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Resistance to Tyranny

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posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 09:47 AM

Tenebroust/Ted. Strong emotional statement with very strong Language..
The Stench of Truth 211 It's time to embrace resistance. Non-compliance on all fronts. Oppose the Orwellian Police state tyranny. Oppose all laws and acts and statutes. Resist at every level. Resist the ultra wealthy, resist the banks, resist the corporations. Resist the eugenics agenda. Resist the malthusian agenda. Resist the FEMA camps. Resist everything. Resist all that does not directly benefit people and has no undertones of eugenics or hidden agenda. There is class warfare but not an ordinary class warfare, it is the ultra wealthy vs. everyone else. It's time to resist. Don't despair they can't ever take away your essential humanity.

Yes, he's angry as WE ALL SHOULD BE!
Sharpen those pitchforks!

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