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9/11 planner is recast as key asset for CIA

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posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 09:47 PM

WASHINGTON - After enduring the CIA's harshest interrogation methods and spending more than a year in the agency's secret prisons, Khalid Sheik Mohammed stood before U.S. intelligence officers in a makeshift lecture hall, leading what they called "terrorist tutorials."

Now Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the "Mastermind Behind 9/11" is now a CIA ASSET!

Does this really sound at all believable? I know some will say it does, but given that The Bin Laden's have as their Son the Mortal Enemy of the United States (or so we are led to believe),. yet the Bush's are really good friends with the Bin Ladens.

Now here we have this guy --Khalid Sheik Mohammed"recast" as a CIA ASSET.

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 09:58 PM
Reading the article, it makes a strong case for water boarding: KSM didn't start "spilling the beans" till after the water boarding and sleep deprivation. Plus I am sure they played up to his ego, which is considerable from what I have read.

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 10:12 PM
reply to post by pavil

But in light of Sibel Edmonds statement, about Bin Laden working for the CIA until 9/11, do we really trust the the idea that this guy was a converted Asset?

There are to many things that just sound unbelievable.

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 11:01 PM

Originally posted by pavil
Reading the article, it makes a strong case for water boarding: KSM didn't start "spilling the beans" till after the water boarding and sleep deprivation. Plus I am sure they played up to his ego, which is considerable from what I have read.

Or, they are facing war crimes for torture that they had already stated didn't get any results, and now they are covering their asses.

Most likely he was working with the US the whole time, as Bin Laden was/is and was never even waterboarded.

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 11:13 PM
Given the circumstances under which he is being detained I could see how people could be more than offended by these actions. However this sort of thing is not new to the government agencies within our lovely country. Without knowing their names I remember being taught in school how when hackers would crack our governments highest levels of security, they would be detained and would later be hired on as consultants and advisors. Look at the old Tom Hanks movie Catch Me If You Can, where that kid was on the run from the FBI for check fraud. Yeah they caught him eventually and he served some time but he too got hired on.
Isn't America great

Howling At The Moon,
Chaotic Wolf

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 11:27 PM
His "conversion" is just to convinient, it now comes to light around the time we have had so much discussion about waterboarding etc.

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 01:37 AM
reply to post by talisman

Nothing adds up here because, these people did not orchestrate or carry out 911 period.
Cheney and Bush needed someone to be the MASTERMIND. Bush and Cheney used the media with the help of the CIA to frame innocent people. After all the torturing these men went though they will say anything to live. You all do not know of the mind games the CIA carried out on their victims.

The CIA would rather have Khalid Sheik Mohammed drop dead. They certainly do not want this man talking to anyone without the CIA standing next to him.

This reversal occurred after Mohammed was subjected to simulated drowning and prolonged sleep deprivation, among other harsh interrogation techniques.

Tell you what, do that to me and I will tell you all anything to stay alive, (you want me to say what now) Oh yes, I will be your 911 mastermind yes sir, anything Mr. CIA torturer.

"KSM, an accomplished resistor, provided only a few intelligence reports prior to the use of the waterboard, and analysis of that information revealed that much of it was outdated, inaccurate or incomplete," according to newly unclassified portions of a 2004 report by the CIA's then-inspector general released Monday by the Justice Department.

What would they expect when these people are not the terrorists? It is a well known fact that torturing people does not get results or the truth. Cheney working with the CIA and his hit squad need to invent a Mastermind really look at Khalid Sheik Mohammed photo, look at his T-shirt it has been stretch around a boat, he is unshaven and the hair on his head looks as if he just recovered from electric shock! The man face is distorted with pain and misery.

If Khalid Sheik Mohammed is the mastermind and help pull off 911, then he is a genius to say the lease.
To infiltrate the most power country on earth, with billions of dollars of the most advance security technologies in our Defense department and military protecting our boarders especially our air defenses is truly impossible, I mean really people, just look at this man give me a break. LOL How much brainwashing are we going to allowed the CIA do on us? Do you all realize how much inside help from our military and government he would have to have to pull off 911. More than we know!

If Khalid Sheik Mohammed is the greatest mastermind to pull off 911, don’t you all think he would have masterminded his own disappearance? You better believe he would have. Khalid Sheik Mohammed would have disappeared in the criminal underworld he would have a new identity and he would have never been found not even by our CIA.

What happened to Bin Laden? NOTHING!

No, 911 is the work of a small group in the highest level of our government who probably hand select another small group of our military funded under black budget project to handle the demolition of the WTC and flying the aircraft into the trade centers probably by remote control (old technology) dumping airplane bone yard debris at the pentagon and at Shanskville, PA and firing a missal in both locations, funny no airplane was ever found in either location. Only one engine was found at the pentagon, come on who is fooling who here?
911 stinks of a false flag operation and it stinks of the greatest cover-up at the highest level of our government and military, that is why the 911 commission referred their information from the pentagon to the Justice Department for a criminal investigation because they couldn’t keep their lies straight, however the Bush administration step in on the Justices Department and stone-wall the probe, so the Justices Department had to drop the case.

Over a few weeks, he was subjected to an escalating series of coercive methods, culminating in 7 1/2 days of sleep deprivation, while diapered and shackled, and 183 instances of waterboarding. After the month-long torment, he was never waterboarded again.

(He was never water boarded again), I don’t think anyone in the right mind believe that.
These people (CIA) enjoy torturing prisoners and that is a fact.

Mohammed, in statements to the International Committee of the Red Cross, said some of the information he provided was untrue.

Do I need to say anything more? No!

"KSM almost immediately following his capture in March 2003 elaborated on his plan to crash commercial airlines into Heathrow airport," according to a document released by the CIA on Monday that summarizes the intelligence provided by Mohammed. The agency thinks he assumed that Ramzi Binalshibh, a Sept. 11 conspirator captured in September 2002, had already divulged the plan.

We are supposed to take the word of our CIA that they are telling us the truth. You all do not want to know the truth about our CIA first of all the CIA is used by our government to murder people in our country and around the world, the CIA does not have to account for any accountability everything they do is top secret. Don’t think for one minuet the CIA are not corrupt because they are. They are in deep with our drug trade from around the world that is only the beginning.

[edit on 30-8-2009 by impressme]

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 03:13 PM
9/11 has a connection to CIA for sure

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