.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 02:36 PM
Dang, what is with these people from the future posts? Yes I understand that this wasn’t on ATS, just a repost from another board, but so was another one I read earlier.

Is this part of the bored kids on summer vacation, or is it people who really believe they are from the future, or just people who like to see if their stories are believed by others?

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 03:05 PM
Hmmm..., I don't really believe that guy is from the future, but whoever he is he has a pretty well thought out story.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 03:39 PM
Quick thought...still reading the OP though...

I thought it interesting the names listed as being the "ancestors" of some political group called "CNPA". Namely, Sara Palin. Didn't she say she was planning on starting her own conservative party?

I could totally see the other names on the list joining this supposed new party.

Anyway, back to the OP for me...

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 04:02 PM

Originally posted by antar
Invite the guy/Gal here. If timetravel is allowing some to actually post on rude sites, then they will have a heyday here. I would like to see and read what the future of ATS is.

Agreed. This one needs to drop in. I've dealt with these sorts, most notably Maban and his Shards of the Illuminati thread which had some common elements, was well planned and done at a rather sophisticated level.

If it were to go like that thread, his/her ultimate future at ATS is bleak but it could make for an entertaining few months.

*Cyberpost canons stand on alert, condition crimson.*

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 04:34 PM
Thank You dedalive Seriously, thank you for going through all the trouble to save and repost that.

Anyways, to all of those requesting him to come here...that would be close to impossible since you guys do not respond 1/1000th the speed of people do on the other site. His appearance would do nothing but waste time with little to no questions being answered. Trust me, if there are more threads I will be sure to post the links and repost the more important details here.

reply to post by AlienCarnage


Listen up if you didn't read it before. This guy has been posting towards myself and others for over a year now. He pops up randomly and most of the times his threads get like 300+ replies...and the people who he interacts with are pretty intelligent (albeit arrogant) and try their best to put him to task. He has about a 1% credibility factor with me.

I merely created this thread because that 1% is pretty huge. If a CNPA and Chridom party ever formed I actually would trust most of you on this site to reread this thread and stop it in it's tracks. You all are the fringe, therefore I trust that you all could possibly stop a fringe group if need be.

Though, it does make for an interesting read as well

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posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 05:02 PM
reply to post by TheOneElectric

Not a problem. Hey, I realize it would be most likely impossible to get him here, but what about others from that site that might have archived his other posts? Not to get *them* here.. but the archived posts at least. Not even sure if there is a way of doing that either, but figured it'd be worth asking.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 05:06 PM

Originally posted by dedalive
reply to post by TheOneElectric

Not a problem. Hey, I realize it would be most likely impossible to get him here, but what about others from that site that might have archived his other posts? Not to get *them* here.. but the archived posts at least. Not even sure if there is a way of doing that either, but figured it'd be worth asking.

I could definitely ask, though most of the responses I would get are people calling me foul names and such. Hahaha we are totally a different generation of kids, I tell you what. Also any links they provide to download an archive I can post here, but I can not guarantee that it will be what they say it is. I will attempt to find some later tonight.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 05:07 PM

Originally posted by TheOneElectric
Anyways, to all of those requesting him to come here...that would be close to impossible since you guys do not respond 1/1000th the speed of people do on the other site. His appearance would do nothing but waste time with little to no questions being answered. Trust me, if there are more threads I will be sure to post the links and repost the more important details here.

I'm not sure what you're getting at nor why posting 1000 times faster is important. Methinks (s)he's trying to avoid this place for some other reason.

If a CNPA and Chridom party ever formed I actually would trust most of you on this site to reread this thread and stop it in it's tracks. You all are the fringe, therefore I trust that you all could possibly stop a fringe group if need be.

No. Many people here are that fringe group and haven't realized their true nature and calling. It could be that his/her superiors forbade direct involvement because of some sort of temporal directive. Anyone transferring material here may also be in violation, subject to being silenced, and should probably bug out immediately.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 05:24 PM
reply to post by EnlightenUp

With all respect..
The person may not even know about this site to have the capacity to intentionally avoid it. Also, as Electric has said, the person can't be contacted. Everything seems to be on a pretty anonymous basis over there. Other than the thread, while it exists, there isn't any other way to contact posters on there as far as I can tell.

If there is, then I agree with you by all means. Flood his inbox or whatever till he shows up. He'd probably have at least a slightly better experience on this forum, judging by what I have read on the other.

Then again if his time is super short every time he is able to post, or if he is getting shot at
that might make things a little more difficult.

If he suddenly miraculously shows up with tons of time on his hands and all the answers, then he debunks himself anyway, according to his story.

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