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My view on ancient civilizations and aliens

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posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 04:30 PM
I am one to believe that there was an ancient civilization and ancient extraterrestrials visited us. Here is my point:

Over 20,000 years ago, there was an ancient civilization that was quite advanced. I do not believe they had flying machines or IPods, but they had advanced knowledge in the arts and sciences. They developed more on the spiritual side than on the materialistic side we are on. Extraterrestrials had visited the planet to watch us grow and study us. They finally decided the civilization was ready for contact to be made.
The ancient civilization was destroyed when the Earth was hit by many comets over 12,000 years ago. (That is now what a growing number of scientists think and have found evidence for.) The extraterrestrials tried to help jump start our civilization by putting in clues for future civilizations and reteaching the survivors of the cataclysm that struck the planet.

That is the crux of the theory, and now the idea is to get evidence to support it. Alignments on stars of many monuments are a start, but there has to be hard evidence before people take any of these theories seriously. The finding of Earth type planets near us will help with this hypothesis.

What do most of you think? I put this on Mr Creighton's forum as he is open to many different and alternative theories.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 04:32 PM
I like.....seems more plausible than half the other theories we hear..

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 05:06 PM
Fine theory, no insult intended, but . .

Really, one should examine evidence, then propose a theory. If you propose a theory, and then go look for evidence to support it, it skews how you look at evidence - because you're trying to support a theory.

Just my humble, non-scientific opinion. Good luck.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 05:29 PM
Interesting theory, why is your thought on why, after the cataclysm, that humans became more materialistic in our next run at a civilization?

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 05:49 AM
reply to post by kidflash2008

Hello Kidflash,

Interesting topic. Many thanks for bringing it to the board.

Kidflash: I am one to believe that there was an ancient civilization and ancient extraterrestrials visited us.... I put this on Mr Creighton's forum as he is open to many different and alternative theories.

SC:You certainly do not waste any time in getting to the crux of the matter - the perplexing question of our history and origins. It seems to me that the deeper we dig (literally), the further back in time we have to move the origins of our species - and the more questions we then find.

Your post touches on the work of Sitchin and Pye who both postulate an "intervention" theory as being the origins of modern humans. Whilst I remain open to such ideas, I do think more solid evidence is required, for it is only with hard, incontrovertible evidence that a theory can ever hope to enter into the realm of fact, as one of the other posters here (Tippy's Dad) has already indicated.

Now I think we are both agreed that if a high civilisation did exist in prehistory it was a civilisation quite different in its outlook from ours. This civilisation could work heavy stone, were highly artistic, could navigate the oceans, knew the Earth was a sphere, understood the motions of the stars and possessed a high understanding of mathematics. The DID NOT have iPods, 4x4s, H-bombs or electricity.

Much of the knowledge this civilisation possessed would have been lost in the global cataclysm that took place on the Earth c.12,500 years ago which - as you stated - science is now finding more and more evidence to support. Science is merely finding evidence that supports the numerous eye-witness testimonies written in our most ancient and sacred texts.

That such advanced understanding of the cosmos (precession) was understood in prehistoric times is supported by the arrangement of the pyramids at Giza. Not only are the ancients demonstrating the precessional half-cycle in the placement of the 2 sets of so-called 'Queens Pyramids' they demonstrate this using 2 very pivotal moments in the motion of the belt stars - their culminations. The precessional culminations of stars can be likened to the sun at high noon - it is no longer ascending nor is it descending. It has reached its pivotal point. This is the same with the culmination of the belt stars although the culmination of the stars lasts for hundreds of years. How did the ancients know that this was their culmination? And how were the ancients able to calculate and project the position of those same stars some 13,000 years into the future and do this without the use of any advanced technology (computers etc)?

So, our history may be littered with countless broken pot sherds of this high civilisation but what many overlook is that these remarkable people were able to preserve their minds, their knowledge and pass it down to us.

