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Plasma like glow, with mother of pearl shimer

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posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 08:25 PM
I was about 250 maybe 350 feet from a egg shaped craft at my 10:00 for about 20 mins, It had a yellow orangish glow and looking through the glow you saw a shimer like mother of pearl effect. we turned on the radio to hear about the UFO and all we heard was it was weather ballons. I heard later it went zip like super fast out of site. it was weird windy day and this thing just sat there in the sky motionless above Bakers Ferry YDC right beside Six Flags Theme Park, Altanta, GA. in 1973... it was one of those 1500 mph weather ballons...

How many of you have seen one... ?

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posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 08:46 PM
Well egg shaped UFOs are certainly not uncommon, however without photographs of your sighting there is no way to even attempt to try and clarify what it was you saw. It also seems that there is not a whole lot on these reports, especially since this was after Blue Book was closed.

This is all I could find on NICAP:

August 31-October 19, 1973: Flurry of Sightings
Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Concentration of sightings in Deep South, witnessed by local and state police and many others. Fast-moving oblong objects with bright flashing or revolving lights. Those on August 31 in Georgia flashed blue, yellow and green. Others displayed red, green, orange, and white lights."

Is that in the time frame of your sighting?

Some further 'egg shape UFO' and related relevant Georgia sighting reports:

Sept. 3, 1973; Athens, GA
Motorist driving home encountered egg-shaped object that descended onto road ahead of car. Two small beings emerged (UFOE II, Section XII).

ept. 8, 1973; Hunter Army Air Field, GA
"Saucer-shaped" object with flashing bright red and white lights dove at MP patrol vehicle (Bart J. Burns and Randy Shade, occupants) repeatedly and chased it at high speeds (UFOE II, Section II).

Sept. 8, 1973; Savannah, GA
A Savannah police officer who had been sent to investigate citizens' reports of a UFO a few hours after the Hunter Army Air Field incident reported a personal sighting. He saw a large circular craft something like a flying saucer. [It had] a large spotlight which changed color from red to green [and smaller blue flashing lights.] Marcus Holland, a Savannah newspaper reporter said that about 30 minutes before the military police sighting, he saw an object speeding toward the Air Field. (Tulsa Sunday World, Oklahoma, Sept. 9, 1973; UPI, Savannah, Ga.)

Sept. 9, 1973; Savannah, GA
"Ten big, black hairy dogs" emerged from a landed UFO in Laurel Grove Cemetery and ran through the cemetery. The UFO turned out its lights after landing. Several youths made the report. (Ref. 5)

NICAP Sighting Chronology

Thanks for sharing, can you add anymore details or your sighting?

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