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I Really, Really Want To See A Ghost...

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posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 06:54 AM
reply to post by semperfortis

I've been ghost hunting for years now and I still haven't seen an apparition, though I won't give up.
I found that my voice recorder picks up a lot of weird things so I would suggest definitely bringing one of those. I'd love a thermal image camera but those are pretty expensive but hopefully one day I will be be able to add one of those to my gear. Also, I don't know how into things like this you are, but I have used a pendulum before while ghost hunting. I met someone who suggested it when I did a ghost hunt at Dudley Castle in England last summer and found it pretty interesting. I usually stick with my voice recorder, video camera with night vision, and my Nikon, and my EMF detector, but the pendulum seems to pick up energies as well.

Anyhoo, I hope you have fun on your ghost hunt and I hope you get to see something! Good luck!

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 07:12 AM
What Mr. Wupy said.

But do try the recorder. That way, even if you don't "see" anything you might have surprises when you review your tape.

I have a running list of "haunted hotels" I will hopefully get to at some point. Several in the Carolina's. That's a beautiful, yet spooky place!

Good luck, and will look forward to hearing your EVP's when you get back!

Just one other thing. Be nice. I hate it when people are mean to ghosts.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 03:14 PM
A Ghost "or" UFO? Why not go to someplace like Gilliland Ranch or Black Forest, Colorado and possibly see both at the same time? Check out my thread for links to those and a couple other places like it.

There are other places like these as well where individuals as well as groups are experiencing Orbs or Plasmics in the house as well as the sky. There is some evidence suggesting that maybe they are one and the same phenomenon.

I am an avid EVP capturer btw, and I find using a simple digital recorder with a USB port suffices. Sounds like you have that covered. Thought of getting a K2? The dealy with the lights on the end like the goofballs in Ghost Hunters use? I've seen others use them personally with impressive results. Don't ask me why they work, but the evidence suggests that they do.

I also like to take pictures with my cellphone (LG env3 with 3 megpix camera) because the photos are clear and as of yet, as far as I know, impossible to augment while still in the phone. So if anyone questions legitimacy, just show them the originals on the phone.

My 2 cents and Have Fun!!


posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 06:58 PM
Actually aside from the camera and recording equipment the most important thing to bring is an open mind; which you have. Just remember the first try may not yield results.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 07:11 PM
Semper my friend

There are some things you should know about ghosts before embarking on any ghost hunt

Extract from this fascinatingtly accurate article

Ghosts are by far the most complicated things in existence. Making a diagram of the ghost of a person would take eons because they are exessively messy creatures. Their body includes things that they don't need, except on Thursday or at their parties

I mean to send a wiki link, not an uncyclopedia :shk:

[edit on 28/8/2009 by OzWeatherman]

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 07:12 PM
I agree with gallopinghordes.
Rather than focus on just equipment which u should bring and use, I also suggest you just blend in with the place, and imagine what went on before, take random snaps to where you are drawn (only from being focused) keep your evp going and replay a later time. No chanting or indigo colour clothing required
Just imagine you are in a foyer watching people as they go past/ or in that room watching what went on relaxed and join into what they are 're-living'.

Ghosts are kinda made up of some of the same stuff as you are, so equipment is great, but you are a great receptor too

On the other hand...if your not experienced at tuning down/up
I hope you get really scared! depending on the ghost, if it has the ability to drain energy (like battery) you'll get a good reading

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 07:30 PM
Ghost hunting
My advice is simple. Contrary to suggestions submitted by posters on this subject I feel you should approach a local paranormal society in your locality.
Many regions have organised groups & I suggest you contact one of these groups to gain some insight how they operate.
Their experience and knowledge will excede yours and possibly give you a 'fast track' towards gaining a learning curve.
Source a paranormal society with established credentials ..e.g. the phone book or the local library may point the way forward.
Happy ghost hunting......... & good luck...Oooooo....

posted on Sep, 8 2009 @ 04:26 AM
You should try to help the ghost, rather than just take a few pictures then go away.

posted on Sep, 8 2009 @ 07:51 PM

There is a fairly active group up in Wilmington. I know that they have done a couple of nights on the battleship, as well as other spots in the area. I don't believe that they do Ft. Fisher any longer.

Feel free to U2U.

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