Of course, the question that now arises is WHY ORION? Why was this high civilisation so 'obsessed' with this constellation and, in particular, a single star - Rho Orionis - within the constellation? Were our ancient forebears perhaps paying homage to their - and our - true origins?

Best wishes,

Scott Creighton

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posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 06:34 AM
reply to post by kidflash2008

You must have some reason for believing as you do. We'd like to hear it. But others have been seriously working on this subject for something like 50 years now, so I suggest you pull up some web sites or get hold of some books and start to read.

The point that your logic is backwards is well-taken. Are you looking for a dogma or some workable answers? If the latter, then be prepared to adjust the "theory" based on observed data. Of course, observed data can be misinterpreted.

The work of Zecharia Sitchin has been summarized and amplified more recently by Michael Tellinger. This mostly concerns the data contained on what are generally known as the "Sumerian clay tablets." The translation and interpretation of these tablets is problematical, but if Sitchin and Tellinger are correct, they tell a story of intelligent life on earth, complete with space ships and nuclear-type weapons, that goes back at least 500,000 years. The story contained on those tablets includes the genetic manipulation of existing humanoids on earth to produce slave workers for the invaders. The invaders then started intermarrying with them until you get the body form and variety of colors, etc., that that you see today. They do also recount the catastrophe and flood of about 12,000 years ago, and the rebuilding of the areas that the invaders were interested in, which included the middle east, the Indus Valley, Egypt, and areas of Central and South America. They record the design and building of the pyramids, Babylon, and many other things. They recount great and destructive wars as the various invader factions battled over which was most fit to rule the planet. It's a lot of data.

This general pattern is also supported by "anecdotal" data (remembrances) from several other sources. So it seems your theory has some merit, though it may need a little tweaking here and there.

Good luck on your search!

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 04:22 PM
reply to post by Tippys Dad

There is much evidence out there that support this possible theory. The major problem is that civilization "popped up" fully formed without much to back it up. The discovery of monuments around 10,000 years old in Turkey and underwater sites examined by Graham Hancock and others that would have been above water over 12,000 years ago do help with the theory.

Many scientists have proposed a theory first and then looked for the evidence to support it.

I was also chastised by someone for asking the question why the ancient Americans had wheels on their toys but did not have the wheel for use. I was told one did not ask such questions as they were speculations.

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by Finalized

Our culture is based on technology to make our life simpler. It is also based on the capitalistic beliefs of buying stuff just for the sake of buying it, not because it is a necessity. Do we need Iphones, cable, etc to survive?

There has yet to be a find to show the ancients were materialistic in that manner. Yes, they did go to markets and had merchants, but most of the things bought were necessities of life. It is also true that royalty and nobility were treated well. If we find an ancient cellphone, I will change my thoughts on that one.

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by Scott Creighton

I am not necessarily stating intervention. While I do believe there has been contact, I do not think our species was made by aliens. While the evidence compiled by Mr Pye and others is compelling, there are still many questions their theories cannot answer.

I am one to think our civilization was thriving and very sophisticated. The extraterrestrials who may have been watching us (with a form of the Prime Directive) would have deduced we were ready for meeting other worldly species.

The evidence is mounting to show that something big did happen, and it destroyed most if not all of the great civilization. The only intervention of aliens may have come when they wanted to help us get back on our feet, so to speak. They may have given us some knowledge(or kept the records and given us our old knowledge back to us. This would help explain why many monuments around the world are aligned to certain star systems.

Also, if the Kepler space telescope finds a planet circling the red dwarf star Sirius C, then Mr Robert Temple would have been the first to be proven right with a theory. (Many astronomers now state that a red dwarf would be ideal for life on planets. The planets would have to be closer, but the red dwarf star is very stable and lasts for trillions of years.)

Edited to add:

Orion could be where our friends came from who helped us out through the difficult times after the calamity. They are probably waiting for us to have the spiritual maturity we had so the can re-establish contact with us.

