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How to detect supernatural energy?

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posted on Aug, 25 2009 @ 09:37 PM
Me and my friend love doing experiments and building stuff. (our current project is a veggie-oil powered aluminum smelter)
He's an electric/communications engenieer, and i work with sheet metal fabrication, and climate control unit construction (ie, factory worker with acess to neat stuff).
We're both into conspiracies, the paranormal, UFO's and such.

I made this thread because im interessted in getting some info about how to detect paranormal stuff (frequencies of energy) - Ghosts, UFO's tesla energy (Haarp, the ionosphere) We should be able to build some hardware, as long as it's not to expensive that are able to do the same as those tricorders ufo-hunters and ghost hunters seem to use, as long as we know what to pick up. It would be cool to build something like that, and put the plans online for making your own

So, Dear ATS, i could spend days looking this up, but i would rather pick the collective brains here.
Which energy types are most common, their frequency, and any other info you can provide - No matter if it's scientific or first hand (like - in the case with ufo's, the feeling of static in the air, or the pitch of the hum from the craft - that alone tells us alot)

The plan is: Getting info (ATS), more research (Intarwebs), building, testing, documentation and then some "how-to" threads. - But don't expect anything to soon, we aren't exactly neighbours and don't have access to all the goodies all the time.

Anyone with info, ideas or clues, please share

(think it's my first post, please be gentle)


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