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¿Economic Armageddon? Doesn't have To Be This Way, 7 Things You Can Do To Stop It.

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posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 04:19 PM
Hi All,

Most all Americans were against stimulus 1, and We spoke out. However, We are now taxed without representation; that is Our representatives in Congress are bought, and paid for by special interest lobbies.

Now the next coming solution is gonna be stimulus 2. I am not, and I know most of You are not fooled by this plan. The wool will not be pulled over Our heads, again.

In the title I wrote,"Doesn't Have To Be This Way", and it truly doesn't. Our govt. is hyjacked by crooks, liars, and thieves. There is something We can all do; that's keeping Our collective earnings in the local community. I'll give an itemized list of examples:

*Choose to eat at the local Mom, and Pop Restaurants; instead of the mulit national chain eateries. While McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and others cram GMO food down Your throat, Your local Mom, and Pop will cater to what the local buyer expects; non GMO food.

*Don't go out to buy a new car, lawnmower, or appliance from a multinational chain. Find the local mechanic, possibly even Your neighbor is a retired Mechanic; pay them to keep Your car, lawnmower, or appliance running in tip top shape. It keeps Your monies local.

*Find Your local Mom, and Pop Produce stand. Buy Your staples local; drive right past the multi national huge box store, and to the local man. The multinational corporate guys harvest the vegetables early, spray them with crud to make them stay ripe looking. Your local Person will cater to the local communities wants, or nutritious non GMO foods desired. Farmer's markets are all across the country. Find one, or if there is a void fill it with Your own organic produce for sale. Buy Your meats from Your local area. Don't buy from the box stores. Most areas have local butchers who in turn buy from the local rancher. Get Your meats locally. Also, don't forget about Your dairy, and poultry needs.

*Everyone here is working on a computer right now!!! Don't go buy, or have Your computer fixed by the mega box stores!!! Have Andy down the street, or any neighbor who is skilled with computers fix it. There are several alternatives to buying a brand new hunk of junk; they never have what You want, and are loaded with junk promotional programs. Buy local, get what You want, and it'll be cheaper.

*Shop at local retail stores. Many times these small Mom, and Pops will carry goods from the local area. As best You can stay away from the huge box stores.****MAKE SECOND HAND COOL****** Go to Your local thrift store to shop, or local NGO selling thrift goods. Almost perfect, is easily made perfect.

*Keep manufacturing, and fabrication local. Instead of running to places like SEARS, JCWHITNEY, or NORTHERN TOOL. Find the local machine shop, local tannery, the local leather craftsman, or the local furniture maker. I guarantee most communities have these.

*Last, but possibly the most important, is thinking outside of the box. Many People are out of work. It never hurts for them to ask, or for You to ask them to perform domestic duties.... Not a maid, but other. A cake at a box store costs minimum of 12 bucks. Maybe Your neighbor who is a stay at home spouse would like to bake You cakes for 8 bucks; don't laugh, all completely honorable. Even bread is now running 4 bucks, how about Your neighbors fresh bread for 3 bucks. Again think outside the box. Keep Your hard earned monies local every chance.

I know the list I made above can be added to, and by all means please do. Our government has long forgotten about the People; they are in the pockets of Special Interest Lobbies, or multi national corporations. As long as "We The People" support their system, We will be enslaved. They are purposely bringing down the proverbial building now.

It doesn't have to be this way, WE ARE CHANGE!!!!!!!!

Read the article, it's talking about even more IOU's, written with Our blood as the future payment of the debt.

Obama is considering "Stimulus" 2. For our trillion dollars, "Stimulus" 1 has resulted in increasing unemployment and increasing debt, yet he contemplates Son of Stimulus. China owns ever more of America and the U.S. is becoming ever less creditworthy. The amount we have to pay just in interest, is approaching the total budget for national defense! And federal spending is accelerating?! Will we, not to mention, our children, and grandchildren, suffer profoundly from our profligacy? Government programs (yes, Republican-initiated programs, for example, the Bush bailouts and the Iraq War, are equally at fault) are usually terribly inefficient. Think Amtrak, the Postal "Service," the public schools, the nearly bankrupt Social Security and Medicare, the Bailouts, $75 hammers, the Bridge to Nowhere. Many government programs are actually negative in effect. Consider, for example, Cash for Clunkers: dangling taxpayer dollars in front of people poor enough to own bad-gas-mileage clunkers so they can go deeply in debt to buy a new car (80% of which have been foreign, by the way). And of course, dumping all those cars and their toxic components and fluids into landfills is an environmental disaster. Plus, car dealers are screaming that they have laid out the $4,500 per car to customers and often have not yet been paid by the government, thereby killing their cash flow, a business's lifeblood. The government can't even write a promised check in a timely manner and they want to run a "public option" health care system?

