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POST CONTACT EARTH -What's it look like to You?

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posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 05:53 AM
I've noticed over the last 9 months that the Alien/Ufo Topic does not get many new threads. I have come to accept the idea that we are not alone and no longer need fuzzy videos of a distant light in the sky to believe. I have become bored with the kind of sightings that used to get me excited a few years ago.

I've turned my thoughts to wondering what post contact earth means to me. Many years ago I used to think that a UFO would finally land on the lawn of the White House. The occupants would step out and announce that Earthlings were finally being asked to join some kind of intergalactic federation at which point we'd be given new technology to clean up our planet, learn to live in peace and begin some kind of spiritual/higher consciousness transformation.

At this point I find that childish and simplistic. After having read hundreds of posts and stories over the years, my thoughts have run the gamut from the idea that we are being set up by our government to become a source of food/slaves for a race of evil reptillians to continuing to be a passive form of interest to a variety of ET species who are simply recording our existence from a safe distance.

Today I wonder if the ETs are waiting for a critical mass of humans to come to believe that we are not alone and that we would not panic if the ET presence were announced.

Each day my faith in our world governments goes down. I am convinced that politicians around the world know the average citizen has neither the time, inclination or ability to control its leaders and the collective spending of government money and the politicians are consumed with a race to steal as much money as they can as they fight it out amongst themselves turning their attention to the masses just prior to elections. I certainly no longer believe they are looking out for their constituents with altruistic motives.

On the other hand, I am convinced in my gut that something is about to happen. It certainly appears that we are slowly being desensitized to the concept that we are not alone. Our governments continue to release more information. References to aliens in popular culture have increased 1,000 fold since I was a child wathcing the Flintstones with the Great Kazoo character.

I'm not too sure about the whole 2012 thing. I think it is just going to be another day and I am going on with my life trying to provide for my family and develop a better connection with God as I understand him.

Maybe contact will happen on an individual by individual basis and a new paradigm will emerge from the collective unconscious? What do you think?

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 06:29 AM
I am a serious skeptic when it comes to ET's. I just think its propoganda [liveforever8]!

I only believe half of what I see, and nothing of what I hear.

You do have an interesting thread though. It seems there's a conflict of what you want to happen. Disclosure by the gov't will never happen. You think TPTB want to make a society aware!? I don't think so. There was a man who said that the way the gov't will control society will be through fear mongering. First it will be an oil crisis, then money crisis, then disease crisis, and finally an extra-terrestrial crisis. All made up by the gov't to gain as much power and control from society. I think that holds some truth.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 06:37 AM
reply to post by zarp3333

It seems obvious to me that other races exist. And that our world governments know this, and for some reason are hiding this knowledge.

I think that some aliens are trying to help us, but we are too stupid to learn the lesson. What makes sense about ruining yor own planet and killing your own kind?

It is only because of the greed of the rulers, who do not seem to realize that wealth means nothing.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 06:46 AM
Firstly, how can we be so complacent regardless of whether we're fodder for ETs or our own leaders? I simply don't care anymore to support their lifestyle. Having been unemployed now for the past 14 months, I've decided that I'm going to make a kind of quirky stand against TPTB. I'm going to take a job, but I'm only going to ask for the absolute maximum I can make without paying any income tax. Only my pension and unemployment insurance contributions will come out of that pay - nothing else. In my country, that comes to about €1K per month. I will eek out my existence on that because I'm stronger and craftier than those SOBs, and I want them to fall hard.

So, I've started foraging as much as I can. I eat very little because my food is now more from nature than ever in my life; flavors are different, real, honest. I eat only until I'm 75% full and never past 18.00 (6pm).

My entire value system has changed so drastically recently! When you speak of creating a better connection with God, that's exactly what all of this sort of behavior does. I'm not focused on keeping up with others or performing to their standards. I don't look down on anyone but feel genuine concern and love for everyone. I've completely dropped out of my former social circles. Just not interested anymore.

So, if this is what we're meant to do to move closer to God, to our Self, and to fly under the radar of society's evil eye, think what more we can do! We can use this imminent contact to either fall, as some prophesy predicts, to "Satan" or we can show our love of God's creations (us) and take matters into our own hands. 2012 prophesy says that there will be the two camps - those of "God" and those of "Satan", so those of "Love" and those of "Fear". Don't let them push you around anymore. You can go to your boss and ask for less pay, you can forage for food, don't pay for a gym - clean up your town instead, get rid of everything unnecessary (nearly everything is unnecessary) by donating it or taking to a flea market or consignment shop, start cooking all of your own food from scratch and cook only as much as you need. There are so very many things you can do! Learn to cut your own hair, make your own clothes (your own style!) and spend more time with your fellow human beings.

I have no fear. I know the ETs are there and have been for a long time - gotta post that stuff someday.... Your "salvation" can only come through your own heart and thoughts. If you're heart is free, you have nothing to worry about.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 07:00 AM
I think most civilized people would just except it and be excited. No one I know denies that there must be alien life SOMEWHERE. Of course you will have certain populations of people who will either go nuts or use it as an excuse to. but hey right there is an excuse to lock them up!

