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Democracy is an illusion and a weapon

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posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 04:15 AM
Having been around the traps for a while now, becoming 'enlightened' several times over, I feel that I finally have a reasonable grasp of reality, as it has been stable and consistent with world events for some time now.

So there a few things I need to get off my chest.

This is not the most important or core of the of these things, but a good place to start the discussion.

So many times I have heard how important democracy is, and how the US is spreading democracy in the middle east etc.

Now I have always had a basic problem understanding left from right, liberals from labour (two parties here in oz), democrats from republicans. Its always us & them. I have never had a strong allegiance to either.

So the following is important and requires some thought and reflection.

Democracy is an illusion. There are 2 parties, who appear to be bitter foes, divided at the core of their essence. But in reality, they are 99.99% aligned in their policies, and the vast majority of people agree with NEITHER ONE. Yet one of them through the 'democratic process' gained absolute and unlimited power 'by the people'.

The two parties in fact answer to a higher power, and we, the people, are powerless against them. Just try to start another politcial party and get any media attention. Voting doesnt work because there is no real choice.

This is a powerful weapon of the TPTB. You voted them in, well somebpdy voted them in, and gave them power.

More fool us.

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 05:48 AM
Democracy is the most easily influencable and manipulative form of government.
People and officials are easily corrupted, threatened. Votes are easily rigged and elections stolen. A minor crowd protesting can be shown as a majority by the corrupt media.
Those with money hold the power. The media dictates who wins and who fails.
Laws and constitutions can easily be changed every new leader is in charge.

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 06:35 AM
god makes rivers , goverments dam them .

god puts the water in rivers , the water finds its way to the oceans and the sea's ...

people do not put the water in the rivers , they can only slow , tax or stop the water .

goverments and money have the same relationship .
goverment make nothing , they slow , tax or stop behavior .

money is a unit of labor .

with out the control of irragation , farming as we know it could not exsist .
with out dam's , electrical power genaration would be a problem .

that said ... with out logical control of dam's ... you create floods in one area , and deserts in another .

democracy is handing control of the dam's , into the hands of the people who run the farms , and use the electrical power .

what we have now , what we see now is... dam builders that have no intrest in what the water is used for , they like lakes .

democracy is the worst form of goverment imaginable , but better than any other system of governing avalable .

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 06:53 AM
( post script )

ALL goverments are crupt .
all governing systems , stop , subvert , redirect , or tax the honest labor , trade or living of people who , are on the whole ,honest , hard working and clever .

governing systems do not solve any problem , or take any action which is worth the money they require .

they are the lens , which focus's the labor and industry of its people .

people enforce laws , the citizen does it all .
gods and kings are powerless with out the consent of the people .

gods and kings can only do harm , cause suffering , pain and death .

the citizen builds , works , invents , feeds , and lives at the peril of the laws directed against them by goverment ...

the least goverment , is the best goverment .
the rule of law , and self control : the greatest author of govening .

when the goverment is afraid of its people , it tempers its excess

the the citizen is afraid of its ruler , citizens attack one another for the approvel of their master

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 07:58 AM
The Democracy is an over rated, fake freedom.

it gives 51% of the people what they want, and the other 49% feel they got cheated..

And the Govt. gets of as the good guys since they seemingly forfills the needs of the 51% that think they won the election.. Hehe..

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 08:15 AM
Democracy is a control mechanism powered by the Hegelian Dialectic and implemented by the media through polling of the masses

The ruling elite will introduce a topic such as, Healthcare. They will put out a poll or questionaire to a controlled group of people who have previously tested or identified themselves as one extreme of the poll sample (ie. liberal or conservative)

The elite will then create a paradigm based upon the reponses from the preliminary poll(ig. "What do you like / dislike most about universal healthcare"?)

(If) the results show a majority of people like that universal health care will be affordable to everyone and dislike that it will cause an increase in taxes

(Then) the elite will create two distinct group agendas for the masses to get behind, both groups will be demonized.

The people who are concerned about tax increases will be portrayed as uncaring and selfish(facsists). The people who are concerned about affordable coverage will be potrayed as lazy and selfish.(socialists)

The elite now take a synthesis of the 2 extremes and legislate a bill which is attached to a control agenda such as; no actual health care program, but instead a registration program for all citizens, so that when the actual healthcare bill passes the people who are already registered in the system will be able to get access to healthcare more quickly

The result is an accurate data base will all the health information of the citizens who are registered. This data based will be used to further manipulate the masses based upon their health information

You can also detect the same patterns in the Carbon Tax and Hate Speech bills

Hegelian Dialectic democracy is about the mass reaction of the people
so that when oppressive laws are enacted the ruling elite can tell us that -

This is what you wanted. just look at the polls !

51% of you(winners) decided this so this is democracy in action, the other 49%(losers) will just have to learn to deal with it

Now publicly people will want to identify with the winning majority
(like how after the last SuperBowl there were alot more Steeler fans than before)

So, the masses will actually begin to believe that this is a society that they created by voting in a democratic process !

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 04:40 PM
From the replies it seems the message is not getting through clearly.

51% of the people do not get what they want (or certainly what they were promised).

It is a deliberate illusion. It makes us fight and hate those who support 'the other side'.

There is no other side. There is only us. The 'others' are those who are truly in control, and fool us into thinking there are 2 political parties, when in reality there is only 1 - those truly in control.

Stop hating 'the other side'. Start opening your minds to the true wonders of the world, and true evil that those in control are throwing at us, such as the 911 farce and the ensuing wars.

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 03:01 AM
American-style democracy is an illusion. Ignorance, conviction, economics and tolerence are the weapons. The illusion is that you have a say at the upper level of govt'. The "elected" are not going to fix the economy, the legal system, or healthcare. If they knew how they would be working in the private sector making millions. Democracy and Government can't coexist. Democracy is mob rules (51% is all the majority it needs), and Government is to protect the few from the many (minorities, and special interests are in control). How is the few, and who is the many? If you don't know... then you're the many.

Government is an idea, and not real. Just brain juice. Government is not corrupt, people are. Any form of Gov't would work if it wasn't for people.

The Chiefton systems were the best. If the tribe thought that the Chief/tribal counsel was not making wise choices (Bush), they would no longer be followed.

I think Nietzsche said that conviction is the enemy of the truth more than a lie.

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