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Pyramids of China - Revisited

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posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 02:21 PM

Originally posted by die_another_day
My dad, who used to be a farmer in China, said that this is a method of farming in higher altitudes.

He said that there is no soil on hills or mountains so the farmers have to move dirt and create these mounds to farm on.

case closed.

Well let me try another explanation
And it seems that it has worked if that is what you and your dad truly believe

It is thanks to the Shih Chi (Records of the Grand Historian of China), by the very great Chinese historian Sima Qian (145-86 B.C.), that we can be fairly certain that the emperor’s grave is located beneath a particular hill 150 feet high and planted with grass and trees. Apparently, the hill is man-made; according to Sima, a 140-foot-high pyramid complete with five terraces lies beneath it.

In his Shih Chi, Sima Qian-who really was the Grand Historian of China, though at the court of Emperor Wu - states that almost 700,000 workers labored for 20 years to create the tomb of the Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi. He says the earth was removed down to the ground water level. Then the floor was poured with molten bronze. A stone sarcophagus was laid on this platform. When the structure was completed, those who knew where the entrance was were silenced by being entombed alive. To further disguise the entrance, the pyramid was covered with earth and grass to give the impression of a natural hill, a strategy which is strangely present in the smaller Xian pyramids of today!

So that explains why they are all covered in dirt

So tell your dad to grab a shovel and go treasure hunting

Seems to me the reason pyramid building went into decline was this habit of burying the workers with the project. Had to be hard to find workers after awhile

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posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 02:24 PM
reply to post by mckyle

oops sorry, I see you mentioned the mercury already as well

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 03:20 PM

Originally posted by zorgon
reply to post by mckyle

oops sorry, I see you mentioned the mercury already as well

No problem mate

Your detailed response made mine pale anyway

I have been Googling my butt off trying to get a good-sized schematic of the mausoleum and levels. Have you had any luck finding anything of that nature?

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 03:37 PM

Originally posted by starwarp2000
The fact that most of the Pyramids of China weren't built by the Chinese, makes us ask who they were really built by.
IMO, they are the remains of a World encompassing network of Pyramids constructed by some advanced civilization, for what purpose we can only surmise.
the current breed of Chinese Archaeologists have stated that they haven't been allocated the funds and will leave it to future generations to do.
If we believe them that is.

Starwarp (and anyone similar), you got to control your enthusiasm / imagination if you want to find REALITY ! who told you they "wernt built by the chinese" !? they most certainly were, and the only Aliens (spirits) involved, were the ones who TELEPATHICALLY got hold of the Corrupt emperors minds, and made them think (just like the Perverted western g/o/d does), that by Enslaving thousands, they might find "eternal" life for themselves. But in later re-incarnation, when they have to PAY for all the sufferings they caused, those huge EGOS (like the egyptian ones) will be very sorry they ever Doubted that SOMEONE is (more remotely) in charge of even They who call themselves "the gods, g/o/d".

im Not saying there was never any "advanced" / alien inspired civilisations on earth, but one has to Focus examination on the evidences Very coldly / Rationally; and the REAL enemy is WITHIN your own Minds, in the forms of inculcated Religious gibberish and Failures to adhere to Common Sense above all Hopes and Dreams. those chinese mounds were nothing more than burial tombs, and being 4-sided rather than Conical is only a simple construction choice. 4 is one of the most basic numbers in the universe for All humans, not just "advanced civilisations". and yes i know 8 (not 4) is their Lucky number, my wife is chinese. the xtians Deludedly think a cross "means" them (only), idiots, 2, 3, 4, etc are Fundaments of physics and Molecules, NOT religion ! so beware of Racing imagination.

As for disbelieving the local archaeologists - forget it. They were Totally forbidden to dig up the mounds under MaoTseDong, plus the Normal chinese reluctance to "Disturb" the dead / ancestors, meant just about Nobody - other than Foreigners, had the Slightest interest to dig them up. Only in the last 10 years (roughly), including Beijings great effort with the Olympics etc has encouraged Tourism on a grand scale, are the archaeologist at last getting some money and Permission to excavate.

ShaoLin temple for example now has a 20 mile Expressway leading to it (!) and a 3-level coach park nearby, with electric cars waiting to take you round. The poor abbot sits in a corner looking Miserable now all his "authority" has been stripped; and even the Monks resort to cheap tricks to enhance their seeming "supernatural" skills. Deadly fighters they still are, BUT, they also employ simple tricks of Mechanics to delude the twats who WANT to believe they are "beyond human". you think any human on earth can Jump 30ft more than the Olympic record - like all the kung-fu movies show ?!

you think Aliens "must" have made all the corn-circles in Wiltshire, since they are "so complicated, beyond human skill" ?! google for the Japanese rice art of INAKADATE and see what smart humans CAN do

as for Tibet, where we also went, even right into the previous Dali Llamas private chambers, there was an Essex plumber twat who wrote about Tibetans having wood spikes jammed into their Foreheads to "open" their "third eye" vision (assuming they ever got out of hospital !) and an earlier German liar /sensationalist who said they could Beat drums to Levitate rocks, but believe me, "7 years in Tibet" is just a glamourised movie. the locals were mostly Feudal low-intelligence Primitives who sat around all day Chanting to Spirits. only since the Chinese took over, have they been educated to abandon religion and build a productive society.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 03:27 AM
We should search for a more mundane explanation for these pyramids other than ALIENSDIDIT or GODDIDIT, or else we aren't really thinking critically.

