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What is with the arrogance?

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posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 02:55 PM
Hi ATS staff

I'm opening this thread as a concern for some of the staff's actions in this board. As a long time member (had a different name before but changed to this one in 2006) I've seen through the years some actions that don't honor this board and the staff and especially are a clear slap to the face of the members. Certain topics are very delicate and require sometimes 'harsh' intervention from mods, smod and admins and as far as my understanding goes, this actions have been welcomed from the membership. But sometimes we see things that don't really fit with what is known to be the ATS modus operandi and really give the members a bitter taste of arrogance, disrespect and censorship. We all know that ATS differently from most of the boards on the net, offers a clear view of free speech, free and alternative thinking, honest debate and opposition and on top of everything names it self (and rightfully so) the biggest Conspiracy Board online. That being said, every subject of conspiracy that generates debate is within the boundaries of this site and part of it and that the reason why we have that number of members that we do.

Unfortunately though, few times some of the subjects are being shut off and erased from the board and the most important, when questions are raised from the membership for such actions, we're faced with an arrogance that is unjustifiable and makes one really think if this is an individual action from an irresponsible staff member or a hidden policy (God forbid) that comes into play every time someone opens a thread dimmed ''dangerous'' and which could generate ''remarkable and racist'' comments of any kind. I've noticed that few threads are to sensitive to stay open and even to be visible in the board. Yesterday a member opened this thread: The Zionists Censor Another One!!! which was closed today with a very offensive answer. I'm quoting few lines from the thread and the concern raised by the member:

This is not the first, not the second, not the tenth or even the twentieth - I have seen dozens upon dozens of anti-zionist jewish threads vanish into the ether of the "404" error message. Why? Anti-Palestinian threads - fine! Anti-Muslim threads - fine! Anti-American threads - fine! Anti-Catholic threads - fine! But the second you point out that "Jew" isn't a race and begin exploring the background on the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews, the Zionist World Congress, the Balfour Declaration and such - BAM - 404! It disappears into 404.

And here it comes the answer from one of smods of the board:

...we're waiting to see what our opinion/response is...once we receive it from our Zionist Controllers, and picked up our big fat Zionist Cheque from the Zionist Bank...we'll be sure to respond... that the response people are looking for???

Seriously people - get a grip.

The poster of the thread in question will know which Mod locked/trashed or moved it.

Maybe they should be the ones asking.

*what? our Zionist Controllers have just sent through the order to lock?? okay*


I might not agree totally with the way the concern was addressed but is this the answer a smod shoud give to the members? Is this the kind of arrogance and offensive behavior that we deserve? Once again, I'm not concerned about the veracity or not of the problem. What bothers me as a member of this board is this lack of respect toward the membership and the arrogantly use of commands in the forum. We all know that a mod, smod and admin can delete, lock threads, ban members (permanently or temporary) edit posts, give warnings... and so on. And we all agree and applause the staff when they apply this measures within the norms and standards of T&C. But it doesn't take much of an effort to consider someone's concern and answer to the questions in a more decent way. At the end of the day, we all are part of a this big community and if we can't respect each other's opinions (being a staff member or just a member of the board) and address our concerns where can be heard and rightfully respected then soon this conspiracy forum will lose the purpose for which was created. The membership now is very big and is important to remember that is this membership that makes this site so great and popular.

I hope I've made my self clear. I respect the staff for what they do and I know that is a volunteer job and each of them has other and more important things to do in their daily lives. What I gently ask is some more respect and consideration for the members, no matter what their concern is.


posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 03:05 PM
I would like to have an answer from either admins or the owners of the site.

Thanks again.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 03:11 PM
the protocols of zion are coming true!
just wait, the cabbalist "king"(antichrist) will be revealed in under 40 years.
i hope ATS is not illuminati though that would suck.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 03:22 PM
Please add your comments to The ATS Issues Thread.



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