Feel the rage! Feel Your blood coursing through Your arteries!!! We are the Power; We are People.

Wake Up, Stand Up,


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posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 04:31 PM
Why stimulus 2 if stimulus 1 hasn't been fully wasted yet?

A lot of these things the article says, I am already doing. Got an unemployed lady cleaning my house, buying school clothes at thrift shops, and fixing, rather than throwing out, what breaks. Just can't afford the increased prices I am seeing. Hell, even Wal-Mart is starting to look like an expensive store.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 04:35 PM
I'll flag to that.

A second stimulus when we havent even USED 10% OF THE FIRST ONE!?!

Makes me sick we have no say in our government anymore!

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 04:47 PM
Drown your congressional reps offices with faxes, emails and phone calls...Don't just say you oppose any more stimulus, ASK what his or her position on a second stimulus is.......No matter what you are told, inform the office that if Rep or Sen so and so votes for any more stimulus funds, you will ACTIVELY campaign against them!!

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 04:48 PM
Just for fun.

What if we do want the crash to come?
What if we need the crash in order to clean house?

some ideas to ponder

*edited "don't" to "do"

[edit on 26-8-2009 by warrenb]

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 05:03 PM
Well, you know what *I*'m gonna say! LOL! Excellent post and good choices to make.

Also... There's the abundance paradigm (as described in my first link and in my book in the second in my sig.).

[edit on 8/26/2009 by Amaterasu]

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 05:03 PM
I kinda agree with sanchezearlyjones, and havbe thought about this, for quite some years. I work in retail, for a CVS pharmacy. Thier plannign to make new stores, all within a couple hundred feet of eachother! 10+ years ago, their used to be a mom n pops pharmacy acorss the street form where i work. Theyde complain file suites ect agaisnt cvs. Apparently, CVS has full time round the clock payed corporate lawyers, viscous buzzards. I realized, what it means...its a monopoly! I always thought the feds would never allow a chain of stores to do that, striclty becuase ti kills competition? IN order for an economy to survive, you have to have variety and competition, too properly keep everyting going. I guess nowadays, the fed is more concerend with places like Walmart, CVS, Mcdonalds even, becuase of the money coming in. Makes one wonder, how mcuh money the fed is skiming or making off the monopoly stores???
While yes, ide be in favor of shopping at mom pops stores...problem is, thier ussualy much more expensive to shop in.The same thing at walmart, for lets say $1.79, at a mom pops shop wouold be like $3.29. PLaces like walmart have generated so much money, they can afford to keep the prices low. The quality fo the products, i dont know, thats anther factor. could reflect on the low prices too..aka yuo get what yuo pay for.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 05:07 PM
reply to post by warrenb

No doubt warrenb; however, the main economy along with the masses will fail, I want to enlighten the few, and the strong. With the 7 things I enumerated they can build strong self sufficient communities.

Don't worry Your overall crash will come, but it really doesn't need to be that way, and I want as many small communities as possible to thrive.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 05:14 PM
Too top it off, i fond it ironic, ALL major , lets clal them ,onopoly stores, cvs, home depot, walmart, ALL have been caught red handed with big labor violations, discrimination against women, and no paying thier empyoees, nor giving them pay raises or yearly reviews. Bieng in cvs, its notorious for this. Its like they think their giants, own everything now, and can do whatever they feel like to the workers. A few times i was in my local home depot, to return a honeywell air fitler i purchsed, it broke down after a month, it was such a hassle, and the lady thier, had an attitude smiling all evil like, and made me fill out a form over a simple exchange. makes you wonder about the empoyees!!!
And this is the future of shopping? I dont go thier unless its a rare thing. thiers a local mom n pops hardware store down the street from me i go too, and have been since i was 15. Yeah its a tad pricer, but ther cool, and most everything is better quality than home CHeapo***

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 05:21 PM
reply to post by sanchoearlyjones

I'm all for the small communities!
Big systems are bound to fail, at least historically that is the way it goes.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 05:52 PM
reply to post by ziggy1706

I can understand where Your coming from. It only occurs because We operate within the system that they create, and operate.

Stand outside of that system, but in a local system, and their maniacal system fades away

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 06:07 PM
Back in the 90's thier was a small mom n pop drug store, calle Syl may. I think that was the guys name. It was a pharmacy, small place,a nd had small selection of stuff. but! it was awesome! for sucha small place, thier was someting for everyone thier, and at least quality goods! then a cvs opened up across the street, thats when i started wroking thier, needing a job. sometimes the assitant would make fun of syl mays, substandard to no competiton for cvs. i was trying to understand his position with cvs, for trying ot hurt another buisness owner..he spoke it like it was being encouraged, in my opinion. I do know syl mays was trying to pen another store, downtown, but form what i rememebr, cvs corporations imply ddi what they had to do, to stop him form comepting..they bought up all his stocks or the lease on his stores land, i dont rememebr the speficis. so he closed down, and to this day i miss that place! Yeah their was less than a handful of employees, but at leat it was strict, to the point, and no laziness aboud! it was clean, and if he could get it for you, aweosme! the big retial chains cannot and do not do that..thiers a spefic item you like, in my case, avalon shampoos, cause their natural. at least my lcoal GNC vitamin store caan get them..not one other BIG retail chain cannot. so! as big as the corporate chains go, we, as customers, are still rather limited to whats in stock and availaiblity of selection.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 06:13 PM
Star and Flag from me!

