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Gnomes.. aka Duendes where im at

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posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 11:39 PM
Just so you know im american raised, born in a spanish country spanish is my first language but i lived in Miami pretty much my whole life. Ive been in venezuela for only a month and a half and this is new to me so bear with me.

English is my primary language like i said the keyboards out here are weird with puntcation and such only thing in place are the alphabet keys and the period.

heres a closer analysis on the realest looking duende video, its i think the second one on my first post, since my first post is a duende compilation

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posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 01:00 AM
If someone had asked me, 20 or 30 years ago: ' Do you think there's a possibility that at sometime in the future, you might see a war, or a murder or a severe depression similar to the Great Depression ? ', I would probably have replied, ' I guess there's a chance those things might happen in my lifetime'.

If they'd asked if there was a possibility, no matter how remote, that I might see a ghost, or have an OoB experience, or even a NDE, I would most likely have agreed that these were at least possibilities.

But if someone had said to me, 20 or 30 years ago, 'Do you think there's a possibility that you might see a gnome or dwarf or some sort of fairy-story little entity' -- I would have leaned back a little and studied them to see if they were a bit crazy or just having a joke. I wouldn't have taken them seriously after that. No-one believes in dwarfs or gnomes, do they ? It's for kids. It's not real. It's impossible. It's too stupid to even think about.

Then, one night I experienced a weird feeling as I opened a wardrobe.

The room became unnaturally bright

I staggered backwards and collapsed on a bed, face up

Next I knew, I was being pulled by several 'little people' who were trying to pull me into the wardrobe

I went out like a light again

When I opened my eyes again, it was to realise that these small creatures had almost succeeded in pulling me into the wardrobe

I kicked out at them, leapt from the bed and shouted at them

They retreated into the wardrobe

At that point, I had the equivalent of basically a nervous collapse. I was so traumatised that I wouldn't have known my own name if you'd asked me

At some point during the experience, I opened my eyes and saw the entities surrounding me. I got a very good look at them.

They didn't speak. I couldn't. At that point, I was simply 'recording' without any thoughts of my own

They were small, but not that small .. about 2 to 2.5 feet in height.

Males and females were present

It's my opinion they do not like humans

In the following ten years, I told only one person, and that was on the night it happened. We never discussed it again

During those ten years, there were no resources of which I was aware that might help me explain the experience. This was in the mid-80s. I did not have internet and didn't know which books to research. At the time, there was NO discussion, anywhere, by anyone, about 'little people' that I was aware of

I knew what I'd experienced. Under hypnosis I would doubtless be able to provide much more information than has been made available to me by my conscious mind

Never at any time have I doubted my experience. Nevertheless, it embarrassed me and made me ashamed because it was such a stupid-sounding experience. I knew if I told anyone, they'd immediately believe me to be crazy

Ten years after the experience, another member of the family revealed they also had experience of the same 'little people'. Like me, they'd kept it to themselves. Their experience occurred in the same house, same part of that house, as my own. Like me, they'd been terrified out of all proportion

When I finally revealed the experience to others, I learned that at almost that same time, they'd also been contacted by two women at the other end of the country who phoned to say their home had been invaded by 'little people'. The two women were hysterical. They'd had no earlier experiences. The two women and I have no connection with each other.

As more information has come to light on internet, I've learned that several dozen households and individuals in the US alone, have sought assistance with 'little people' which have been seen in their homes. These individuals and families have shunned the limelight and are not connected with each other.

Westerners in particular who've had an experience with 'little people' run from publicity, do not want anyone to know what they've experienced. They fear they will be judged 'crazy' and will lose their jobs and reputations, etc. For this reason, genuine cases involving 'little people' are few and far between.

There is a condition known as Charles Bonnet syndrome which is used sometimes to describe those (many of whom are sight-impaired) who see 'little people'. The little-people usually seen by the sight impaired seem to be the smaller version of little-people .. those of only several inches in height. Some of the witnesses have been assessed and medical authorities have been at pains to explain that those tested displayed NO signs of senile decay or other mental illness. Some doctors have adopted an extremely sceptical view and try to attribute the witnesses little-people experiences and sightings as evidence of various conditions, as hallucinations, etc.

If I read this (my own post) without experiencing little-people first-hand, I am sure I would be extremely sceptical, if not frankly disbelieving.

Other people's unusual experiences sound flat, unreal. If the person attempts to render them real, it sounds as if they're tarting the story up. Either way, these first-hand accounts just fail to convince, more often than not.

If I read this post, I'd immediately suspect drugs or alcohol must have been involved. Or maybe the person was dreaming and didn't realise it.

Not in my case. No drugs or alcohol. Not a dream either. In fact, fifteen minutes earlier, I'd been with others, in a car returning from the airport.

There was no reason to expect I'd suddenly have an encounter with little-people or anything else. I just went into a room and opened a wardrobe. The entire time the experience was occurring, my front door was open. I'd been sipping a cup of tea, glancing at the tv before going to the bedroom. Fifteen minutes later, approx. the experience was over and I returned to the living room. Tv was still on, tea cup still on the coffee table, front door still open. It was night time.

