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Another ex-lurker coming out of the woodwork

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posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 06:50 PM
First off, hello to all-- I have read these forums for over a year now, yet for whatever reason never come to actually sign up and post. I guess that is more to avoid the awkward introductions. However, I suppose it is a neccessity to garner any credibility in such a community, and finally I have come out of the dark

Anyway to offer a little background on myself, I have always had a fascination for the unknown, unexplained or poorly interpreted. Though I was never a worldly or spiritual person in the past, although recent random research has brought my thought to a new level. I absolutely love ancient history, which is what originally led me to this site and through the other available topic forums here, it has brought new understanding and interest also to current events, politics and the whole world around us in general. Unfortunately politics and religion have clouded so much since the beginning of time, it has brought me to question and criticise much in this world.

I Haven't touched into the whole alien and UFO bit too much, as I find most the information pertaining to the subject somewhat unreliable; it does not mean I am completely ignorant to the topic though. I do believe there is life out there, but to be honest I tend to find ancient texts from the various ancient cultures more credible than most modern day accounts relating to the matter.

Anyway, to shift focus to the more mundane facts of myself, I am mid 26, engaged to a lovely woman, and work as an IT/Helpdesk for a car dealership. Not the greatest job, but atleast I am fortunate to still have one in this age of economic crisis. It does however, atleast give me some quality time to myself to research various things on the internet and contribute to forums.
I am quite moderate in my political idealogy, would consider myself agnostic in my religious beliefs and practices-- not a true atheist. There is a higher power out there, but I don't believe it is anything like what we may think of it, and definately nothing close to the close minded religion systems out there. One day I hope to travel the world and visit the many fantastic places out there, namely the Giza Plateau, Ankgor Wat, would love to visit the middle east (unfortunately with all the war not so good of an idea), Malta and Antarctica. Those are probably my top places I would like to explore before I die, but there is so much more out there!

Welp, I guess that about wraps it up as I cannot think of more to say currently, or atleast lost my train of thought to write it in this brief message, but I do look forward in hopefully contributing to this fine community and debating with its members.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 07:52 PM

Don't worry about the awkwardness just get on here and start posting!

Glad to have you with us!

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 08:17 PM
Welcome aboard! Don't worry about awkward intros! Hell, I didn't start an intro thread until I had been posting for a couple of weeks!

Feel free to use the mini fridge in the corner. It's under the alien embryo in the jar! LOL!

See ya around the boards!


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