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posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 04:49 PM
reply to post by l_e_cox

I have been reading all of the books on alternative theories and about the enigmas that are our monoliths and monuments. I also realized how very different some of the ideas were, and many authors in this area seem to try to discredit others. Graham Hancock states in his book "Supernatural" that he does not believe in nuts and bolts alien craft. I could go a few rounds with him on that one just on the Roswell case, not to mention the Hills, the Summer of the Saucers of 1952, etc.

While I do not think there is a planet Nibiru that comes close to the Earth, I do think Zecharia Sitchin has a lot of interesting questions that need to be answered. I respect Lloyd Pye on his research of human origins and Sasquatch, but will hesitate to claim we were genetically altered by aliens.

Colin Wilson and other authors are now writing about the spirituality and peaceful nature of the Neanderthals and are coming up with some interesting ideas that may blow everything out into the sky if proven correct. The Neanderthals have been found to be very spiritual and knew of the stars. They were much more intelligent and had bigger brains than Modern Man has.

With all of those theories and ideas out there, I looked at the one major statement of "There is truths to be found in everything." Another words, the theories all have something that is true about them. The problem is finding out which one to pick out. The ancient civilization theory is gaining ground as more finds are discovered. The ET connection is also getting strong because of more information being found out about them.

I am open to all new books and ideas. I have been coming to these conclusions for a long time now. I also had come to the conclusion that all spiritual beliefs shared the same truths. It is the dogma that is different and creates problems.

BTW, I want to thank you all for your responses to my thread.

Goddess Bless,


posted on Nov, 28 2011 @ 12:34 AM
I think it is more likely that our civilization is not the first civilization the planet has seen rather than a non-terrestrial entities’ creation. In my theory, in a post-apocalyptic world, Atlantis was the lone surviving settlement or gathering point for survivors. From what I have read of the Mahabharata (I only speak and read English so something may be lost in translation), it sounds a lot like a nuclear war happened. How or why Atlantis survived I don't know. I'm just going with it until a better thing for Atlantis comes along.

I think the various vitrified stone forts and sand across the world are the evidence of a nuclear holocaust.

Some time after the Apocalypse, Atlantis used it’s remaining technologies to help other survivors. This is where we get stories from ancient peoples all around the world of arrivals from the sky. I don’t believe they are extra-terrestrial as a lot of the descriptions involve fire and smoke and thundering noises and spacecraft that can traverse vast distances in space aren’t going to use rocket motors to return to space from a planet. I think it’s more likely it was an aircraft of terrestrial design. Modes of transportation too carry technology around the planet to help the survivors. For whatever reason their visits were infrequent enough that the survivors, as a people, eventually forgot about technology and reverted to a primitive lifestyle to survive. On the last visit, the people thought they were ‘gods’ and came to worship them thus the stone carvings and pictures of ‘spacemen’.

The visits ended about 10, 000 years ago when Atlantis sank. Since that time the remaining people on the planet have been trying to maintain the things the ‘gods’ built like the pyramids. I think if we were able to dissect the pyramids we’d find layers upon layers of repairs with a stone monolith structure at it’s core.

Things like Gobekli-tepe make me think. How did people without metal tools or even the wheel cut, move and stack stones weighing up to 50 tons. That’s 100, 000 pounds. Let’s say each of the people that built this thing could lift 100 lbs each. It would take only 20 people to lift a 1 ton stone. So it would take 1000 people just to lift the stone. Not to mention moving it without the wheel. There are other examples of huge megalithic stones that were obviously moved and stacked. Some of the stones are so huge that we, with all our technology, can’t move.

Of course it’s a theory in progress. I go with Atlantis because it has to fit in there somewhere and with the relatively recent discoveries of, what seems to be, cities submerged in the Oceans.

Like it or dislike it, I don’t care

Thanks for reading my summarized craziness lol.

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