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for women in politics

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posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 07:24 PM
Politics is still a man's game in the US and possibly many other countries.It is hard for women to get into politics and stay there. It is also hard for regular women to be taken seriously when discussing politics.

I came across this show the other night where it is a panel of women in politics talking about women in politics. It seemed a well rounded show. The viewpoints were interesting, and from multiple sides. And no, it is not the View.

This was more serious. It was refreshing to see a political round table conducted by women for women.

The topic I witnessed was bout whether the Kennedy women were trained to sit on the backburner, or whether they choose to stay there. Despite their many charities and contributions, and they were overlooked. It was interesting.

In case any of the ladies on ATS are interested:

to the contrary

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