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God is a Shopkeeper

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posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 10:13 AM
Good and evil. I find people who do good things just because their religion "demands" them to as no better than thieving employees in a shop.

A shopkeeper keeps an eye on his employees to reprimand or reward employees based on their performance. Punishment is administered by the management to the employee when criminal acts are committed (e.g. shoplifting). When the shopkeeper is away, the employees will play (most of them). So that makes the employee a criminal within who only becomes a regular employee when somebody is keeping an eye on them.

So what does that make those religious types who do "good things" just for the sake of being saved? How about those who practice their religion just because of the fear of retribution? Does that mean that when there is no God, they'll just "play" around like the employees?

However, there is a little something in all of us called "conscience" or what the good book indicates as a sort of inherent/god-given good in all of us.

I just find it sad that some people who preach, preach due to fear of retribution. People should do/think/act good things because it is simply good and if that isn't enough, just to do good because we're people.

I don't think any shopkeeper would like to have his employees play around behind his back.

Just something that I want to get out of my chest.

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