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New Brainwave Entrainment Meditation Track - "LoveVibeDNA"

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posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 08:57 PM

Originally posted by B.Morrison

Technically there should be no difference between I Doser issued Binaural Beats, and Monroe Institute issued Binaural Beats. I cannot comment on the Monroe Institute’s products from personal experience, only I Doser....

O.K. you seem to be much more knowledgeable in binaural recordings than myself, however I do have something to say about your statement.

I have been seriously meditating for 6 years now, using binaural for 2. I can tell you that there is a huge difference from say Dr.J. Thompson, Monroe,hemi-sync and the like, and I-Doser.

I have tried them all and do not like I-Doser one bit. It does affect me differently than the others. Personally I would not recommend them in the least.

Also there are some recordings that are much "stronger" for want of a better word.

There must be something more to it than what is apparent on paper as like you say, there should be no difference. In my experience, there is most definitely a difference. What it could be other than the complexities of the brain, I don't know.

Maybe someone somewhere will figure it out.

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posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 09:01 PM
reply to post by OmegaPoint

Please forgive me if I mischaracterized you or your intentionality in relation to the subject of this thread, or in regards to my own intentions in sharing this freely with everyone. Your viewpoint is valid for you, and I honour that.

I agree with everything you have written, I was misperceived - it happens,
I forgive you, and am grateful for the opportunity to do so,
I had worried you'd clicked the 'ignore' button on me!
But I couldn't hold a grudge over something so trivial anyway,
we're all human & I'd rather be friends

But there are many of us who benefit greatly from the use of this technology, given a highly quality product used with awareness and understanding.

You can agree with me, and still honour your own beliefs, each argument compliments the other, people don't have to believe you OR me, they can believe both together without contridicting anything, hence there being no need to say 'but'

This is NOT I-Doser however,

same technology

the offending source of yours and others complaints

same technology (technology is source)

and I think .....using some sort of drug model...making money off it..probably very poorly engineered

drug modelling is a marketing ploy not legit,

I know from experience that lsd is nothing like the lsd i-doser binaural beat file and for e.g it costs 200+ for their most dangerous doses, so this cuts off kids from access somewhat,

poorly engineered if intended for good, excellently engineered if always intended as some form of controlling technology (subliminals creating a 'fake' addiction) by I-doser company.

without any degree of testing and analysis or consideration for the impact and effects.

they may have tested thoroughly considering the impact & effect from the perspective of intending to do harm, I mean that what your saying is subjectable, as is the alternative possibility I mentioned

So you've got these kids ordering up a "dose" of something

the worst ones are expensive

i undertstand they even refer to the tracks in i-doser by street drug names!

marketing ploy

and then hitting it continually and repeatedly for long periods, like a drug, and that WILL make you sick

yes but whats worse is the I-Doser forum encourages this behaviour using the arguement that as they aren't real drugs ("only" bb's) that you CAN hit them like that, they allow forum posts or generate their own fake ones with this encouragement whilst simultaneously they 'officially' recommend otherwise+any negative experiences posted are removed & the user is blocked.

They are not to be abused


and for some prone to mental illness I suppose that it could prove harmful, being exposed to that

you don't have to guess anymore, this possibility is established fact

So again, please accept my apologies if I mischaracterized you in any way.

of course
I have no desire to prolong conflict

My intention with this, is pure, and my experience with it, absolutely wonderful and amazing.

I never doubted you. I get a sense for your personality & intentions from your writing, I know you are a good person who is only trying to contribute some good to the community.
Also I'd like to modulate & add to something you said earlier,
for anyone reading:

"there are many of us who *can* benefit greatly from the use of this *new* technology, given a high quality product is used with awareness and understanding."
*Be sure to thoroughly research the source of your BB's to be certain they are reputable & their intentions for the product & consumer are good, pure, true & in your best interest.*


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posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 09:22 PM
reply to post by tribewilder

Reading your post was comforting to say the least, thankyou for this information incl. background on urself, yes I believe you are right, its almost painful to know that brain wave technologies can be used so wonderfully & be so beneficial, but are being abused so terribly by companies like I-Doser.

After reading your post and having been thinking about this for a while now I am more inclined to try BB's again or something similar after first ascertaining the integrity of its manufacturers so as not to repeat the kamikaze scenario of the I-doser all over again.

Because I was at the time naive & excitable I was convinced by the drug modelling crap they spouted on website, and seeing as I'd experimented with a wide and voluminous assortment of drugs throughout my life I went straight to their most powerful doses within the first dozen sessions.