In addition to these suggestions, consider bartering for goods and services, rather than using cash. I'm sure most people have something of value to offer others. No taxes on bartered goods and services!

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 06:19 PM
reply to post by WTFover

"No taxes on bartered goods and services!"

That's actually not true. If the government knew that you were bartering goods and services they would tax you on the value of those goods and services. It's part of the Federal Tax Code.
Remember! The government can and will tax you on pretty much anything.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 06:25 PM
Here folks, I am so fired up, I actually am showing my mug shot in this youtube video. It's a simple message that'll help small communities, and countless numbers of People survive.

Hey don't be to harsh on me... I've never done a Youtube, or for that matter been in a video

I am not afraid, as the PTB do have all of Our numbers. When I die the b*st**ds will have to pry my gun from my cold decaying hand; as this ole' boy is gonna go down fighting!!!!

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 06:29 PM
To pull this off, we would need a massive grass-roots movement. I'm not talking a couple thousand, but millions of people centrally located in one region or another in order for this to work. I say this because the only reason prices at local farmer's markets, local retail clothing outlets, etc. are so much higher than the bigger corporate machines is because not enough people are buying into the local communities option... as an earlier psoter stated, these corporate greed mongers have made enough money to run anyone out of business with lower prices, and in (to put it mildly) precarious financial times, the lower price wins. Basically, we need a lot of people willing to take a beating in the wallet in the interim in order for this to succeed. As one recently unemployed, I'm still willing to take that beating, but not if my neighbor keeps shopping at Supersweatshop Wally World... ergo, Wal Mart.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 06:35 PM
reply to post by Legion2112

see, I've had the opposite occur in my personal life. I am in the Inland NorthWest; when in the States.

I buy my milk for 2 bucks a gallon. I just bought a shovel, and harrow for two bucks each at the animal shelters thrift store. I can leave numerous farmers markets with 2 full bags of goodies for under 12 bucks

It works, and it's sustainable growth for the small communities.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 06:52 PM
I agree we need a large-scale revolt against the next stimulus. Who the [jellybeans] does it really help? I mean, Obama is the banks' pockets, Congressmen are bought by corporations and companies to lean a certain way where the American people get screwed. "Change!" "Yes, we can!" Give me a [rainbow lollipop] break.

Sanchoearlyjones, I hope you are buying NON-rBGH milk, dude.

As much as your plan is likable, what we need to do is turn America into a more save-first country. We have become a country that prides itself on the latest gadgets, big SUVs that the average person doesn't need but buys for a reputation, eating out at the most expensive restaurants for [dingleberries] that we could get at a small local restaurant. We build debt-shackles for ourselves. Increase savings, low spending. One might say this works against the economy, but with the economy being the way it is, more saving will cause the government to fix the problem because they know they need our consumer money.

This plan is not enough though. You need protest on a large scale. It makes you wish you were in a third-world country because those people are more aware and more willing to revolt. We need to address the problems in Congress and to face the government head on. No more [teletubbies and babies] fear of the NWO. We are too conforming for no good.

*All swear words have been replaced with polite phrases for your benefit by your local government. Support your government's censorship because isn't that what the government is about? Control - I mean, security. You betcha. Now, go, get that swine flu vaccine.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 07:03 PM
reply to post by DevilJin

I should have been more clear in the OP. The country as a whole is going down. I would like to see as many small communities as possible thrive through this collapse. By following the enumerated guidelines, and whatever else ya'll can add to that, several will thrive.

My milk is natural. not homogenized, or pasteurized. The ole' boy I buy it from was run out of the commercial dairy business about 10 years ago; when it was decided dairy cow poo was toxic. He could not afford to comply.

He was almost retired, and decided to do just that. Now he sells 100, or so gallons of raw dairy milk every couple days.

He operates on a cash, no receipt basis; as do I.

I have even bartered the milk from him.

Small sustainable communities will do fine in the coming months, and couple years

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 07:06 PM
reply to post by really

Actually, according to the IRS website "bartering exchanges" are reportable income, however,

The term (bartering exchanges) does not include arrangements that provide solely for the informal exchange of similar services on a noncommercial basis.


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