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Swine Flu and You

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posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 04:28 AM

"The U.S. government hopes to target around 50 percent of the population for vaccination, focusing on key groups including pregnant women"

The population of Earth is reaching 7 billion. Scientists a few years ago estimated that for Earth to run at a stable population it would need to be roughly 3 billion, or else we would run out of resources.

So, instead of researching how to increase food growth or purifying salt water(which is in the works, btw), the leaders of the world are resorting to this.

The government basically tested patients in mexico with the Vaccine, and the mortality rate was high.

Its now ready for the Public. Yes, there will be forced vaccinations, and even if you dont get vaccinated your neighbors, coworkers, etc. will. And they will get the swine flu virus through the vaccine.

I heard some forum posts about the vaccine being an actual protection against the flu, so once they spread it across only the people loyal to the government will be left standing.

There is no loyalty, its the NWO. They dont care about your loyalty, to them its a numbers game. They want 3 billion people on this earth and controlled mortality rates.

I hate to admit it, but they are right. The sad truth is if we keep going down THIS path, we are headed for self destruction and/or resource depletion. There are just too many people being born way too fast and ironically enough our healthcare is just way too damn good.

Our healthcare is going up, but our food supply and water remains the same. Forget about fossil fuels, we are all gonna starve to death if we keep repopulating.

How long do we have if the swine flu doesnt kill off half the pop? Id say about 2050-2100s most of humanity will perish.

So, the question is, do we keep 3 billion alive right now so we can sustain a living society? Or do we allow ourselves to reach over 11 billion and run into a self-suicide spiral.

The answer, to be honest, lies in science.

My solution:
Start creating giant geo-domes wiith controlled weather regulation un-touced by the outside world. In this geo-dome you have food sources(animals and plants) that abundantly grow and reproduce in a controlled in environment.

As long as they keep repopulating at the same rate as our population, we will never run out of food. So we just need to make enough of these to compete for our survival.

As for the water supply:
I dont remember where i saw it but there was a guy making a plant similar to a regular water purifying plant except he was able to take salt water such as the ocean and purify it into drinking water.

Or, again calling on science here, maybe some way to chemically create water in a lab environment and in abundance.

That really is our only hope.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 05:21 AM

Originally posted by demonseed

Or, again calling on science here, maybe some way to chemically create water in a lab environment and in abundance.

That really is our only hope.

It's easy to create fresh water by distillation either from sea water or from the air - The other way is to burn hydrogen in air or oxygen, I think distillation is much simpler and economical... I'm not aware of other chemical methods but still....

...The big problem in that is duplicating the fresh/spring water micro-structure, and dissolved elements found in nature from distilled water or even rain water..

I don't think 'chemical way' is the solution. I think it is by duplicating natural process. Nothing beats nature and I guess everyone here in ATS is already tired of all those chemical crap and stuffs!! Natural spring water, restores, refreshes, and heals, good luck!

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