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Ex-Pirate Bay ISP Sabotaged, Calls In Police

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posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 02:19 AM
patrick doty. they call me the urban shaman.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 04:30 AM

Originally posted by Follow The TCP Stream
You think the AboveTopSecret.Com wouldn't get on your a** if you copied their website as your own?

Yes, they would. They are a company with an image out to make a profit. You can't make much of a profit when your image/gimmick is floating every which way for free.

Obviously not many in this thread programs for a living (I have done it for a couple of years, privately), and it is a real kick in the A** to see your work out there on pirate sites (there is nothing that can't be cracked, durrrr)...

It's just about as bad as owning a construction company and seeing your house designs pirated and being GIVEN to people for FREE.

Who is going to buy from you then, when they can get it for FREE?

That being said, I pirate all the time still... but I believe in Anarchy

I'm just saying, you have to look at the bigger picture - but more importantly the aggregates that make up the relation of that picture.

I program for a living and I know it looks frustrating that people can get your hard work for free. However, if you program for profit, then it is only your fault for lack of profit, especially in developed countries.

Depending on your software project, budget, target audience and number of licences - you can make it so piracy is only a minor problem, if problem at all. Also, there are ways to make your software 99% uncrackable if it is distributed over the web, unless your project is something millions of "experts" will want to crack by investing huge effort to do it.

It also depends on how you conduct business. Many Microsoft's departments have shown that technology and innovation is much stronger than law enforcement when combating piracy. Many companies considers piracy users as their potential customers rather than an enemy which must be arrested for being disobedient - it is only mater of time when technology and good intents replace current law enforcement.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 05:17 AM
Lets see. If you put a little effort into reading how google advanced search works you can find practically any content copyrighted or not. Lets say you're looking for an mp3 from a performer called "artist". What you enter into the search box is:
intitle:"index.of" (mp3) artist -htm -html

and click search.

How TPB can be sued over listing torrents and google not for doing the same thing at times even easier is beyond logic. Except of course if you realize that Google has enough money to keep appealing all the way to God himself and TPB does not.

Sarcastically, M.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 06:56 AM
I am going to upload my upcoming album to torrent sites like TPB, why? Access to a wider audience, I just have to hope that some will like it and appreciate the time, money and effort spent making it and send some money my way via my own website.


posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 07:46 AM
I have no pity for "black internet".. Anyone siding with these fascist bastards imo deserves every attack they get.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 08:06 AM
reply to post by Rockpuck

Wait a sec. Are you calling Black Inet ISP fascists??? Cause if you are I don't see the connection. I would think the Fed's who shut them down would actually deserve that title, don't ya think??

IMO Blacknet is just supporting a little "Freedom of Information" campaign which is exactly what the net is here to do as well as being the reason that everyone freakin' loves it and also for being the catalyst that brought us into a new age of existence.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 10:12 AM

Originally posted by Goathief
I am going to upload my upcoming album to torrent sites like TPB, why? Access to a wider audience, I just have to hope that some will like it and appreciate the time, money and effort spent making it and send some money my way via my own website.


You got it right, today the only way it can really work for any Artist is getting your work out there, the people behind the promotion will do this, but they want a huge share of what you receive for your work.

However if you self promote by allowing your work to go on sites like TPB, it takes just a few people to recommend or share that music with their friends, who in turn continue the process, which leads to people wanting to go and see you for real, IE pay for a ticket to see you play live.

This is a totally different industry to what it was just 5 years ago, people don't tune into a radio show on a Sunday any more to listen to the top 40 (as listed by those who promote the music) people now search for their own personal top 40 on-line, music was becoming stagnant again like it did in the 70's, with all the sampled crap that had everyone in nightclubs taking drugs to increase the experience, 99% of the music was just remixed versions of other peoples work with an addictive beat.

Artists now realise that rather than let the big companies take everything they earn through loans to pay for promotion and a word in the right ear, they can now do it for themselves by using the internet, this is what TPTB are really fighting against, it's not the piracy, they want Artists to climb under their protective wings, which is a false sense of protection, they are not protecting anything but their own selfish best interests, they don't care about the Artist, after all a good Artist is what they can create and control, (manufacture) some bands like U2, Iron Maiden, Metallica, created their own protective cover and looked after their own interests, and look how big they became?

If you do it right yourself, and are worth the attention, then you can and will achieve your goals, most of what is happening with TPB isn't about protecting copyright, it's about scaring up and coming Artists into their custody, and they are losing the battle, eventually the big companies will have to come to some kind of huge face saving capitulation, other wise they will have to take the Internet down completely, problem there is people are doing everything they can to get around it, unless the big companies adjust, they will lose it all, you wait and see, this is a battle or a war they can never win.

With every attempt at bringing to an end file sharing, they promote file sharing to millions more, they are doing it to themselves, I will make a prediction, the Music industry within 6 years will give music away for free, but make you pay for it at the box office instead, that is the only place money can be made, outside of merchandising that is, and most of the bands own the rights to all of that themselves.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 10:54 AM

Originally posted by Rockpuck
I have no pity for "black internet".. Anyone siding with these fascist bastards imo deserves every attack they get.


I can go on TPB and find >millions< of files that are not copyrighted/legal to download and distribute. I can slo go on TPB and find >millions< of files that are copyrighted/illegal to download and distribute.

I can also use:


Those are just a tiny few.

The idea that 'because it has potential to have illegal things on it, it should be illegal' is bunk. Houses have the potential to have illegal things and actions going on inside of it, should they be made illegal? No.

The reality is that groups like the RIAA don't want me, a musician without a label, to get my stuff out there. They don't want anything other than their product to exist. So, how do they do it? They attack popular websites that don't have the funding that HUGE websites have in order to stifle the growth of non-RIAA products.

The same can be said about Time-Warner as well.

I'm sure you've run across videos on youtube that had no sound or a sound track that didn't match the content of the video because of things like this despite it falling under fair use ~ a perfectly legal thing.

I've had content of my own making, video and music, taken off of websites like google video because of claims of ownership by Time-Warner. Did they own any of it? No. I filmed it straight from my computer. What was it of? Me playing Warhammer Online (something they don't own and would fall under fair use even if they did).

The music? It was me noodling on guitar. Any songs they may have owned? Nope, not unless they own the blues progression (I, IV, V)... which they don't.

Edit: Beaten by Azzllin

[edit on 26-8-2009 by Credge]

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 12:29 PM
ummmmmmmmmmm........I just checked and did a search on it and it is currently working.................

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