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U.N. Agency Calls for Teaching Children 5-to-8 Years of Age about Masturbation

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posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 03:06 AM

Originally posted by drifty
reply to post by Yossarian

Touching your private parts IS pleasurable. That is the whole point of reproduction. Shuck off this religious "guilt" and be a human.

Jeez this is only my fourth post and it seems in every thread I go to there is some sort of religious hate going on here much like I see in websites from the UK. Dude, is it impossible for you to fathom that perhaps "religious guilt" has no play in this and that it just might be NONE of the U.N.'s damn business to be teaching other peoples kids about that or do you just normally assume anyone not as "progressive" a "freethinker" as you is because they are a religious "right wing" "nut Job" ?

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 04:08 AM

Originally posted by buddhasystem
There are many people posting in this thread who seem to be in denial. If the kids don't get a hint from the teacher in the class setting (a link in the OP actually says the whole education wouldn't be very hardcore), then surely a year, two or three later they'll get "educated" by their peers. If you don't believe that, please read up on studies done and prevalence of various practices in different age groups.

There is nothing wrong with this education of it's done properly.

Here's a contention:

How about people let the parents educate their children on sex as they see fit?
And then include this in state education from the age of 14? (to help the kids who's parents are too weak and pathetic to feel any responsibility for the education of their own children!)

That's how it was done in the UK when I was growing up.

Every child explores these things with their peers, and that has worked well for centuries.
I would rather my kid went out and explored these things with kids their own age than be told far too early about these things by adults who think they know better than mother nature!

Almost every kid explores these things with friends their own age, that's what childhood friendship is for. They grow up together and have adventures together. This is just another adventure they have like stealing the first cigarette or building forts in the woods.
It's nothing new, and it doesn't need a global police force dictating how every person should be raised!

This is just one instance of what is quickly going to become a major problem.
When you raise all kids under the same guidelines and practices, originality and individual identity is lost.
This has massive implications on social and cultural issues as well as sexuality, morality, religion...
Can you imagine a world where every child is raised the same, educated the same, had the same childhood experiences...? it would be a world of clones, blank and devoid of any original blemish, trauma, joy or history.
Within a decade of such it becomes the norm, those kids grow up to raise kids by the same rules, supported by that educational system. It would only take a couple of generations before every person is starting to think the same, believe the same, feel the same.

And all of this is being decided by a "team of adult experts" who seem to think that they are right about everything and that all others should follow. What qualifies them to decide how every child on Earth should be educated? Where is it stated who these people are, what their background is, why it is even needed?
And why would people simply follow that in the raising of THEIR OWN children?

F*** the UN. They are just another preaching, needless, pointless group of people dictating to the world. Instead of preaching the word of some almighty being they preach the rules of social construction and manipulation.

I really hope people start waking up to this game soon; the Human race has made it to where we are without such intrusive global dictatorship. We've become what we are through diversity and originality, good and bad.

Say "No!" with force, or start educating your children yourself.

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 04:50 AM
It's simply outrageous that they would want to place this in the curriculum of children age 5-8, there is absolutely no reason for children in this age group to be taught these things at school. Whatever children need to know concerning sex and reproductiion at that age should be taught by their parents and no one else. The UN needs to keep their nose out of this subject, it is something that should be dealt with by the child's parents.

I was one of those kids that was raised without being told anything about sex ed at home. I didn't hear about it until i was about 12 in health class at school and i was just fine. The way i handled it with my sons was that when they started asking questions i answered them honestly. There was a great show on PBS when my sons were young that showed everything from conception to birth, they had cameras inside both the man and the woman during sex, i sat down and watched it with them and and we discussed it after the show was finished, it was very informative for them.

My grandkids will learn the same way, when they are ready to learn , not when the UN thinks they need to know, and they will learn from their parent or grandparent. I beleive strongly that when a child is old enough to ask the question, they are old enough to hear the correct answer, but i am also a firm beleiver in the fact that it's a parent's place to answer the questions.

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 04:51 AM
This is yet more proof that the New World order is run by a bunch of Phallus worshiping Sexual Deviants.

Has anyone ever read anything by that pedophelic degenerate Alfred Kinsey? - this UN idea sounds like something he would have come up with.

I agree with fellow member tinman - this is child abuse.

*Children 5-8 should be taught about child predators, and how evil they are. They should be told that anytime an adult (who isn't mommy or daddy) talks about their private places, then that adult is bad person and they should run screaming as loud as they can to another adult and tell them that a pervert was talking about their private places.

