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Moving/studying in France.....debt and so on

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posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 08:01 AM
So I was looking online at ways to move to France. I am pretty much over everything in this country and pretty much everyone in my life. They are nothing but liars and people who use others and I am tired of being around it. I want to live where nobody knows me and I dont know them and I can stick to myself...Sounds lonely but you know what I have been surrounded by many people my entire life and I have felt just as alone in that same environment. They only care about themselves and what they will get out of any situation and they dont give a crap about others. I guess I am just tired of people! Anyways...I was looking on a site and this is what they suggested you do to get money and it REALLY irritated me. I highlighted what bothered me.

Not enough money to meet "sufficient financial resources" requirement? Surely someone can write that notarized statement for you. If not, then either apply for some credit cards or use the ones you have. Use balance transfer checks to transfer credit card money into your bank account to meet the requirement--as of this writing, it should come to about $6,000 a year. Now ask your bank for a letter that says you have that in your account. A statement works as well as a letter, as long as it does not show that you put $6,000 in there all at once. Now, send the bank’s letter or statement along with your visa application as proof of financial resources. Voila.

Not enough money to live on while waiting for a job? If you're going to be an independent student in France, only apply to universities that make you eligible for financial aid. (Contact the U.S. Department of Education for specifics.) Then apply for a student loan. If you can't get financial aid, try a scholarship or grant. If all else fails, postpone your trip to France long enough to get a job and save up. If you absolutely can't wait, of course, you could live off credit cards (Note: bring some traveler’s checks if you want, but the easiest way to spend your American money in France is with a credit card or via ATMs. French ATMs are free and they convert dollars from your American account into francs at a better exchange rate--with no commission--than you'd find anywhere else. If you have a Visa debit card or one with the Cirrus logo on the back, all you need to use French ATMs is a four-digit PIN code.)

So they are telling me to LIVE off credit..WOW. I have had the worst time ever getting money for school. I am the wrong everything!! I dont have kids, I am not some minority, I am not married. I am just a single WHITE female trying to finish school and I dont get crap from the govt for school and I refuse to live off credit to do so. I will NOT pay 10 times what I borrow so some fat guy in a suit can fly to the Bahamas on his private jet and suck down Jack and Cokes. I am so tired of everyone telling me "oh just get a credit card." NO! That is WHY this country is in DEBT. HELLO!!!!!! Everyone I know has this mentality and they look at me funny cause I dont use credit..Well sorry but I am the smart one. How many 30 year olds do you know with no debt? Not many! Every one of my friends and family members are up to their eye balls in debt. It really angers me that people think like this! I have never lived off credit and I refuse to now! If I dont have the money for it I dont need it! So they are basically telling me I am SOL if I dont have the means to get assistance because I sure as heck am not getting a credit card to live off of...I am so sick of being turned away over MONEY! Money IS the root of ALL evil!

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