It didn't take long to realises they were nothing at all like any kind of drug I've ever experienced. the only ones that came close were 'coffee' and a relaxant one, and even then like we've both mentioned now, there's something definately 'wrong' with I-Doser files, they are a dark experience in many ways.

The strongest ones, incorporate 'white noise' and 'pink noise' one of which can seriously damage your hearing after prolonged exposure & both sound like unpleasant static...

when you're in the middle of being messed with by a frenetic assortment of BB tones in one of these 'ultimate' doses and it suddenly hits you with bursts of unpleasant static over the top of that; that alone can be enough to surprise you in such a way as to send your meditation in a negative direction.


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posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 10:32 PM

Originally posted by B.Morrison
It is noteworthy to mention- people should consider that:
part of the growth that can occur with binaural beats
may include facing up to traumatic/troubling memories
& aspects of your own personality you might not like,
and that you should make sure you're ready to experience that possibility- should it arise.


Actually, that is good advice. I would at this juncture like to remind everyone however, that at the same time, it is ONLY the resistance itself, to the surfacing of any repressed material, which may be considered to be the sole cause of any and all suffering, because, once the material is surfaced, and re-integrated (most of which occurs while you sleep and dream), then there is no longer anything to suffer over. And right there is the process, which, once firmly initiated and established (with regular and persistent use), represents what I like think of as nothing less than, the "alchemy of consciousness".

Just think, we're talking about the complete integration or cohesion and synchronization, of the left and right hemispheres of the brain (and nervous system), while plumbing the depths of the unconsciousness, in a conscious or semi-conscious state of awareness - in the words of Carl Jung, making the unconscious, conscious. This is known also as "shadow work". But when placed within an evolutionary framework of change and transformation, ABSENT ANY RESISTENCE, then the process is ONLY one of increased conscious awareness, integration, vitality, connectedness, and peace of mind, which is the key to happiness.

And so, it is recommended, by people like Bill Harris at Centerpointe (see his book "Thresholds of the Mind"), that you offer no resistence whatsoever, even if and inevtiably when, your present "map of reality" begins to destabalize in order to reintegrate and reorder itself at a much higher level, and this, this quantum leap ALWAYS happens, and will happen spontaneously - to use an analogy, much like a planted seed at the point of germination, where the cracking of the seed to give birth to new life, is the most natural process in the world. It is this process, this alchemical rarifaction (to use some Terrance McKenna for good measure) of one's own nervous system, and psychological makeup, which is what BB entrainment is all about, not the experience within the meditation itself, and I'm sorry to hear about anyone having a really bad or negative reaction to this technology. I-doser is reckless and their stuff sounds like crap. But don't let that deter you.

And always remember THIS! If your map of reality starts to destablize or fall apart, that does NOT mean that YOU are falling apart. Why? Quite simple. Because the map, is not the territory, but only a representation OF the territory, a construct, nothing more. Lose attachment to that, and you've got it made, and then you begin to realize, that there is a WITNESS, an observing self that KNOWS it's not your worldview or map of reality (beliefs, values, generalizations, distinctions, interpretations, etc.). No the real you, is the higher you, and it can take in and integrate ANYTHING that the unconscious can throw at it. The brain is THE most evolved and complex system in fact, in the entire universe. So it's even MORE capable than a seed, to handle continuous quantum-leap bifurcations in complexity. It was one of the main things your brain was DESIGNED to do, and a task it can perform admirably, if given the chance to do so WITHOUT RESISTENCE.

For anyone interested in the evolution of consciousness aspect of BB entrainment, like that offered by Monroe Institute and Centerpointe, I would highly recommend Bill Harris' book "Thresholds of the Mind".

I believe it (BB Entrainment Meditation) CAN be used, when understood fully, as a treatment FOR things like presenile dimentia, depression, and even schitzo-affective disorder, since it's synchronizing the bincameral brain, while bringing to the light of awareness, the deeper material of the unconscious, which contains the repressed archetypes that the consciousness mind (in schitzophrenia) is attempting to understand, come to grips with, and express. Might as well give the higher mind free access to that material and all conflict then is resolved.

We all have a full brain and a higher mind, is what I'm driving at, and this technology can drive the mind, automatically, to new orders of complexity and functionality.

And so to put up a resistence, for what is attempting to break through, by first breaking it down and apart, is to do nothing more than slow down the process, and make the experience of transformation, less enjoyable and therefore less rewarding. And IT IS ALL IN YOU anyway, to begin with, it's important I think to remember that..