It only happened once. Never saw the little-people again. Don't know what they wanted from, or did to me. I remember their faces, etc. quite clearly.

Still don't know if they are inter-dimensional entities or flesh and blood.

At one point I wondered if they were part of a government black-op. or whatever they're called, as many 'alien' experiences are said to be.

But I'd been away for over a week and had just returned to my house. It happened only a few minutes after I stepped in the door. If a black-op, how would they know I'd be returning at that time, or that I'd be alone ?

No. I don't think it was a government operation.

As to whether the little people are inter-dimensional entities or flesh and blood, it's impossible to say. Tens of thousands of people have seen them, throughout history. Some of those sightings and experiences happened to several witnesses at the same time.

One of the things I do know, is that they are able to manipulate our minds and bodies.

Some might argue that 'we' are not really here in a physical reality anyway.

I don't know .. it all gets too deep for me to work out. They moved my body, I do know that. And they were able to manipulate my mind, too. But not entirely. I kept regaining normal consciousness. That really seemed to annoy them. And despite their power to manipulate my mind and body, I was able to withstand their total control .. which implies they do not have total control of us.

I used to think about it a lot, basically because it seemed such a ridiculous experience to have had. These days I don't think about it much. It happened. Nothing I can do about that. And I have no answers, so don't know what it was for, what it was about, other than it happened and once it was over .. over .. then I nearly went insane with terror. But not during the time it was happening.

Maybe we get answers after we die

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posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 01:22 AM
reply to post by ravenshadow13

reply to post by Gladius

reply to post by St Vaast

Wow, I touched some nerves it seems and have got some novels to read.

One question, how should I have entered my opinion, which you obviously don't agree with, in a way which would not receive such long and drawn out lashings?

This is what I believe, as you have written what you believe, but what I believe is wrong?

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 01:40 AM
reply to post by breakingdradles

'Novels to read', LOL ... yes, it must seem that way to people whose concentration span has been programmed to coincide with tv commercials and chopped-up shows -- or to those whose lives consist of one line text messages.

Sorry about that .. I'm from a generation who were encouraged to increase their concentration span to greater facilitate whatever it was they were engaged in.

Don't take offence, ok ? Please. No offence intended.

It's best to remember that what we post will be viewed by many, possibly over a number of years.

Now, imagine someone has had a 'little people' experience. They're shocked, disturbed, confused and looking for some kind of answer.

And let's say they stumble on ATS .. and perhaps they run a search for 'little people' and pull up this thread .. maybe two years from now.

If they read your post --- and if others of us hadn't put what you wrote in perspective -- they'd discover that they'd been described as 'unintelligent' and from the 'third world'.

How would they feel ? Especially if by then, your avatar was showing you with wall to wall 'blue' rewards, making you appear therefore, as some sort of expert in the debate about little-people.

So it was important from this perspective alone, for it to be explained that lack of intelligence and third world status do not go hand in hand.

It was important that it be said that paranormal and other 'non-ordinary' experiences do NOT make someone unintelligent/stupid, nor does it mean that people from third world nations are stupid and more prone to the paranormal. Do you see ?

Hope you won't let it spoil this thread for you

As to my posts, I do try very hard to break it up into easily digestible chunks/paragraphs, rather than a wall of text

The reason there are SO many misunderstandings and friction in ATS and other forums, is because many people write short posts. They don't include background and detail.

This leads to ALL sorts of mininterpretations

Then, they're required to return and post a few details

and then again

and again

And the account by that time is so disorganised that it makes no sense to anyone

Better to tell it from the start to the end

But for some, it's all too much trouble. They want it NOW .. but don't want to have to read or think

So, maybe soon we'll regress and will be able to post a series of pictures to tell a story .. a return to ancient peoples' heiroglyphs .. picture stories

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 02:16 AM
THank you so much for your contribution, i admit i even found your story hard to believe and still do but i will go back and re read it tommorow and give you some insight no matter how little it is since i have not had any kind of experience with little people.

Again thank you and remember to ignore those users that are just here to cause confusion and provide misinformation.

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 06:20 PM
reply to post by St Vaast

Thank you so much for your contribution. It's these eyewitness reports which help cryptozoology to flourish, and to help us learn more about ourselves and the creatures around us.

I have a tendency to believe that what anyone says they experienced, they did indeed experience.

One question, and let me know if it's too much to ask, would there be any way you could create an illustration of what you saw? That would be greatly helpful and even more greatly appreciated.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 06:59 PM
reply to post by St Vaast

thank you for sharing your experience.
i thoroughly enjoyed reading it

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 10:48 AM
I have looked at all the videos and all of them are extremely poor quality. So i really cant say that i believe these videos. If there was an extremely clear video i would be willing to beleive it then. sorry.

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 11:24 PM
I'm from the Philippines, and as you guys know, we've also been colonized by the Spanish a couple hundred years ago.

We also call it exactly "dwendes" or "duendes" over here, is this some sort of scare tactic the colonizers spread? Considering Venezuela, geographically, is really far from the Philippines? I personally don't believe in it, but people in the barrios seem to do so. I believe it is a general term they use for gnomes in most Latin-speaking countries.

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