I live near Detroit and I could see people going crazy over it down there. it'd be like that Leprachaun video from the south from a few years back but with fire and shootings. come to think of it, no wonder aliens dont announce themselves

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 08:26 AM
There's many aspects to the world that defy description.

The laziness of people, they want all they can as quick as they can, they do not want to learn for themselves, they want to be told all the answers to the questions they have.

The arrogance of people, they believe they are right all of the time, they think they are alone in the universe, they are certain God ( in whatever form or religeous doctrine) created the world and that he / she / it created the universe simply to house man.

The greed of people, they belive that EVERYTHING is their's for the taking, and that nothing should be given away for free or even simply given away.

The inhumanity to man, they hold almost NO compassion to each other, they fight others to protect THEIR families, yet DO NOT take into consideration that the person they are fight ALSO has a family. They believe the LIES they are told simply because they trust the person telling them or are so blind to the truth they ignore it.

Now take into account ALL the EBE contact that has happened over the years , centuries , millenia how much different are we today than we were 2000 years ago?

Sure we have better technology but look what happened to it or where it came from, the majority came either from WAR or went to WAR, there's very little thats of any use to the everyday civilian, sure we have Iphones, TV's and such but does it really make us any better? Does it give a reason for an EBE to communicate with us either as a species or as an individual?.

We are maturing as a species at an alarming rate , due to our use of technology, but we are told we have to use it for war by TPTB or by the Government we placed in charge of us. until we say NO MORE WAR we will never break free of the chains that bind us, no EBE in their right mind if they want to help us could help us UNTIL we help OURSELVES first. We need to show each other we can trust ourselves and each other, we should try and find peaceful solutions to problems without jumping to the trigger everytime there's a hiccup.

Should an EBE race decide that they want to contact us, and IMHO , if I were an EBE and I saw Earth and its people as we all know it, I would be wary but brave, a lot of the 'proof' of EBEs we are given is either blurry snapshots or we are given the excuse when it comes to 'contact' that we as Humans are not allowed to take their photograph as its against the EBES rules.

EBE's if you are watching you will have to have your photos taken sooner or later, or at least appear on TV to the masses , get it sorted out soon.

Now MY 'post contact' world I can see would have to involve an open dialogue, a single craft over what they , the EBE's, deem to be the most peaceful city, that excludes Washington I'm afraid , or London ( I'm from the UK by the way) or Moscow, only the 'superpowers' arrogance makes them believe THEY have a right to first contact.
This craft should hang there for 3 days, solid, no disappearing in daylight , allowing itself to be photographed clearly . Then it should move onto another city to show that it can hang there with no threatening moves, but able to fly away or defend itself from any attackers should we Humans fire first without firing back, say like disabling the weapons systems of any military aircraft.
It should adopt a non threatening posture. Either that or 3 ships over 3 different cities, people if they are told they are there will be surprised , some WOULD commit suicide as they think they are here to attack, but if the EBEs assume a non hostile stance why should the people be afraid?, they would be more curious, only the Governments or military could say " they are dangerous ", but I think the state of the world at present only the most gullible would believe them as more and more people are arguing against TPTB.

If I were an EBE I would land somewhere ( even though I said NOT London I'll use it as an example) near the Government buildings, somehwere were it would be difficult to hide the fact that I've touched down. Say Parliament square, lots of roads leading to it, easy to police and to cordon off but in no way easy to cover up or hide from the people.

A single EBE walking out without weapons, or devices, and explain their postion and why they are here, where they come from, and what they would like, NOT WANT, from us.

Let the people decide whats best for them, failing that I would reccomend somehwere like the Ukraine? Khazakstan? UFO research centre , at least they would be expecting it and could disseminate the information over the net, and let it go viral.? Of course that kind of facilty would have to say to the Government and miltiary, if you want to help then ok, join in, but if you try or want to interferre then don't bother coming.

If people are acclimatised to the new contact they wouldn't be so fearful, nor scared nor suicidal, I believe that religeon WOULD take a hit, but like religeon over the last few centuries would have to adapt to the new information, only the hardliners would say they were demons, only because they don't want to believe that aliens may have created us or at least had a hand in creating us and not God .

We would eventually see them as if they were just from another country, like the UK adapted when (not trying to sound offensive), immigrants started coming to live here, there was anxiety first, then a little anger at the Government for hiding the truth about how many there were, and then after a few short years everyone , sorry the majority get along fine, us intermingling with aliens would be no different, we might even adapt faster to incorporate them into our culture and us into theirs faster as the new age of transport, with jet liners and computers made the transition easier . TV could be used to progress the contact as the images would be broadcast in realitime.

I personally would love to meet an EBE, I would love to learn about their culture, as much as I would love to teach them about ours on a personal level, after we all make mistakes but that makes us who we are , only our Governments make the huge mistakes which cost lives for no good reason.
I for one wouldn't be scared should a large ship appears, unless it started firing on us of course, but if it just hung there I'd be wondering what are they doing? are they getting ready to contact us?