When mankind was primitive and consisted of hunter-gatherers, the population growth rate probably was at about 0% for a long time because of disease, predators, and lack of resources. Mankind was unable to support large populations because of their simple lifestyle, and they probably had harsh lives with short life expectancies. Mankind was always busy fulfilling his basic survival needs, and could not devote his attention to other things, like art, religion, or literature. Life was savage, and man was just barely scraping by back then.

However, with the development of agriculture, this changed. Man was able to prepare for natural disasters because he could use his surplus of crops to prepare for hard times. However, after a while man noticed that sometimes his crops didn't turn out so well. When he would plant his crops in the ground when the climate was still cold, they would be killed by the frost and he would lose his crop. Likewise, if he were to plant them too late when it got too hot, the seeds wouldn't take and he would be left with nothing. Naturally, mankind needed to find a way to determine the right time to sow his seeds. The pyramid was one way ancient man managed to fulfill these needs. Let me explain.

To the ancient man, the position of the sun and the precession of the seasons determined whether or not his crops would survive. Naturally, if man had a way to calculate exactly when to plant the seeds, this could save him a lot of stress and wasted crops. Since he now had a surplus and didn't always have to focus on his immediate survival, man may have focused his attention on the movement of the heavenly bodies instead to pass the time. We all get bored.

Now, most pyramids are associated with religions that give religious significance to the sun. Notice how pretty much EVERY PYRAMID is aligned with due north. Perhaps the pyramids were used as a precessional clock by these ancient peoples to help them be successful with agriculture? The societies that developed these precessional clocks became very powerful regionally because they were able to reliably predict when to plant and harvest their crops. How would having a precessional clock help an ancient society? Read on.

More crops means a higher population growth rate. These civilizations that developed more sophisticated means of calculating the precession of the equinoxes were more likely to produce a large population, which would allow them to conquer and assimilate all opposing groups in the region, which were unable to provide enough food to sustain a large population. Thus, you have the age of Egyptian pyramid construction during the Old Kingdom, but not so much during the Middle and New Kingdoms. Once they had enough pyramids and established themselves as a regional power, the work was already done and they didn't need to build any more.

Pyramids are not the only form of precessional clock. Structures such as Stonehenge probably served a similar purpose for their respective cultures. Please notice that the societies that possess these precessional calendars are the societies that would attain regional dominance in the long run. Until now, it is uncertain how building these megalithic structures would help a culture. With the right interpretation, these structures would have helped their people make more food, which means bigger armies.

The similarity in construction of these pyramids across cultures is reflective of the similarity of function that they served. Building a solar precessional calendar was a vital step in the cultural evolution of early human society. The reason the pyramids are so similar across cultures is because the pyramids all served the same function across cultures.

Aliens didn't do it, we did. Google precessional clock and you will see many examples.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 07:25 AM
I remember reading (or perhaps watching) how the pyramids in S America all lined up towards something and a bunch pointed towards one city... I wonder if maybe all the worlds pyramids point to something?

Im also wondering recently if the pyramids have to do with the Georgia Guidestone languages. I mean there is Egyptian (Giza), Chinese, Spanish (S America), Hebrew and Arabic (I have heard there are mounds in the middle east), maybe some will turn up in Russia and India soon..?

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 09:08 PM

Originally posted by mckyle
I have been Googling my butt off trying to get a good-sized schematic of the mausoleum and levels. Have you had any luck finding anything of that nature?

Nope not yet... Until Starwarp posted that radio image I didn't know they had done that.. I guess I need to look at the latest updates again

Damn the mercury send in a team with hazmat suits
or one of those little robots

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 03:15 AM
reply to post by Albastion


While your theory is watertight, you show a weakness in your first paragraph by falling in line with orthodox teaching about early man. It is pure conjecture aggregated over time by our own primitive understanding.

Just because we have a certain way of doing things does not mean they didn't have their own ways. Ice Man had tattoos which were used to time release medicines. How can savages fighting to survive accumulate all that knowledge? Travel may have indeed been slower, but the whole Earth was walked, and in the process much knowledge was gained from all Her quarters. Like you can do that flying in a plane. Connecting two distant points is not the same as walking through the girth of the Earth. Oral tradition, as we have recently discovered to our astonishment, has a far better record of preservation than any document, and even some of the old parchments cannot be decoded they are so complex.