The first "bifurcations" we automatically resist, so you can have breakdown (although I don't get that any more at all), and you will, inevitably, but the MIRACLE is what happens at the very POINT of breakdown (map of reality is no longer workable and needs to reorganize at a higher and more functional level) - the quantum leap of transformation, the "rarification and alchemical complexification, of human conscious awareness" (said like Terrence McKenna).

The philosophers stone, is what it is, when fully understood and used as such. It was lost, but it's been found, recovered for a new age of pychological and spiritual growth and well being.

Love and Light,

aka Rob

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posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 10:36 PM
reply to post by OmegaPoint

S&F! I love you OmegaPoint =)

Will do this everyday with the other 3, WHEN! I get my own laptop =)

posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 10:56 PM
reply to post by 4stral4pprentice

You are most welcome. I love you too!

Here they are again for any who wish to make use of them or try them out.

1) Bach To The Future

2) Transcendence

3) Love Vibe DNA

4) Compassion Meditation

posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 11:21 PM

Originally posted by B.Morrison
Also I'd like to modulate & add to something you said earlier,
for anyone reading:

"there are many of us who *can* benefit greatly from the use of this *new* technology, given a high quality product is used with awareness and understanding."
*Be sure to thoroughly research the source of your BB's to be certain they are reputable & their intentions for the product & consumer are good, pure, true & in your best interest.*


And as I said earlier in this thread I've Guinnea Pigged these four tracks to death, and they're good, even great, and good for you, although it's recommended to move into them gradually and not all at once.

Best Regards,


posted on Sep, 5 2009 @ 06:52 PM
Morrison, thanks for the info. I did read on GLP about Horowitz., some time back. Its a mad world.

There are also interesting discussion on this here:


Instead of buying those one size fits all recordings, you all should think about doing it yourself. It takes a little thinking to put together your own program, but then you get what you want. And best of all, you know exactly what frequencies and beats you are exposing yourself to.

You can also edit the prerecorded sessions.

posted on Sep, 6 2009 @ 06:53 AM
I read part of the thread while listening to the first linked track.

I just wanted to thank you for posting this thread.

The last couple of days I realized that I need to start practicing positive affirmations again. This helps.

Several years ago I realized I had the choice to either live the rest of my life in pain and agony or I could learn to love myself. I got some construction paper and wrote postive affirmations on them (I am loved, I am worthwhile, etc.) and taped them to my closet door so that I had to look at them everyday. At first, I cried because I didn't believe anything I had written. Then it made me mad because I didn't value myself. Then, I started to believe that I am valuable just because I'm alive.

After making some progress with the method, I took all the posters down when I moved. Stopped positively affirming statements to myself and eventually ended up back where I started - full of self-doubt, fear and anger.

I'm going to download all of the tracks listed in this thread and upload them to my ipod so I can listen whenever I want to, or need to.

Thank you OmegaPoint.

posted on Sep, 6 2009 @ 07:56 AM
regarding the silent affirmations, is one seriously supposed to comprehend those without reading them beforehand??

like, how do these really work??

i've researched lots about this and MK-ULTRA type endeavors, but i've never really understood how one can subliminally understand something that they can't definitively hear...

(watch all the "Monarch" chapters for a better understanding...)

i would think that if i could actually hear those affirmations then i would have a better overall experience...

what do you think?

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posted on Sep, 6 2009 @ 11:13 AM
reply to post by OhZone
The Rosslyn Motet
Breaking the code - The Rosslyn Motet
Saturns hexagon and cymatics
Cymatics art

See above for more info on cymatics & the a forementioned rosslyn motet
Also to OhZone, thanks I will check that out and I think programming my own will defiantely be the way to go (for me personally) and at the least I can be certain I'm not recieving any subliminal messages along with my binaural beats, subliminals being something I do not want regardless of whether they're good for me or not, I'll get by with meditation

mk ultra link looks interesting too will check this out also..


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posted on Sep, 6 2009 @ 12:36 PM
reply to post by Hazelnut

Try one very simple mantra and meditate on that while listening, and you'll be placing it in the depths of your unconscious, consciously. The greatest power man has, is the ability to do this by choice. Napoleon Hill called it autosuggestion, but at core it is simply the ability to control one's own thoughts and to contain whatever thoughts and ideas are most condusive to one's own success, happiness, joy, etc.
So a person CAN go from being down on themselves, unhappy and depressed, to happy, fulfilled, and productive, even in a relatively short timeframe.
Hill also referred to the process as "Cosmic Habitforce".

All the best on your new path. This time, may you plant in rich soil for a bountiful harvest!

