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Our Inner Reality and Creativity

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posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 09:33 AM
Just a few thoughts i had today. I thought that maybe some of you might relate. Is it better to lead, follow, or just be yourself and "become a light onto others"?

In creative affairs; as in others, we must look to our inner selves for our personal sense of worth. But; in doing so we must be careful of how we may delude ourselves. For a belief to become real, it must balance between the spiritual and the material. Once our sense of reality is guided by our inner selves, then we progress within our own uniqueness; and, in the process bring about a progression of mankind, since, if we look to others for inspiration and what is real, we stagnate.

If our belief system is grounded in reality, from whence others may perceive the same; then we have accomplished something, in the event that the change is for the better.

One way for people to progress is to surround themselves with others, whom they would like to be themselves. This is a natural tendency of the herd mentality. So, therefore one must make a choice as to being like others or expressing their own unique characteristics. Should we choose the unique path; and, actually accomplish, then others will want to follow. But, how can they truly follow if they are not becoming themselves? Quite a paradox. So, maybe we must stand on the shoulders of giants and then jump off and fly, much like a baby bird being flung from the nest. We can all soar like eagles, but we must go through an apprenticeship, while learning to trust our inner instincts.

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