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Check this Idea out. UAWU -- Now this is change I can believe in~!

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posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 07:49 AM
United American Workers Union - our current employer has mis managed the Union and abuses its members. lets turn the Campaign for Liberty, into something that has legs and power. A new Union between Management and Labor.

As Citizens of the United States of America, we are basically employees of the United States of America. now if we all quit this corporation and form an new corporation in which several million members, vote on pay packages and benefits. very simular to a government inside that looks out for the people, Long Range Objectives of the American Dream or Ideals could be accomplished. as well as an opposing voice to the brainwashing WDC and the Media are doing. once the organization gets traction look out... we might have some competition.

there are lots of people who say the same thing I say.... Who Stole My Country. and then we have the problem of 911 and things of such nature. that go unpunished and uninvestigated ... why ? because we have no voice... that has got to change. and it wont as long as the current structure of both left and right are the same.

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