As far as masturbation goes; if caught, the little buggers should be told that all their dead relatives were watching and that they'll never find a pretty wife because pretty women don't like masturbators. Basically, call him on it.

Tell him teenagers masturbate and they have pimply faces, manufacture correlations as required.

Fake blindness in one eye and tell him how it happened. Show him the hair on you hands, tell 'how it got there'. Say god is watching and the angels are all crying. Tell him Jesus never did such a thing and Santa Claus will put you on his naughty list for doing it.

Sum it all up with "if only I had waited until I was an adult...."

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posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 05:36 AM
Seems to me like the serpents behind this are trying to groom a whole generation for paedophilia.

Wake up parents before the satanic rockspiders take over this planet completely. Say NO. Stop allowing others to dictate for your children what your inner self surely tells you is abnormal ; especially in relation to your own chiuldren.

Never before in the history of mankind has such abhorrence been encouraged. It is quite simply sick and the nameless people pushing such an agenda should be investigated and then removed from society if they are found to be the immoral reprobates I suspect them to be.

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 05:40 AM
5...maybe too young.
12...DEFINITELY too late.

When I was 16...I went to my best friends house to stay the night and he had a small swimming pool in his back garden. We were sleeping in a tent outside, so we basically got in our trunks, and stayed that way the whole night... his younger sister who was 12 was doing the same thing. She had another tent to sleep in and also had a friend, and they too stayed in their swimming costumes most of the night. (All fine and well, it might sound a bit off, but no different to being at the beach.)

When we were in the swimming pool at one point my friends sister jumped on his back and pushed him under the ater (playing about) and they started struggling together...completely innocent when done between a brother and sister. Then the sisters friend looked at me, and said "Wanna do the same" and smiled, that type of smile. OF course I made an excuse not to...and I kept my distance from her for the rest of the night.

Now Im 17...and over the past few months some occurrences left me with the instant messenger addresses of a group of 12 year old girls. (I got them innocently, but its a long story to explain here.) Now, I spoke to them only as friends anyway, so once the reason I initially had their addresses was over I saw no need to stop talking to them. by one they started asking me to do things, if I wanted them to do things....wearing INCREDIBLY short shorts before standing up turning around and picking something up.... the worst being one of them 'dropping' the camera as I thought, before picking it back up and being topless. (OF course I cut off speaking to all of them immediately as each one did something. And after one went topless I just deleted the whole lot incase one went even further.) But it shows...a 12 year old KNOWS all they need to know already.

I am now a sixth form student at school, and too many times my friends and I have been followed and stared at by younger girls.

12 is too old to start this, 5 may be too young, but 12 is too old.

Not only did they know all they needed to know, I could VERY easily have said yes to any or all of them. Thats the scary part... how easy it would have been. Luckily they were all doign it to someone who isn't that type of person... but what if I had been. There could now very easily be a whole lot of young girls who lost their innocence... So I'll say it again, 12 is too old.
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posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 06:10 AM
I wonder what the agenda is behind that decision, I'm racking my brain trying to think what purpose that would serve, and who would benefit from children being taught to masturbate. I'm wondering why the UN is even concerning itself with policies like this.

Is it so that children won't think theres anything wrong with an adult doing that to them? Must be a few paedophiles in the UN I would say.

Link attached for youtube video on Ritual Abuse of Children by CIA.

What a sick world we live in.

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 06:23 AM
Okay see here's the thing and over 4 pages it's probably already been discussed...

But there is a HUGE, HUGE difference in teaching children about the effects of "sexual activity" or pregnancy (and even periods/menstruation) etc and teaching them about MASTURBATION at such a young age!

The latter has absolutely *F&%K ALL* to do w/ the former! Do you know what I mean?

Teaching little Jon and Sue about the effects of sticking ones "pee-pee" into ones "minnie mouse" and what may occur and how they should not consider it until they've reached an age they're physically, mentally and financially capable to do so is one thing.

Teaching little Jon and Sue about the "pleasurable" effects of touching ones genitalia is completely another and IMHO downright perverted!! -- ESPECIALLY, in school.

If a 5-6yr old girl, told their friends that "Mommy and daddy have been explaining that if I touch my Minnie Mouse it feels good" in the privacy of the girls own home and said friends parents overheard this - The police would be called and that girls parents would be facing charges of child sexual abuse and pedophelia(sp?) - So why the f&%k should it be okay for strangers in our educational system, to do it!?