We suffer by creating and separating the disciplines. How can a holistic culture be considered any less advanced than a reductionist one? I maintain you are outright wrong in your assertions in your opening paragraph, while correct in the rest of your thinking. Do not open the curtain to judge early men as primitive, savage, beasts while ignoring our own modern acts of brutality and barbarism.

This lends greater credibility to your MANDIDIT theory. Which I actually do agree with. For many reasons.

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 03:38 AM
reply to post by zorgon

Wow, great information gathering.
You've presented all of this very well.

I too am fascinated by the thoughts on ancient civilizations and the legends they left for us.
I personally believe that there is so much evidence suggesting that there was intelligent life here long before our scientific community suggests. I think our understanding of the history of Humans and of this planet are completely wrong.

If you haven't already, I would suggest reading anything by Graham Hancock, he studies these lost worlds and mysterious locations and lines them up with historical legend and scientific data to form a picture of what he believes is more likely.

He doesn't pretend to know it all, and openly admits that there are some things that just do not make any sense. But he is more open to seeing reality without the constraints of scientific dogma.

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 03:55 AM

Originally posted by MasterKaman the locals were mostly Feudal low-intelligence Primitives who sat around all day Chanting to Spirits. only since the Chinese took over, have they been educated to abandon religion and build a productive society.

Productive to what end? And for whose benefit? 'Educated' Is that the term they use now for torture?

All China wants from Tibet is the billions of gallons of oil... Exxon is already building the pipelines. Spare me the euphemisms of the oppressor

The Chinese burned many manuscripts... one was the complete medical texts. But they were memorized and painstakingly recreated... so much for 're education'

The Blue Buddha - Lost Secrets of Tibetan Medicine Nature of Things

Google Video Link

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posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 05:01 AM
reply to post by zorgon

Not to go off topic here, I always thought of Tibet as the capital of the world. Maybe not in an economic sense, or a power sense, just sheer elevation in altitude and knowledge. A place where the giant minds live.

It is my understanding there are Chinese characters developed from Sanskrit. So who started writing first? I'll put my money on Tibet, and if the Chinese wipe them out then the critics win. I'll be wrong for genocide.

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 01:19 PM

Originally posted by Matyas
I always thought of Tibet as the capital of the world... just sheer elevation in altitude and knowledge. A place where the giant minds live.

CHOKE, SPLUTTER !! Matyas Scholar, you nearly had me fall off the computer desk
i just watched Zorgons video (all 50 minutes), and that is just the sort of "nice" presentation that the Western world has been Lapping up for generations. But for every (genuinely) nice chap like Tuvan Dorje, there were 1000 other Feudal low-intelligent Primitives, sitting around Chanting all day summoning devils, and doing Nothing much else. Forget hollywoods "7 years in Tibet" completely; the best adjectives to describe the REAL place, are "Desolate, Deserted, Dirty, Scruffy, Dismal, Low Brown hills, few Dilapidated Sheds here & there they live in, Ignorant, Rebellious, filthy "restaurants", etc.

the famous Potala, which most of the western world imagine to be gleaming Half way up the side of snow-capped Everest (due to the Deceptive Angles it is always photographed), is Surprisingly only stuck on top of a Low hill in the middle of a Flat scruffy Wide valley, 50 times Lower than you ever imagined, and nowadays surrounded by Appartment blocks, so you may not even see it from 600 yards away.

people just dont realise, is that "Tibetan Buddhism" is a hundred fathoms darker/deeper/WORSE than Buddhism, and a Severe CORRUPTION of the basic Concepts, more akin to Hinduism, and better called just Tibetanism. mr.Buddha (ive been to his Birthplace in Lumbini Nepal), never told anyone to sit around chanting to spirits all day ! and altho he was "Enlightened" in the sense of Compassion, and realising the best Way to avoid Rebirth was to suppress Desires, and be Kind to everyone, he did Not "know" about re-incarnation (that was all Attributed to him later from Hinduism), and Even LESS did he (or the tibetans) "know" anything about the so-called "divine" (closer to evil than youd Want to know) hierarchy of the gods, g/o/d, ALIENS.

while youre at it (gaining Enlightenment), Forget about "the devil" as well. according to the xtians it was their g/o/d that "made everything", so that means their murdering homosexual psychopath (c/w Xerxes in 300) also Supervised all the Wars, Plagues, Famines, Hate, and Suffering - right ? stood around WATCHING while all those Thousand Years Sordid History of Wars, Plagues, Famines, Hate, Suffering occurred "in his name". Maybe he/it was too busy Chanting into a Mirror like the tibetans, telling everyone how perfect and Righteous he was. but MaoTseDong was more Aware, that religion is a curse on Humanity, causative of Grovelling and Delusions, and that PROPER Love and Progress are Ironically nowhere near any Activated Cognitive Image of "g/o/d". read Lao Tsu, "that which is visible is not the Eternal TAO" (of the Jedi Life Force).

