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posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 05:49 AM

Ectoplasm - A strange, mystical material that flows out of any orifice and opening of a mediums body during a seance. This paranormal substance would sometimes take the shapes of faces, limbs, or even an entire figure but could not materialize until it had come out of the body of the medium. The typical color of ectoplasm is a creamy off-white. Quite often this substance was warm and life like but has also been known to be cold. This paranormal material could be doughy, sticky, airy, smoky, or thick and syrupy. This ghostly substance was also known to smell like ozone. Ectoplasm often seemed to form around believers of the paranormal and open minded, and not so much in the presence of the skeptical. Ectoplasm would form most of the time in the dark or in dim lighting. In bright light it would vanish completely or snap back violently.

When mediums in seances were first conjuring up ectoplasm, it would be often in the shape of a hand or sometimes a hand and an arm which was called a pseudopod. pseudopods could often move like a real arm or hand. They could hold things, pick stuff up, and shove things around. They shook the hands of those people taking part in the seance. Some of these ectoplasmic formations looked very realistic, while others looked nothing like a humans hand or arm. It could be because some mediums were better artists than others since many of these pseudopods were proved to be fakes created by the mediums before the seances. These ghostly hands felt ice cold when touched. Many mediums were caught creating their own, fake ectoplasm by using thin strips of muslin, egg white, mixtures of soap, chewed paper or gauze. Because of this you don't hear much about ectoplasm much these days but some that have witnessed this paranormal substance for themselves have said that it moves like it's alive and changes its' shape at will.



What do you think is there or not?

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posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 06:16 AM
I honestly thought ectoplasm was a word created in the original ghostbusters movies.
Love those movies.

Then I read that there are observations and people that seriously define ectoplasm as a weird occurance during a mediums' attempt to contact the dead, or any other paranormal activity.

I think if ectoplasm is real, it is a matter made up of raw, negative, energy.


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