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Need for a Better Passport

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posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 01:44 PM
after reading a post about other countries ids and how they work it gave me the idea to write about the passport issue we been facing for a long time. when i went to canada a while back it was hard to get back in the states.
figuring im a us citizen that wouldent be a problem
ya right. i sat at the dam border for over 10 hours trying to get back. So with that said, that leads me to think we need a better or UNIVERSAL passport that will work in all countries and replace all id's for all countries and states. this would be a universal driverslicens, passport, id, birth cerificate, highschool and college diplomas and so forth. basicaly this would be mostly used for the states or country you live in and for a passport. the passports we now have are harder to use because they take to long to do checks and so forth. if we had a universal passport card this would cut down on time and security. with an internal chip that can only be proccessed by like nato or the company creating the document card there would be no security issues. one card for everyone for travel would eliminate all issues for travel. here are a couple of thoughts for cards to speed up the process.

Now these are just ideas of faster quicker and more efficient ways to a new passport. it just goes in your wallet. no books, stamps or anything its all done electronicaly.

please dont bash, contridict, or critisize for triying to come up with better ideas. however your imput is apriciated.

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posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 02:40 PM
If I may ask, what made the authorities detain you for ten hours? Did you have a really old passport [sometimes now, since there are newer ones, having an old one gums things up]? Was it Canadian or American border guards that held you?

the passports we now have are harder to use because they take to long to do checks and so forth.

Not from my experience. Each time that I've come back to America, the worst part was waiting in line. Other than that, once I got to the "border" the guy looked at me, put the ID page of my passport onto this scanning thing, stamped it, and said, "Welcome home." When I've traveled between countries in Europe too, they border guards just look at it, see that I'm American, and stamp it.

Some really new passports, like my wife's, have a chip in it [which some people don't like] that, you just kinda walk through a thing and it registers you.

I do like the idea of a card that has all of our personal info on it. A problem with it would be, who would regulate it? It would almost certainly have to be something that is maintained by nations, instead of a supranational group because, not all countries register the same information at birth, have Social Security Numbers, and so forth. [I personally don't like the idea of a worldwide deal anyway.] Then, beyond that, it's kinda scary to think that everyone's personal data would be on a server somewhere. Hacker heaven! Perhaps paper everything is better!

I don't think that a regular book passport would ever be able to be done away with. Reason being, if for some reason, the police stop you on the street and ask for your passport [which technically can happen in a foreign country] they wouldn't be able to see immediately if you've overstayed your visa [tourist or otherwise] or if you even are allowed to be in the country! I'm sure if you lost your card, it wouldn't be as convenient as if you have a photocopy of your ID page.

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