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Brian Taylor is a scruffy lookin' nerf herder!

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posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 01:40 PM
I'm sorry.

I came barging into ATS like a wooly mammoth on fire.
I've been reading here off and on for years.
In July I decided to join and in typical self-aggrandising fashion made a bunch of posts that make me seem like an arrogant, presumptuous, elitist jerk!
I'm partially to blame for that
I resemble that comment

So I'm here now to introduce myself proper. I've already made some friends here and despite my occasional whining about idiots and fervour, I'm sure they could tell you that I am actually a pretty nice guy. (and resourceful)

I just have an honesty that borders on what I call craftfull tactlessness, I've noticed some of you have that curse too...

So what am I? I'll tell you in the common measurements of the average western Human:
I'm 36 male. I got me a wife and two boys. I got me a typical sales job for very large international chemical company. I live in western canada so I chop down trees, I wear high heels, suspenders and a bra, etc.... My family is of mixed dissent
American/Canadian. There is a difference, I can be either, I'm usually the latter.

I've studied Psychology and Philosophy in college but I have no degree to speak of. I continue to study. I make an effort to learn something everyday. I read. I watch. I steal college lectures and other courses online to learn stuff I have no use for, such as hypnotism, aerodynamics or snaring wild game.
I have a lot of note books and several hundred data discs of various "things" I'm willing to share.

I write a lot. I contribute to a blog that touts itself as having the "smartest readers on the web." I chose it specifically to discuss my dissemination. It's a little dry, but I've met real, no foolin' geniuses there. (scientists, philosophers)

I have a slightly larger than normal head with a slightly cloudier than usual brain that houses a markedly higher than average iq that gets used much too infrequently for any determinable worth.

I am an expert in logic, trained in the jedi art of reason, I can express myself in limited symbology, but as anyone who can do this knows, there usually is no point... (other than knowing the rules)

I can also make you cry with an original love song.

I don't particularly agree with the anonymity of the internet. I think it reduces accountability of the individual espousing fact or opining. I believe this will culminate in the breakdown of self.... but that's a whole 'nother post. For now, suffice to say,
"I really am Brian Taylor." I hide in plain site.

(note to self: write paper called, "The Breakdown of Self: Anonymity and Accountability.)

It's Sunday morning and ATS is my church! (Maybe we sould have a subheader of "Cheerleader." maybe "Rabble Rouser." to go along with "Writer/Figher" (which I love, by the way, it's fun to say.))

Rambling now.... just riffing really..... hope it's like a conversation, cuz I'm not gonna edit this bad boy!

Why am I here?

To post the juicy bits of shenaniganisms I find.
To read others' do the same.
To comment on that for which I have something worthy to contribute.
To not if I don't.
To be part of a network of like minded individuals' eyes and ears.
To be part of a solution rather than the problem. (scary language!)

To provide a modicum of intellectual rationality in a sea of sophomoric fear.

If I had to pick an avatar name it would be cucumber.
or perhaps Auda Abu Tayi, "for I am a river to my people!" (Name the movie, get a star!)
(By the way, I need someone to whip up an avatar for me. I'm not at all artsy but I've got some cool pics of meself I could send for you to mutate. Anybody kind enough to do a personal solid for a stranger?)
(told you I was rambling, read my other stuff, i can actually string together words in an intertaining fashion.)

This steaming pile of broken ideas is brought to you by....

Mrs. Mikes' potato chips from Freeport Ill. They rule! You heard it here first folks!

What do I think?

I think ideas are skewed in this world and people priorities are not condusive to their existence and the continued existence of their very own species. I think most people are not only dumb, but dangerously dumb. I think the smartest person in the world is probably some tribal elder in a starving African desert community. He gets the most out of the least. He always looks to the future of every decision he makes in the present because if he doesn't he's dead and so are his grand children.

I think human beings are, literally, capable of doing anything. I mean that literally, anything. Our arrogance and ignorance stands in our way.

I think in the long run, you'll come to see things from the other side, despite the side you're on now.

I think there's is only one rule.
There are no rules that can't be broken.
I think there's only one position, dancing in the middle. Sometimes you go left, sometimes you go right.
Change or Die.
(note to self: make t-shirts that say "Change or Die")

I think you can reduce the human existence down to only two responses, Love or Fear. I think this exemplifies the duality of mind. I think the key of understanding is an appreciation of this division. Hopefully, ultimately, we can end this division and the internal conflict will end.
note to self: "The End of the Corpus Callosum?" (feedback loop = cancellation of effect?) Madness!

Why ATS?

I decided to sign when I read their manifesto. I think you will find that in the very near future. ATS will go from a worthy pastime or informed conspiratorial discussions to an actual engine for change. I see, I'm sure you do to, the exponential rate at which people are "waking" from the trance place on them since the industrial revolution. I call it a "new enlightenment." Every movement needs experts. Now, and since the acceptance and wide use of the internet, (90's) especially, there is a vehicle for a sharing of sense, understanding, thought and opinion. The difference twixt a "reporter" and the layman, regardless of to whom they report, is that the expert leaves out opinion.

We can be those experts.

Why me?
I've got a head full of stuff that I, for some reason, feel compelled to know.
I haven't needed it yet. So I'm guessing that my best work is still yet to come.
I'm hoping that ATS provides me with some outlet as it teaches me new things, as they happen, in this whacky woild!

I'll try to offer only my best thoughts for all of you...

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 02:05 PM
Now that was an entertaining introduction! I hope to run into you in the occasional thread!!! Your a quick wit too I see! Have fun!

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 02:08 PM
My God Brian Taylor.

If you dont' fit in here I don't know who does. You could be the poster boy for ATS!

Welcome my friend, and I am adding you to my friends list simply because of this introduction.

I very much look forward to reading that paper of yours and any others you intend to write.

PS: We are looking for writers for our Cryto Chronicles, feel free to U2U me if you are interested


posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 10:33 PM
tHANKS very much.
I am interested in a collaborative project. And I like your idea of taking a character on, but I have no interest in werewolves, vampires and the lot, so I might be less than "into" it.

I'll wait for something more up my alley. Or maybe not, I'm pretty busy with real life.

I have an idea or two though.... I'm sure we'll talk about that someday soon.
See you two around!

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 10:59 PM
"I cut down trees, skip and jump, and like to press wild flowers."

I got your reference, lol.

btw - if we were based on appearance, we'd be a bunch of misfits. you'll fit in.

posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 03:32 PM
Hey bro.
I hope You have a lot of fun in this website.
Increase your awareness in it.

Always hold on to your beliefs and your Truth.

Much Love

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