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The Mind of Murder

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posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 04:43 PM
What drives people to take another person's life?

The world have seen killers persuading others to do his bidding. We've seen men taking orders to kill from a dog. Suicide bombings in the name of faith. Gang bangers killing for pride. There are people in this world that simply kill for no reason.

What drives them? Is it a common stimuli?

Gary Ridgway, the “Green River Killer,” confessed to killing four women, all of whom were prostitutes. Ridgway was a missionary killer. In his plea statement, he said, “I hate most prostitutes”


David Berkowitz, the “Son of Sam,” was a thrill killer who enjoyed the excitement of the kill. He did not touch any of his 15 victims (six of whom died -- nine were injured), but followed and shot at them from a distance.

Many of the most publicized cases are lust killers, including Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy. All three killers found sexual gratification in the torture and murder of their victims.

LOS ANGELES -- Four Marines, including one known as "Psycho," told investigators they robbed and murdered a fellow Marine and his wife last month after breaking into their home in search of valuables and sexually assaulting the woman, according to court documents.

The four were charged Wednesday with the execution-style slayings of Sgt. Jan Pietrzak, 24, and Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak, 26, who were found gagged, tied and shot in the head on Oct. 15 in the living room of their home in Winchester, in Riverside County southeast of Los Angeles.


Huntsville woman kills her three children
Says she did it on purpose, no suspicion of any other cause of death other than starvation and dehydration; mother charged with capital murder

Sour ce

DAYTON, Ohio - A mother was arrested on suspicion of murdering her newborn daughter by putting the baby in a microwave oven.

China Arnold, 26, was jailed Monday on a charge of aggravated murder, more than a year after she brought her dead month-old baby to a hospital. Bail was set Tuesday at $1 million.


Man Goes from Heroic Husband to Hammer-Wielding wife killer

Wilmette Murder-Suicide: Husband Shot Family With Civil War Replica Gun, Had Killed Previous Wife


posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 11:42 AM
Well, I've done many case studies of the more 'famous' killers... and a few of the lesser known ones, and there are a few answers!

-People find the act of murder, or the result of, sexually arousing.
-People do it for the 'rush'.
-People do it for an alternate source of satisfaction. (revenge, pride, hate)
-People commit 'passion' killings
-People do it for self-betterment (money, land, possessions etc)
-People do it for 'fun'

That's really all I could find! Everything short of mental disability is people killing because for some reason they simply need or want to! The rest are most often accidents!


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