Mind you if I had a ship over an alien city , I'd drop the most pretty of our flowers ( without seeds incase of alien cross contamination to their flora and fauna) in huge numbers as a sign of friendship. or pictures of what we looked like so they'd have something to look at and get acclimaitised to what we looked like, after all , we are alien and look strange to them as well.
After a couple of years if aliens mingled with the ordinary folk, then we would welcome them, we would get used to them being there, like the uK in the 50's and 60's when the ( again no offense intended) coloured community started to emigrate in greater numbers to the UK, to see one was a novelty, and was met with anxiety, but as we saw more then we just got used to seeing them, now they are no different to us white folks, they are just people, with families, jobs and lives like us and are part of the community and we have adpated to welcome them into our community, No difference for an EBE.

All it would take on OUR part is understanding that there are different people to us after all we see US as ME or I ( an individual), a mature attitude we would welcome and one that we can ALL benefit from.

[edit on 28/8/09 by DataWraith]

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 09:57 AM
If it´s just a message, and no physical presence, then I highly doubt that nations will abandon their power structures and accept a universal world government. I expect a chaotic UN, packed with paranoid diplodinks, squabbling about what to do, all the while MSM talking heads spout babble with "experts" 24/7. The Pentagon will probably start another threat assessment think tank and start planning for Star Wars.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 01:39 PM
There's be mass riots and murders on the street's. Entire cities would go into meltdown and suicide cults would be jumping off cliffs in awe and sacrifice at their "new gods." Civilisation would collapse and darkness would envelope the world as fires rage across the land.

..Of course im just kidding. I think if the world population were told or became aware that we werent alone in the universe anymore (not that we need telling anyway, many already know, just need the proof to confirm it) then I think it would open the gates to a new age in thinking.
People would start to think of others instead of themselves and realise that our world IS fragile and that we do live on just a rock in space. We'd begin to wonder that if Alien races exist, then maybe Spirits, Doppelgangers, and other phenomenon could also theoretically exist aswell.
The scare-mongering you see in Hollywood is a insult into the behaviourial reactions of the public who only fear what there told to, and not to embrace the truth and seek answers instead of running away along with the other sheep.

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 04:32 PM
Thanks to everybody who replied. I've often fantasized about dropping out into a survival mode but with four kids and one on the way, that will never happen.

I particularly like the idea of a ship just hanging out for three days. Guatamala would be significant in that it is the historic home of the maya. It would also tell the world that 1st world doesn't mean jack in the big picture.

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 05:13 PM
the exact same thing, except the wealthy have flying cars and taking vacations on other planets...

ill be saving up for the day...

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 05:14 PM
If there is a government cover up of EBEs, then there will probably never be any mass public contact, because it would cause too much chaos.

The government would only reveal such a drastic bit of information if it was beneficial to them, such as mass control...people would not know how to react or what to do, so the government would give them answers.

If the government is completely oblivious to impending contact, then it could be VERY interesting to see how it would play out. I think many people would be enlightened, and others would be so blown away that they would take their lives. Then there would be those in the middle who would get over the shock and continue living their lives.

I want to see SOMETHING before I'm done on this earth.

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 08:19 AM
The irony is that most people would not care. They would look up momentarily from their busy lives, and make a quick detrmination to see if the presence of ETs would effect them. 99% would then go back to what they were doing. I can not imagine that the sub-Saharan subsistence farmer would care one way or another. Nor would the average American family. It would be news for a while and then people would go back to their lives.

Come to think of it. As much as I've dreamed about the day for the last twenty or so years, now that I think of it, it is no big deal. I think it would be an exciting announcement and that's it.

If ETs have been monitoring us for thousands of years, it stands to reason that they are happy with just that. If our governments said, "Yes there is something more to the ET/UFO phenomenon and we have been holding back information. BUT we are in the dark to nearly the same extent the average citizen is in the dark," it would fade away within weeks. People are just too busy and don't give a damn unless it effects them directly

I think that is why the Aliens/UFO thread on ATS has become so boring. People are bored with the topic. They have come to grips with the fact that we are not alone and really don't see how the presence of ETs would effect them one way or another. Without some kind of high-level dialogue, the topic has become inane. Anybody back me up?

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 05:02 PM
reply to post by zarp3333

ya, I think that is exactly the correct assesment...

would be interesting none the less

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 05:09 PM
It would be nice to be able to talk about ETs without fear of frowns and ridicule...I'm not sure though. A handful of aliens could go shopping in your local mall and the government would still probably find a way to cover it up.

When/if the concept of ET life makes that transition from ficatatious indulgence to common reality, I'm not sure how people will react. I wouldn't set my expectations too high, though.

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 05:36 PM
Keeping with the theme of Von Braun, I think a post-disclosure world will be openly militant against aliens. They won't admit to a long coverup, but declare surprise, we've encountered aliens, they're hostile, prepare for war.

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 07:54 PM
I just hope the aliens really look like vulcans

mmmm T'pol

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 09:23 PM
sometimes I wonder if we're like the Christians, who for the past 2000 years have been anticipating Jesus' return. Each generation believing that the time was near.

Although I believe there will be a discovery soon (or disclosure) in the next few years, I wonder if i'm an over-eager convert.

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