Best Regards,


posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 09:08 PM
Just a reminder, that for those who are accustomed to using BB trakcs regularly, and who have experienced no ill effects from it, that I have three really cool ones which are a little more powerful, and which are kind of entertaining, as you have the sense of going on a journey when you listen to them.

Again, if interested, just send me a U2U and indicate your history with BB tracks and how you're doing with it, and if you're good to go, then I'll shoot them to you, and you'll thank me for it 'cause they're pretty interesting, very high end, high tech, powerful and entertaining imo.



posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 08:13 AM
Thanks Once again Omegapoint.
I have really enjoyed using these BB tracks.
I sense that what you post and the tracks that you offer
to us all are sincere. However in response to the discussion
about i-dozer, I must say that I have tried quite a few of them
and most seemed fine - but a couple have contained what I can
only say was a negative energy. A presence that should not have been
there. I will continue using i-dozer tracks sometimes because they
are different and interesting. But beware - because of the wide
dissemination on the internet - who knows what persons or entities could
alter these tracks and use these as a gateway to further their own ends.
be careful what you download,
and if in doubt always believe in the light of goodness and the lifeforce.

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 10:06 AM
reply to post by OmegaPoint

Thanks for sharing these. Have been listening to Bach and Compassion meditation files for a while. Usually I just fall asleep, despite trying my best to keep a straight back.

Going to try Transcendence and Love Vibe tonight. The only thing that concerns me are the subliminal messages. How can we be certain that these are the only ones that are embedded?

I am interested in the stronger ones that you mentioned. I am yet to see "The Light" other than fleeting sparks. Can't u2u since I haven't reached the 20 posts yet.


posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 11:54 AM
reply to post by son-of-light

I remember they did have written in the discription for one of the strongest idoser files, 'hand of god' or something, or white lightning..something...anyway in the discription it reported something about a female having a severe reaction to the file & it lasting a week or something (sorry re: my atrocious memory) but yeah they were saying it wasn't for everybody-that particular file...perhaps you know which one i'm thinking of? I'm not too keen on digging through the harddrive to find it again, I stopped using them ages ago & you seem to be using yours atm so maybe you've seen it...?


posted on Sep, 12 2009 @ 02:17 AM
reply to post by vinjacob

The Love Vibe one is a bonus track from the Holosynch Series by Bill Harris' Centerpointe. I vouch for it wholeheartedly. There is one with them in audible form as well, but the inaudible one is nicer, and I was a little worried about copywrite infringement, so I just offered the non audible one and changed the name on it. It's good. No worries at all. It's actually one of THE best tracks that Centerpointe has ever produced imo. It's very energizing and revitalizing. It really does have a regenerative impact on the human being, which actually FEELS good. Like I said, one time I heard a faint voice within say with glee "Juice!".

The Compassion Meditation, same thing there, which has the silent affirmations, about being well and fee from suffering and all that - it's very powerful as well, and Gamma has been found to be very beneficial, having integrative and longevity attributes - some of those Tibetan Lamas live a longgg time and look really really healthy and much younger than they are, and it's because they are producing a lot of these brainwave patterns, including Alpha, Theta and Delta, sometimes one up higher than Gamma called Epsilon or something like that.

It's damn good for your health.

Tonight I was the MVP of my hockey team (play in a men's league), two years ago I was fat and dying, and there's nothing that's have a more beneficial effect on my whole being, than this brainwave entrainment meditation stuff. It's utterly fantastic!

I'll U2U you the other three because it sounds like you have enough experience with it now.



posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 02:52 AM
Hi does this work better, worse, or the same if you listen while asleep. Im really interested in these binaural beats and ive had some pretty good results with I-Doser and will try these. But I wonder if the silent subliminal message thing would work to provoke an obe cuz that would be awesome! you could say like hey spirit leave the body now I wonder if it would work?

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 12:01 AM
"How Binaural beats, Chakras & 432Hz relate"

Binaural Beats are among other things a meditation aid, meditation can trigger a kundalini awakening, therefore BB's & Chakras are related. Brain Hemisphere Synchronisation can occour naturally through traditional meditation as well, so the chakras & BB's are connected in this way also.