ETA: -- What's going to come next? The sex age laws being removed again? Because you do know an age limit was only implimented (in England at least) around the time of one of the Kings right? Due to many of the young chambermaid's in the castle falling pregnant...

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posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 06:36 AM
Some people seem to think that one of the proposals is to teach children HOW to masturbate. The proposal is to teach them WHAT masturbation is.

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 06:36 AM

Originally posted by A55A551N

If a 5-6yr old girl, told their friends that "Mommy and daddy have been explaining that if I touch my Minnie Mouse it feels good" in the privacy of the girls own home and said friends parents overheard this - The police would be called and that girls parents would be facing charges of child sexual abuse and pedophelia(sp?) - So why the f&%k should it be okay for strangers in our educational system, to do it!?

[edit on 27-8-2009 by A55A551N]

**sigh** How abjectly incorrect that little bit of info is. Educating your child is your choice, and parents are free to do so if they wish. telling your child, whenever you deem it, whether anyone else thinks it is right or wrong, that masturbation is fine and good, is absolutely a parents right to do, and they can not be interfered with.

TELLING them that it is fine is far, far different than SHOWING them. Plain and simple.

Just had to point out this error. Whatever else you may opine about, right or wrong, is up to you, and is between you and your kids. But giving your kids information about this subject is NOT illegal.

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 06:40 AM
Whatever happened to letting children BE children for as long as they can?, why are they in such a rush to adultify every youngster these days?

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 06:41 AM

Originally posted by Yossarian
Some people seem to think that one of the proposals is to teach children HOW to masturbate. The proposal is to teach them WHAT masturbation is.


5-8 may be a little young for some, but, to be honest, i started puberty when i was 7 years old. I first had sex at 9.

I was also taught that masturbation is WRONG and SINFUL and all that good jazz. Had I had ANY education on it being okay to do, I guarantee you I would not have started having sex at 9.

Sorry parents, but you may not realize just what you're really teaching your kids by ignoring, avoiding, or abjectly denying the subject with them. They may just be out doing the REAL thing behind your back. I was not alone in that.

As well, it's proven fact that kids are reaching puberty at younger and younger ages now. Why this is is up for debate, but it IS happening. It's the parents responsibility to educate their kids properly, at a time BEFORE the problems begin.

The problem lies in the fact that a great majority of the parents out there DO NOT DO THAT. So what is to be done? hmm?

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 06:43 AM
reply to post by Jomina

It's not an error... I based that on fact and an indirect personal experience.

I've seen people arrested because they took personal holiday snaps of their children on beaches in the med where lack of, or no clothing period is acceptable - Or ones of their children's 'bath-time'.

It happens... Maybe not always but it does so that bit of information, I'm sorry, was not "Incorrect".

ETA: Never once did I say it was "ILLEGAL". What I said was that if a childs parents were to overhear their childs friend talking about how mommy and daddy are teaching her that touching herself is good. The wrong idea would (more than likely) be got and the police called, etc, etc.

The Police will grab you nowadays for having video footage of your young child running around the house nude in their young innocence, it's a crying shame but it happens and this was my point.

If stuff like that is "WRONG" According to Police etc. Then why should children be taught in school at 5-6yrs old what masturbation is? Allow the parents to do their jobs... EDUCATE THE PARENTS, into educating the children. It should be no schools damn business to do that.

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posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 06:48 AM

Originally posted by DataWraith
Whatever happened to letting children BE children for as long as they can?, why are they in such a rush to adultify every youngster these days?

Probably because since the 80s, the rate of pregnancy and younger and younger sexual relations has skyrocketed. And yet, parents are even less willing to teach their children about the proper ways of doing things, IN ALL ASPECTS of their children's lives, INCLUDING sex.

Kids are reaching secual active ages at an earlier time period now, than ever before. Many studies out there proving this. Why? Who knows? My suspicion is the increase in the use of hormones in milk cows, which HAS to have an effect on the bodies of the kids we make drink that stuff lol

But the point is, frankly, in this day and age, it's a very short time period kids have to be kids. Most families these days, especially in america, either are single parent households, or both parents working and the kids are left alone, being responsible for themselves, at much younger ages than they were doing in earlier decades.

But, frankly, in the experiences I've had with my own kids, as well as many families I deal with, kids are also MATURING faster than they did in earlier decades. Guess they're making up for the lacks.

