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Something Legit for you birthers

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posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 08:54 PM
You obviously do not like Obama to believe the silly birth certificate BS. I voted for Obama and am beginning to wish we had another choice, cause I still would vote for him giving what we had to choose from.

Here is where you can win some points in a legit way without reaching across the twilight zone.

Ask... no Demand loudly that Mr. Obama justify one more American drop of blood in Afghanistan. There is NO WAY for America to stop people from hating us especially if we keep killing there families and there is no way we can stop 10 or 20 of these people from trying another 911. Just to many people in the world.

Make him justify the cost of national treasure. American men should die only for the defense of OUR Nation.

We can fly bombers over there or just missles to take out any training camps. Heck they might even come out of hiding and we could use the CIA to find them and kill them if we leave. If killing the leadership is the goal.

As for Pakistan's nukes we need to work directly with Pakistan and India to make it possible for Pakistan to give them up or just get the world to force the issue without a war.

So if you want to knock Obama's chances of getting reelected we can work together on this. Both sides just demand he stop the wars. He probably wont, or at least they will have to justify it to us which right now they are not doing so. Do to him what we did to Bush over Iraq. Worst case he brings them home and our boys stop dying for people who still beat their ladies.

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posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 08:58 PM
You don't have to not like Obama in order to believe that he's not a citizen. And to tell you the truth you can't call it BS based on your perception of the events.

Nobody knows the truth about anything, It would be nice if people stopped attempting to tell us what the truth was.

In any case as far as stopping the wars, we can demand stuff all we want. We never get anything.

I see the American people demand the war end, I see them demand lower taxes, fair wages, human rights, equality, affordable healthcare, the right to due process, etc.

The list goes on forever. We do ask them to stop pretty much everything they are doing every day, yet we never get an answer or so much as a mention on the news.

Middle America is not in charge, the Elite are. This whole asking thing you have put forward is a farce, and it's innefective. You want things to change? Pick up a gun and wait my friend.



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