The chakras have associated colours, tones & tempo. these are sometimes calculated based on the imposed A=440Hz 'western' tuning standard. To be blunt, this is wrong, its intended to be wrong to allow for easier manipulation of the sheep as it misaligns them from nature. The correct & universally harmonious tuning reference pitch is actually A=432Hz. See more here
more on chakra's here

without further ado

Chakra: Sahasrara (Guru)
Location: Above Guru in the void region/Above Head in the void region
Association: Transcendence
Colour: Gold, White
Pitch: 486Hz (Note:B)
Tempo/BPM: 113.9
Chakra: Nirwana (Indu) (Manas)
Location: Crown, top of the head
Association: Mind
Colour: White
Pitch/Tone: N/A
Tempo/BPM: N/A
Chakra: Ajna (Talu)
Location: Between the eyebrows, Medulla oblongata
Association: Intellect, seat of spiritual vision Will power, concentration, superconsciousness, Ego
Colour: Violet
Pitch/Tone: 432Hz (note:A)
Tempo/BPM: 101.3 (B.M- 108bpm =2x average heart rate and half 216 which is half of 432, so where does 101.3 come into it???)
Chakra: Wishuddha
Location: Throat
Association: N/A
Colour: Blue
Pitch/Tone: 405Hz (Note: G Sharp)
Tempo/BPM: 94.9
Chakra: Anahata (Hrit)
Location: Heart, Below the heart
Association: Center of feeling in both its emotional and intuitive aspects
Colour: Green
Pitch/Tone: 370Hz (Note: F Sharp)
Tempo/BPM: 86.7
Chakra: Manipura
Location: Sternum base
Association: N/A
Colour: Yellow
Pitch/Tone: 324Hz (Note: E)
Tempo/BPM: 75.9
Chakra: Swadishthana
Location: Below the navel
Association: N/A
Colour: Orange
Pitch/Tone: 188Hz (Note: D)
Tempo/BPM: 67.5
Chakra: Muladhara
Location: Base of the spine
Colour: Red
Pitch/Tone: 270 (Note: C Sharp)
Tempo/BPM: 117,4
Explination of above figures:
"The tone and frequencies of the chakras are calculated based on the light spectra. The beat (BPM; Beat Per Minute) is calculated on the corresponding wavelength of the chosen colour.

The tune for a specific chakra is more than just that tone as any colour is actually a range of frequencies.This makes it even better in terms of great freedom when creating a musical landscape.

It is possible to avoid creating dull and to monotonous pulses and sound for an effect to be projected. Now, one can create a more harmonious flow and thus create a beautiful piece of art and still have the expected effect projected.

Note: As far as I know, traditional literature does not integrate the rainbow distribution on the vertical axis, as it is done in the "New-Age" version of the chakras."

All the above info in this post came from here

See also
432Hz- Custom Brainwave Entrainment Experiment
And the accompanying link (needed for DIY BB's)
Brainwave Frequencies

Peace everybody & happy experimenting
and just one more time, a big 'fcuk off' to I-Doser. To think what harm that company has done to spiritual progression in general...


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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 01:08 AM
reply to post by vinjacob

That you are falling asleep while sitting upright, simply goes to show how deep this takes you.

Here's the secret and the key I think - to understand that the ideal state to be in for these very deep meditations, is a state called "mind awake / body asleep", because it is in that state where you are both fully conscious AND fully asleep, however paradoxical that may sound. What I would suggest is to become more aware of falling asleep, while making the distinction that it is only your BODY which is falling asleep, and by observing your body fall alseep while maintaining conscious awareness, well that's it right there, the holy grail of deep meditation. It produces a type of sleep paralysis, though you can move your fingers and bring yourself out of it if you like (people usually start with the fingers on their right hand for some reason). So allow your body to fall asleep, but stay focused with the mind, who's focus can be on simply maintaining focus while the body falls asleep.

Then you enter, during the sleep enset "hynagogic imagery" a state of aware Lucidity, and it is in this state when you will have your visions, or be bathed in the white light, which to me presents itself like i've been transported outside under a bright sun.

I hope that helps. And that said, it's ok to fall asleep, but that is not the ideal state imo, although I understand, according to Bill Harris (Centerpointe) that you still get the benefits nevertheless.

Practice with this, should also give you an increased ability for dream recall and Lucid Dreaming during normal sleep.

What is nice about the Bach To The Future track, is that it takes you on a sliding scale right into Delta, at what I believe is a fairly low carrier frequency (which is why it's so powerful) while at the same time, playing the Bach music throughout, which ought to maintain just enough beta and alpha waves to prevent you from falling asleep, and the music gives your mind something to focus on as well, which can also serve to help you maintain consciousness throughout.

Mind awake / body asleep - try to teach yourself to get in that state, and you'll start having some really trippy and enlightening meditation experiences, particurly during the second half hour and for the duration of your meditation after the track has finished ie: you could enter WILDs (wake induced Lucid dreams).

[edit on 14-9-2009 by OmegaPoint]

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