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"BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Unveiled Ahead of Frankfurt Show"

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posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 08:35 PM
The Link

BMW today released a video (over the fold) promising all the sporty driving fun of the BMW M3 in a plug-in full hybrid with a completely new look.

The Vision EfficientDynamics Concept Car targets a top speed of 250km/hr (155mph), an important attribute in Germany, where all attempts to legally limit top highway speeds in the few remaining stretches of wide-open autobahn are continuously quashed. The 3 cylinder turbodiesel engine should sip only 3.7L/100km (almost 64 mpg) -- a completely achievable goal by a European car company, where a perfect storm of legal mandates and popular demand have long forced the automotive industry into leadership on fuel efficiency (at least, under official test conditions if not under M3 performance conditions). The two electric motors can be recharged by the engine as well as fully charged in about 2.5 hours plugged-in.

Worth a read. A very cool car, probably not the answer to our current problems but it is cool[/]. i will never be able to afford one. But I will enjoy looking at them.

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