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The Lear jet was carrying electronic equipment, making it a radar "target" for military pilots in

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posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 07:26 PM
Was reading different news reports about war games and came across one I had a couple questions about. Thought maybe one of the pilots or military guys here might have some answers. The news report

It involves a story from 94 involving two national guardsmen who were based out of an Oregon Air National Guard base in Klamath Falls. They were flying a Learjet from a Air National Guard Base at Fresno Air Terminal so says the article not sure if this was a mistake by the reporter or if this is a normal thing. Anyhow the Lear jet was owned by the Air Force. They were playing the role of a "target" in a war game.

On their way to land, one of the engines caught on fire and they crashed. Unfortunately they both perished, injuring 18 on the ground.

As the quote in the title says

In the mission over Nevada, the Lear jet was carrying electronic equipment, making it a radar "target" for military pilots in a war game.

What exactly was the equipment that the Learjet was carrying? Obviously, based off of the quote itself it appears to be some type of electronic equipment that can make them appear to be for example a UA 747 instead of the Learjet it really was. Is this a correct assumption? How exactly would this be accomplished? What I mean is, was the "equipment" simply a laptop or some sort of electronic suitcase that you can program with any type of transponder information and then transmit it from the said aircraft? Did they still do this during war games in the year 2001.

Has anyone ever heard of any other jets participating in the war games that week, especially on 9/11, that would have been performing the same type of service. That is a Learjet or other type of jet being the "target" by way of the same type of electronic equipment, for the blue team during the war games leading up to and on 9/11. Or is this just a outdated news report, and they really do just simply "insert" radar blips that perform these tasks now.

I still wonder what was the reason the transponders were turned off on all of the hijacked jets that day. It did not hinder the ability of anyone to trace them, so were told. So why did they think it was a vital part of their plan, why did they turn them off?

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posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 02:56 AM
Excellent post and very relevant to the truth.

On september 11th there were multiple war games taking place simulating the actual attacks, Some say the exercise were the actual atttacks.

There were many 'surrogate' airborne on 911 some of the were called surrogates.

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