so "Enlightenment" needs a Lot of thinking about. if you catch Plague and prefer to be "cured" with a Mouthful of dried Leaves and Yak dung, then go to "nice" mr.Tuvan Dorje in tibet, but if you want to LIVE a bit longer, youd better go to a Western hospital and study SCIENCE, not chanting /praying to Entities "in the sky" (xtians being just as bad). as for Zorgon imagining the Chinese "torture" the tibetans, and steal all their oil; it is more accurate to say they kick the Lazy arses of the shopkeepers and tell them to sweep the (literal) sh*t off their floors more regularly, to reduce the prevalent food-poisoning outbreaks. And why get excited about mining for oil ? did even ONE single tibetan ever know how to Spell "oil" before the chinese built the 2000 km high-altitude QingZang railway up to Golmud to bring down the supplies they were too ignorant / LAZY to develop themselves ? "giant minds" ? LMAO !!

Try the other side of the story :

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 01:47 PM
reply to post by MasterKaman

Interesting. So why the mainstream effort to glorify such a dark and depressed place? What possible good is there to extract from it?

And you also say the Lotus Sutra has borrowed from other cultures. Well, surprise, surprise, I wonder what other holy books have had the same done to them...zzzz...

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 03:22 PM

Originally posted by MasterKaman
Try the other side of the story :

After all that long speech you send us to to back your claims?

Well since this thread is about China's Pyramids... I suppose I had better hurry and make my Tibet thread
before this one is totally side tracked...

Hang tight... I'll be back

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 03:45 PM
reply to post by zorgon

Sorry Z. Apparently there is a great big world out there. I find your thread enlightening and enjoyable. This Tibet issue caught my eye, and if the master is correct, then I stand to be corrected. I am willing to change my views for the sake of learning.

Your offer to start a Tibet thread is, how should I put it, magnanimous?

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 03:54 PM

Originally posted by Matyas
Your offer to start a Tibet thread is, how should I put it, magnanimous?

Yeah well it's been on the back burner because I need a focus point... and I have that now
Your gonna love this
But it will take me a few hours to gather my notes

posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 08:08 PM
I am very happy with what you information you have compiled and photgraphic evidence along with it. However what this concludes has nothing to do with Aliens or UFOS. However the similarity of these structures and others around the globe are too... similar, to just be coincidence. What this proves, vaguely, is that all cultures and civilizations all began with the same common ground. It is told in the bible that at one point, after the great flood and the salvation of man and animals by the arc of Noah, there came a decendant of Noahs Male offspring by the Name of Nimrod. Nimrod was a mighty man who developed one of the first world empires Mesopatomia, A predessecor to the Babylonian World Empire. at first the empire had one global language. (I am not sure the name or dialect of this language. Nimrod was a defyer of god, and wanted to build a monument which reached into heaven, thinking of himself as a god. So he started the construction a marvelous monument which is often referred to as the tower of Babel. Now as responce to this, God had caused a miracle to occur, which confounded the peoples language. Basically causing a confusion or language disrepancy leading to our current language divide we have today. These same people spread throughout the world and brought with them their similar ideas and ideology passing them on through generations, of course causing different vartions of such throughout time. This just proves the bible even further, that is why this information of pyramids all over the world has been surpressed by many goverments and idealogical regimes. Giants also have been covered up and general knowledge of evidence covered up and unpublished to protect people from knowing the truth.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 01:15 AM
Those pyramids in the first pictures seem to imitate or approximate The Natural logarithm curve. Seriously. I wonder if the layout of the pyramids there are part of a scientific message? If you google the Natural Logarithm, the first site, a wiki site shows the actual line on a graph. My friend, I swear it matches the arrangement of pyramids exactly. Thus, the pyramids that dot the curve might be a code or match other scientific patterns. I'm not good at math, but I definitely see patterns here.

posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 05:38 AM

Originally posted by zorgon
The pyramids of China are approximately 100 ancient mounds, many of which were used for burial.

By "many of which", do you mean that some were not? And of these some, what are their characteristics? Are any of these "some" any of the more important ones in the thread? Is their purpose, which might be other than burial of human remains, accounted for?

I'm hoping for something here... doubt I'll find it, but who knows. Best to ask, right?

posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 08:19 AM
I have said it before; it is good to have you back form you “vacation”.

This is a wonderfully put together thread, anyone reading it can tell the level of effort that went into it.

I knew of these pyramids, but did not know this much about them, I will probably reread this and your sources several times to make sure I did not miss anything, there is definitely a lot of info to absorb.

And of course S&F

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