Anyhow.. it's all a big debate that's just going to divide us further.

I do see the reasoning the UN has for suggesting this, but I do see the reasons for it being way too young for the kids to handle.

However.. by the time they reach 7 or 8, a lot of kids are already into puberty. I was at 7, and started sexual relations at 9. I'm not the only one that's happened to, and it's unfortunate, yes. But, happens.

So where do we draw the line?

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 06:51 AM
reply to post by A55A551N

There is a vast difference in having nude photos or videos of your kids, and educating your kids on proper sexual activity.

simple as that.

Any police officer that arrested me for educating my child on proper sexual behavior would find a lawsuit on their hands, and a guaranteed win on my part.

They may try, and I would tell them that i commend them for their vigilance, but in this case, their "automatic nanny-state reaction" is unnecessary


By the way, i do agree with you totally, it is entirely the responsibility of the parental units to educate their children in this area.

Problem is, the vast majority do not. It is left ignored, denied, or violently opposed and oppressed. Do you not see that having an affect on a child? heh

Yes. Parental responsibility. Not the schools. But if the parents are neglecting that duty, who's going to teach them?

Their peers. Who know just as little as they do.

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posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 07:02 AM
I think it can actually be harmful to let them "figure it out for themselves," not to mention it can be confusing for the child -- or downright traumatizing.

I grew up in catholic schools, and I remember having 13-17 year old friends who went through hard times of guilt and confusion because they masturbated. One of my close friends was molested from 11-14 -- which I don't think would have happened had he been educated on what's appropriate and what's not -- as well as how reproduction/orgasms/stimulation etc works.

There is also a lot of damage kids can do to their penis when they are young and do not quite understand how their biology works or how to masturbate.

Sex is absolutely necessary for survival. It's as important as eating, sleeping, and drinking. Without it, none of us would be here, and nature has driven mankind to be horny for over 200,000 years. So get use to it -- and stop being embarrassed and ashamed of something that's perfectly natural for your grandparents, your mom, your dad, your brother, your sister, and your kids to do.

In short, grow up.

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 07:08 AM
After looking over what I think is the UN report (that presents only guidelines, the UNESCO can not enforce anything on its own) in the order that the "key concepts" are presented, it looks like a well thought-out plan to really teach young people all they may need to know so they would not be confused or fooled by some situation or person.

And yes, they talk about child abuse, along with the other things, like "Children are not ready for sexual contact with other people".

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 07:18 AM
reply to post by Jomina

I was also taught that masturbation is WRONG and SINFUL and all that good jazz. Had I had ANY education on it being okay to do, I guarantee you I would not have started having sex at 9.

I am a little confused. So you were told that masturbation was you did not do it. Although most being told it was wrong would still do it under the cover of darkness, if they were even aware of it at 9.
And yet are you saying that you were not told that sexual intercourse at 9 years old was not wrong, let alone illegal. And yet rather than masturbate you had sexual intercourse? I am not following that.
Kids may be physically maturing much earlier and that is such a shame, but emotionally they are not maturing for much longer. Therefore they are not emotionally prepared.
May as well teach them at 5 how to fire a gun...then tell them not to actually do it until they are 16...see how that one will go.

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 08:36 AM
Who says they are not maturing faster emotionally too?

I think many youths would disagree with that, I know I would. As I said in my last post, I am 17, and although the actions of a few led to me removing all the 12 year olds I had on my contacts list. The majority of them were extreemly mature, to the point I would not have believed they were so young, if I could not see so via pictures online or webcam. Children are growing up physically and emotionally quicker than ever before.

I have no interest in having meaningless conversations with imature people, yet this group of people I talked to almost on an equal level, I barely had to change how I talked at all, they were very mature. Okay, THEY helped ME through depression and problems I had just as much as I helped them.

But the lack of education on sexual behaviour.... well... one of them told me that when she was 11 she had sex with a 17 year old. And she thought that was NORMAL. I left her incredibly ashamed after trying to gently tell her it wasn't.

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posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 10:49 AM
What people don't understand is the concept of liberty and freedom.

If you want to teach your kids about these things then do it. This is your right.

Don't tell me how to raise my kids by your guidelines. I send my kids to school to learn how to read and write, not how to masterbate. Kids have learned how to do this on their own for years without the help of the U.N.

This is just designed to take power away from the parent. So the government will be raising your kid.

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